Saturday, June 30, 2007

Updating from far.

"A 40-seater bus.
6 hours plus journey.
The only Chinese.."

Halooooo Kemaman..~!! =D

Friday, June 29, 2007


Don't you just love to pamper yourself? *^_^*

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Enough is E.N.O.U.G.H.

G.u.e.s.s. w.h.a.t.?

In HALF AN HOUR lunch time just now, I managed to grab Clarins Intensive Whitening Mask RM185 (with Parkson RM20 voucher) and a pretty red dress from Zara RM79.90 (after discount).

Blame it to the Megasales T____T

Shall start on my roti diet from now onwards. Not talking about Bread Story, Bread Talk, nor Kings, Baker's Cottage, etc. It's all about indian roti..

RM1.00 per pack of 6...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wanted to, but I dunno...

And I wonder if the Megasales really started? It's so dull..

Was in KLCC yesterday and besides MNG having all those 10% 20% 50% discount (as usual), other brands don't seem to go on any further reduction. All those gweilos were so happy that the dresses in MNG were like dirt cheap and so-so-pretty and grabbed so much but me, went home empty handed. Spotted nothing and I don't wanna end up wearing the same top everyone is wearing. You know, almost everyone on the street gonna wear MNG during sales period..

But I spotted this!!

Nice rite? Nice rite? And oh, it's silk!!! <333 I could wear this on my 'day'. The length is a little short thou cos there're slits at the side. Should I pair it with a pair of jeans? Leggings? uHm... I dunno.. but IT IS SO PWEEEEETY..~!! (Oh too pretty to describe with words!)

Should I?

And I dunno why lately I'm so into loose clothing. Heh, can hide my bulging tummy I suppose?

I looked like a pregnant momma once again..~!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I went all fruity last Friday.

Oh, anyone knows the fruit stall in Avenue K selling so many types of yummylicious juicylicious sweetilicious fruits? And so much of imported OoOoomphHhh fruits? 0_O

Juicy mango from India. This cost me about RM5 sth.. but the taste is beyond description! MmmMm... Again, picture speaks a thousand words. Look at us =)

Pakistan mango. This is a lil' pricey thou, cost me abt RM7 plus. When my collegue told me it tastes like yoghurt, I was wondering.. "Yoghurt??" Until I tried, oh-my-goodnesssss I would say it tastes more like durian -_-"

RM2 China apricot. What dya think -_-
As for me, I think its a lil' x-rated.. uh, maybe it's just me...

Very x-rated right... I dunno how it tasted like. I left it there and forgot all about it till the next morning.

And oh! I found siamese twins!!

Cherrie(s)!!! But I did not manage to put the in my stomach as 'twins', cos the moment Jayearn saw this, he separated them :~(

Picture of the day:

See how much EeQian enjoys being hugged by her brother JayEarn? lolz..

Notice my life is always about kidz kidz and kidz at the moment?? haha.. my mum is here in KL, can't help it. So on and off I'll be in my brother's place, being a kid!

Friday, June 22, 2007

I hope....

Everything will be alright real soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Those time.

I sat here alone daydreaming in my cubicle, I looked around and everyone was doing their own job. I felt so alienated since the very first day I joined this company, that was like about a year plus ago. Collegues are not so close to each other, minding their own business.

And I still remain the youngest here, and the most junior of all -_-. Staff turnover is very low. Very good benifit, they told me.

I remember when I was in the hotel industry 2 years back, things were totally different from here. I met new faces everyday. I dealt with people from all over the world, and I befriended with all staffs in the hotel. Front Office, Sales, Housekeeping, F&B, Accounts, HR.. we were like a big family. We greeted each other when we met and we joked with each other though we don't know each other's name.

When I first joined the corporate world (my current company), I smiled and greeted them "Good Morning" and surprisingly, some ignored and some forced themselve to smile. I kept reminding myself that I'm no longer in hospitality industry and that I don't have to be so hospitable. Like they care.

It's strange that people from different industry behaved differently. OK, maybe they should behave differently but I suppose everyone studied Pendidikan Moral, or at least their mum taught them what is manners! A smile isn't that difficult, ain't it?

