Monday, June 30, 2008

Hi July!


Polyvore is damn addictive ok!!! T____T

I've been creating sets by sets non-stop.. can plan my birthday outfit somemore!! ;)

Which is better? ;)


Grandma's 90th BIG day, farewells, self-discovery.. I have a lot to blog about and I am still procrastinating. And pictures are still in my digicam and yet to transfer into my PC, which means I need more time to edit.

I've made a big decision, which I'll only let u know after February 2009 ;) That's a long way to go but I'm seriously looking forward to it. Damn excited already hehe.. No-lah, not getting married in case you're wondering.

Talking about getting married, it reminds me of my dream last night. I dreamt I was pregnant o_O That's really scary coz I still remember vividly how I was feeling in my dream. And I dreamt that I was getting ready to work one morning and suddenly the radio announced that Anwar successfully took over Badawi's place -__-" And everyone must wear black that day to mourn over the loss.. Does this signify anything.. omg..

And tomorrow I'll be leaving to Genting for short trip with the bf.. just a 2 days 1 night trip.. to celebrate my birthday ;)

And I'm officially 24 T___________T Means no more acting cute?!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm seriously getting a wig!

I've gone MIA for a week plus I know. Too much to blame. Lousy internet connection at home, workload in the office, laziness, nothing fancy to blog about, and most importantly - I looked so fugly with my new hair now so ain't posting any pic of myself anytime soon T___T My hair seriously looked so ugly I hate looking at the mirror now. I hate camwhoring also coz I don't look good. I hate trying on clothes in boutiques coz I looked bad in everything. But I need to shop for outfits for my birthday next week and been scouting around but haven't get anything, yet. Coz I looked ugly in everything T______T
I officially hate Shawn Cutler. Or, that particular stylist to be more precise. Shwan might be good, I dunno. ARGH!!!! Gimme back my crowning glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told my stylist I wanted to keep long hair. And so he suggested that I do 'relaxing', dunno la, some kinda treatment that makes my hair shiner and more manageable. It's NOT straightening or rebonding, according to him. I told him very straight off that I don't like s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t and flat hair and he guaranteed me it'll look very natural.

And shit him, it's so damn flat and straight and one side is bob and the other side looks straight and unruly. *sigh* And he suggested that I have my bangs parted and now, I don't want you to imagine how bad I looked T______T Imma just get a wig and wear it everyday even to sleep coz I got shocked each morning when I woke up and looked into the mirror T___T *sigh* Anyone can recommend me a good stylist arr coz I don't wanna go back to Josdan already after the bad service I got and Shawn Cutler is totally OUT.

I just wanna be pretty T___T I thought I'm vain enough but this guy is getting more vain now..

He started going for facial now and even bought a whole range of beauty products the other day. I was shocked to see the amount of stuff he applies on his face everyday omg -__-

Is he competing with me arr! Dahla me already so ugly now.. T__T

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh! Ah!

Nola, not moaning. :P

I was so excited when I saw the address the other day - Sri Petaling! Ohmybloodygawd finally a place I'm damn familiar with ;) So alone, I drove all the way there for Oh and Ah Summer at Home sales. Damn awkward k coz when I finally found the house (yea, it's a terrace house funny right!), I don't see the crowd and there's no signage. I pressed on the door bell and a lady came out.

"Erm.. is this.. oh? and ah?", I asked -___-

"Yaya! Come in!!"

Fuh~ Wondering why they came up this this kinda name.. just like people asking me why am I naming my e-boutique Baboobeep..

Nothing much downstairs and most were home decor and stationaries kinda thing. I proceeded straight up to the first floor.

Array of clothes, accessories, etc etc.. This little room is where they placed all the things. Yes, everything in this little room.

Waist cinchers, scarfs, and some other accessories on the bed. You read it right. There was a bed in the room omg. I also wanna start a sale in my room already!!

More accossories like clutches, colourful earrings, big button rings, etc..

Closer shot:

And this side of the wall was definately my favourite.. ;)

The necklaces all damn gorgeous!!!! And damn pricey!!!! T_______T Why best things must be expensive???? Don't have good and cheap one mehh!!