I miss the time when we worked so closely as a team and helping and competing with each other for our 'Upsell'. I miss the time when we need to fill in the "Item Declaration Book" daily cos we brought our digicam. I miss the time when we bought cakes from Lobby Lounge after 9pm with 50% off and partied in back office.

I miss how we explored each and every corner in the hotel and camwhored and being chased by the Security Officers. I miss all the nasty cursing and swearing and molesting each other in the locker room. I miss how we look forward for Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner every year, so that when it ended, we got free flow of nescafe, ais kacang, kurma...etc. I miss the time when we took off our high heels in front reception and walked around and guests commented, "Oh, where is your shoes?"

I miss working night shift with Hernie where we camwhored every night even the occupancy was so high that we hardly can finish our work on time. I miss the FREE brew coffee, spaghetti carbonara, fried koayteow, sandwiches and all that Mahadzir ordered for us. I miss the time when Mahadzir got all moody, me and Hernie sneaked into the kitchen ourselves and sneaked out the next-day buffet breakfast as our midnight supper.

And I miss the time when we walked around without our heels and the AM's forfeited us by hanging our shoes up high -_-"

I miss the time when we were too moody to work in the morning and forced the Security Officers to take photos for us. I miss the time camwhoring with guests. I miss the time when we were too free and throw things onto the floor and get the other collegues to pick them up, one by one. I miss the time when the limousine guys volunteered to buy us San Francisco Coffee =D

I miss the new uniform which I get to wear only for 3 days before I left.

Ups and downs we shared, I miss you guys... loads.

And I miss working with you....

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The other day, my mum, my 2nd sis family and I went for Father's Day Hi-Tea in Millenium Hotel. It was previously called Regeant Hotel and now being taken over by another management.

It wasn't very crowded, was quite quiet indeed. Most people don't celebrate Father's Day perhaps. Compared to the other hotels, I think the food choice were quite limited. Not really worthy for its price.

There were this Drawing Competition for kids as well and Kent G participated.

The kids were required to draw their daddy's face on the stone using a special marker. Kent G's the youngest there but he won 3rd prize, free buffet hi-tea for two =) The 2nd prize winner got free BBQ dinner for two while the 1st prize winner got a free night stay.

Sorry Pa, Ma celebrated Father's Day on your behalf.. lolz..

My 2nd sis and I. Do we really look alike? How come everyone kept asking if we're twins? Hello, I'm MUCH younger ok (...or do I look old) *sigh*

Pictures speak a thousand words (fullstop).

Yesterday my little Jayearn gave me a drawing.

He drew this himself using crayon and watercolour. And oh, that's him with an apron, not wearing dress la ok?

I see PIG. Does it resembles me? =\

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sick Weekend.

Am still sick...yesterday temperature went up to 39C and I gotta apply for MC. Sien...I work till 3pm and it's considered full day MC~!!! I was shivering like a wet cat in the office.

Been sleeping for the whole day today. Am hungry but can't get food into my mouth, felt like vomitting. Without food, I can't take any continue my sickness. ARGH~!!! Why is this happening in the weekend? Let it be during work days and I could apply for MC MC MC MC...I missed the gathering in Poppy tonite with Kev and all...

Did not go back hometown this weekend. My mum is in KL and my dad is all alone in Taiping..

Happy Father's Day... I love you many many many many.....*muacks*

(Celebrate with you next year k?)

Friday, June 15, 2007


I am sick.... ;(

The in-house clinic is close for lunch, by the time they're back,


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Next generation...

I bought 3 photo albums yesterday!!

Been searching around for a simple, pretty and cheap ones for so long as my pending photos has been lying everywhere. It's a total eyesore! My new albums could fit 300 photos each and 900 free spaces could probably serve me for like... a year, I hope.

I was trying to organize my photos last night, which one to slot into my brand new album, which one has to be send for developing, which one has to be edited... and I predicted in another few months, I need to save money for my new glasses.. T___T

Failed my mission, I ended up pleasuring myself with all ol' photos. Wonderful memories with my pie, gathering with mates, welcoming new family members... one after another, and I found uncountable camho pics of mine in fitting room -_- Why am I so addicted to myself...

I think this is my first camho pic in MNG fitting room. Was taken in May 2006 and that time I was just snapping it to show my pie how pretty this top was, but no, I did not get it as it wasn't worth the price.

And then, I discover the joy of snapping my reflection in the mirror. I could pose for perfect angle, smile at my best, hair at place, cover my flaws and I could post up as headshot for Friendster and Multiply! haha.. this was taken in Eclipse, Aug 2006.

In Sept 2006, Topshop. I started out with my nonsense of weirdo shots -_-

Also, I realized that sometimes the lighting in the fitting room could just made ur pics seemed like those shots taken in studios! In one of the Japanese-style boutique in MidValley, Oct 2006.

And the fun of snapping away in s.p.a.c.i.o.u.s. fitting room like this one in Goss:ps, Dec 2006.

Also, I could keep photos of me in those outfit I love so much, but doesn't have my size. Taken in Forever21, Jan 2007.

When I found those cute Twiggy-inspired short dress I love, but will never get to wear 'em, I snapped and keep =) Taken in Zara, Feb 2007.

Mates with the same addiction made my world a happier place to be.. Goss:ps, Feb 2007.

Made me realized dresses I like might make me looked aunty and slutty =( Forever21, Apr 2007.

Spread the love.... spread the addiction.... notice the camera in her hand. OopsieDaisie, May 2007.

It could be a good way to past time if you suppose to meet a friend and your friend is late for an hour. Taken while waiting for Sheau for her so-called farewell before she left to Spore. Zara, May 2007.

(which made me realized that I have not camho since I cut my hair short.. )

I think I'm a born-to-be-camho. Cos I found this!

Why am I so hiau?? I think this was taken when I was about 4 years old, maybe. My mum even painted red cutex on my little toes! I'm wearing my mum's t-shirt as a dress and gaWd, I looked like a baby hooker -_-"

Say I'm cute...say I'm cute...

I need to pass this addiction to my next generation.

Gugu is coming to you~ hehe :B

Monday, June 11, 2007

Putera puteri di Kuantan.

I hate Monday. Back to work physically but mentally still resting at home. I need more off days~!!

Was in Kuantan last weekend. Went to the famous Kemaman Kopitiam, Satay Zul, watched Shrek III, time is so limited =(

Attended a wedding on Saturday night and say buh-bye to another day..

Me and my darling pie in M.S.Garden and we're so colour coordinated! Hehe..this is unplanned ok?

A lazy Sunday and we did nothing much. The weather was DAMN hot and we might get melt anytime. Putera puteri lilin iya?

We shall have the same addiction from now on, ok? :D

Friday, June 8, 2007


Will be off to:

- the largest state of Peninsular Malaysia
- facing South China Sea
- established in 1851
- major economic activities will be tourism
- famous for its keropok lekur
- also a place I get to see my chicken pie..opps! I mean...darling pie :D

Kuantan... here I come!!!!

Edit 3:25pm:
Today is Kent G's actual birthday. He is 5 this year.

"Happy birthday monster~!! >:P"

With love from your pretty e.e. <3<3<3

Monday, June 4, 2007

I did something...


LOL !!! LOL !!! LOL !!!

No-la, just found this hillarious ^_^ I was doing this hair treatment the other day and felt like my head is exploding coz smoke kept coming out and it's flooding inside as water kept dripping and I gotta wipe and wipe and wipe with tissuesssss non-stop.

Actually, I finally decided to CUT my hair...S.H.O.R.T.

After a year plus or so, I finally got da courage to do so. Finally!!! Finally!!!

Josdon (the stylist) kept asking me "You sure? You sure?"

I told him "Die-die also must try-la this time"

And he did it.

He was concerntrating while I was busy camwhoring. Heeheee... :D

Almost done, and heart was pumping so hard and my palms got all sweaty -_-" I told Josdon "Help...I...can't...breathe..." And I kept reminding him "Not too short ok...not too short..."

Finally done! He told me maybe the next trip I will want it to be shorter, but yea..I love it! =)

New look of mine. The very last time I had short hair was like when I was in Secondary 4. I felt so rejuvenated. 0_O

And it happened.

The next day, I went back to Josdon and told him "I want it to be a little shorter." He was like "WOW!! That was fast!!!"

And he chopped off another 2-3 cm. And I'm a happy girl now.

What dya think?? *winkz*