When there's no one in the room..

Proceeded to the changing room next door..

This drawstring dress is love ;) Pardon my pose coz seriously they placed the mirror like damn low.. Back to this dress, tell me it's gorgeous! Spotted nothing fancy to compliment?


Colourful star-prints!!!!! Awww!!! I can imagine myself wearing this with colourful bangles!

I know what you're thinking.. SURE got buy laa.. :P

Now you can understand how difficult it was to take a standing shot. The mirror damn low can! And this outfit seriously... is my another love and I'm inspired by:

Bamboo Stereo ;) OMG I love everything from Bamboo Stereo but figure out the shipping fee from Aussie gonna cost a bomb, I've never buy anything from them before but I did save some pics of those outfits I'm salivating over. And this blue skirt is definately something I'm dying for..

And so I bought these. Quite similiar right? ;) And oh!!!! I just sold my silver suspender!! T_________T I went back to the same boutique to get another one just now wtf, and they told me it's out of stock for quite some time already! T____T ARGh!!!! Damn frust!! Why did I sell it at the first place!!! Can you sell it back to me? I promise I won't ask for discount ;(


Moving on to some other purchases..

Vintagey gold bangle, wooden THUNDERSTORM necklace (omg! tell me it's cute!) and check out the gold cat brooch! It has a diamond eye mind you!

I knew I posted too much of my purchases lately but how can I not share all this gorgeous stuff! ;)

And look, their custom-made environmental friendly bag.

I love the interior inside the house. Drink was served and I felt so at home. Love their new concept and according to them, they actually source their stuff everywhere and lots were handmade so the next sale will prolly be in the next 2 - 3 months ahead.

And I'll definately be the first one in the queue ;)

Oh, I tried Shawn Cutler today! After 2 years of visiting Josdan religiously, I finally made a change! Yeah, I actually went to Josdan earlier today, had an appointment but something unpleasant happened so I swear to myself I'll never go back. I'm extremely concern about customer service, so yeah, he just lost a loyal customer.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I love my skirt!

Look what I've found!!

The cutting is fabulous! :D I could wear it for both work and play. Glam up a little and it's awesome for dinner as well! :D The price? HAHA Don't ask. Such a steal!

While tidying up my drawer the other day, I found these..

OMG how can I forgot all about it!! Gems I found when I was back to hometown few months back...

Thinking of a way to make good use of it ;)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids these days are lucky.. agree?

So Kent G just turned 6 years old on the 8th last week. Time flies innit? Remember few years back I kept telling my friends about him coz apparently he's my FIRST nephew. First sure excited a bit la.. but now I have FIVE nephews and a niece already. *swt* And Kent G is now a big boy, who'll be attending primary school next year. And I'm no longer a young girl either -__-

Party was held in a kids centre in Great Eastern Mall last Saturday (forgot the name again). It was his third time having birthday party tell me he's lucky. Mountain of kids running around shouting and cheering, I'm too old for this already...

And again I was the photographer of the day. What to do, no husband no kids. I think I'm the most carefree one over there..

The clubbing room. -________________-" What happened to kids these days...

This is Kent G's bestie, Joseph. After all these years they still remain so close together. In case you're wondering why are they hugging are they gay, no. They're actually playing some sorta game where they need to stand of a small sheet of paper.

Other 2 nephews - Jayearn (my bro's production) and Xuenmin (my first sis's production).

Does this reminds you of your childhood!!! I loved playing limbo rock last time and I was so proud coz I used to play gymrama, so I could like arch really really low and made my friends go WAHHH!!!! o_O hehe Kids will always be kids ;)

So the magic word to enter the party room was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT G!!!!" The guy wearing yellow is really aggresive I think it seriously needs passion to work for kids. For me, I'll go *slap**slap*. Nola, just joking. Trust me I love kids..

Zent G (my another nephew - Kent G's brother) already got bored by then. So I decided to..

E.E. loves you... :D

Him returning my kiss! OMG We actually french kissed cos I can feel his tongue licking my lips when we kissed -______-"

Nice or not!!! Kent G drew this!! I mean as in my sis use Kent G's drawing to be printed on the cake la.. But tell me this is too cool for a 6 year old? ;)

Doing funny faces. I don't think my circle of friends were this big when I was 6 ;(

Happy family ;) Zent G looking bored..

HAHA I love this pic. Check out their expression.. LOL Zent G actually kicked the cake and Kent G was shocked!!

I love this game most ;) The birthday boy was forfeited to sit on the big parachute and his friends all held the side of the parachute and turned him round and round...

.. and then wrapped him up! :D I wanna have birthday party too this year!!!!!

I wanna wrapped all my friends up - like this.

So nice right!! :D

The magician who didn't look like a magician at all. Coz from the way he dressed I might think he's a salesman -___- I prefer magician to be dressed like a clown though but nevertheless, he didn't really win hearts of those kids.

Sponge balls kept popping out from his mouth -_-"

The only pic of me. Was sitting down by the side since I'm all adult.

Why is kids these days so lucky? I always heard my nephew attending this party and that party and I have no parties to attend at all ;( Please turn back time and let me enjoy my childhood once again.. eh? did I ever have childhood??

I think he likes..

*opps* Sorry.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Palate Palette

Very short update coz I have stuff to clear on desk and need to get this up as I don't wanna drag Kent G's big day and Baboobeep's update tomorrow!

So yesterday I think luck was by my side coz I finally (read: finally!!) got the chance to go junkyard sales!! :D :D :D Very rare chance ok coz each time it's either I won't be in town or had something coming up very last minute T_T Wah I tell you this time I really go search for the map and asked my collegue for direction few days back before the sales..

So on that very day went to fetch Shin from her hommie and Winnie who just got back from Singapore decided to join as well. This is the first time she heard of junkyard thingie and kept asking us what's that. HAHA Winnie, hard to explain la.. JUNK lor! And so, the three blur girls went all the way down to somewhere neither of us familiar with.

Petrol price increased and yet we're sorta lost T____T And finally we found the place!! It's not that hard to find anyway and small little credit to both Shin's pie and my pie :D

Remix Junkyard Sale in Palate Palette!

(pic credit to Mustardqueen)

I did not snap much pic coz it's like so damn crowded I can even move! So planned to steal pics from people's blog but seemed like so far only Mustardqueen had updated.

OMG I love cheap stuff! ;)

But I just hate digging. Many vendor just dumped all their treasures into boxes where we need to dig dig and dig. Wah!! No place to stand also how you expect me to dig la!!

Tired, exhausted and satisfied, we proceeded to Bangsar. *opps!*

In McD - coz we're all stingy and don't wanna waste money on food -_-

I love this dress but it's kinda transparent so I snapped hell lotsa pics hoping to get my mum to tailormade one for me.. teehee~ :P

This is what happened when I have nothing to buy and no motivation in life..

Did not take much pics and recently I realized my life doesn't revolves around camera anymore. Am I getting old already!! T__T Shit laa..

Some treasures I found.

Bought this coz at first I thought there were only stalls downstairs and after some digging I found this only piece that I like. After making the payment, the vendor told me there're still some stalls upstairs wtf. But when I tried it on at home, it fits so well and I'm loving it ;)

This is so colourful and what's more, I love birds!!! :D and monkeys.. coz they remind me of the bf. Got story laa.. :P

I've been looking for grey gingham like this for ages. But I would prefer to get skirt with prints like this thou. OMG does this reminds you of the pumps I got from Spore lately!!

Winnie found this :D And it comes with a long cord too!! Brightens up any outfit - imagine me wearing that birdy halter and carry this! WHOA! I love you Winnieeee!!!! ;)

Upon reaching home I found a small mirror inside. Not sure if it comes as a free gift or the vendor accidentally put it in -___- But it's damn ugleee..

This looks more tan in actual. And looks better if I stuff more things inside but then the cord is like so fragile! Could use it as an oversized clutch anyway ;) Absolute love...

Am so looking forward for next junkyard sales this coming 28th OMG hopefully I'm lucky enough. But eh, my short update isn't very short also. Back to work!