Monday, July 30, 2007

I Love Bumble Bee!

I watched Transformers already! o_O

And it's good! o_O

I'm not a huge fan of action-packed movie. In fact, when my pie wanted to watch those kinda movies, I'd tell him to watch with his friends. BUT, omfg.. I actually liked Transformers!!!

I asked Kent G yesterday which Autobot he likes, expecting him to answer it's Bumble Bee (cos it's cute) but he told me it's Optimus Prime cos it's the Big Boss -_-" Darn, he made me felt so childish.. cos I liked Bumble Bee *oink**oink*

I was in Kuantan for the weekend, a very short journey indeed. But it's all worth it! =D

Us chilling in Teluk Chempedak, it was soooooo windy that day!

I ate so much durian there and today my fart still do smell like durian.. -_-" *opps* And also my hand smells like shit now.. *double opps*

And pie bought me SpongeBob!!

... which I had to stuck into my small bag and carried all the way back KL. But me likey likey likeeeeeeeyyyyy...!!! =D

Owh, and did I mentioned that I never feel sexy anymore eversince I cut my hair and walk by the beach? Cos I can never let my hair down again and let the wind blow through my hair. All I have is a broom-like crowning glory.

I'm getting a wig, wtf.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Travel (again)

OFF to Kuantan tomorrow....

P/S: Don't miss me!!!! =)

Monday, July 23, 2007

80s' Baby

I received this forwarded mail a few times before but it doesn't really mean anything much to me. Until last Friday morning, an old best buddy of mine, Ivy forwarded this email again, it somehow brings a smile on my face.. yes, I'm 80s' baby mind you!

Signs that you're a 70s' or 80s' baby:

"You grew up watching G-Force, He-man, Transformers, Thundercats, Silver Hawk, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks and Mickey Mouse. Not to forget Ninja Turtles, Mask, Smurfs and Voltron too."
I remember I'm not a very big fan of cartoons. In fact I don't really watch cartoons during my younger times and i only watched chinese episodes from TV2 and TV3 at 6pm every weekdays with my family. Well, to be precise, one reason I'm not addicted to cartoons is mainly because I don't speak English when I was a kid. Ironic, isn't it? *sigh*

"Remember the days when school nurse , comes with a list of dentist appointments, the sound of the drilling when your friend has a fill in her tooth? You squated by the drain with all your classmates beside you, and brushed your teeth with a colourful mug."
DENTIST!! They used to call my name very often, almost every week.. I remember there's a Malay girl in my class escaped from all dental appointment by telling them she'd got asthma. I was so envy and prayed everyday to God that I will have asthma attack. I also remember when we used to brush our teeth by the longkang, there'll be bloods when we gargled our mouth and we'll be hearing a few screaming, "Eeeeeyerrrrrrrr... darah!!!" I also remember when we were asked to bring our own toothpaste, I brought strawberry flavoured Kodomo Lion while the rest brought Colgate and were laughing at me. The same day I went home telling my mum to buy me adult's Colgate..

During primary school days, the teacher will punish you using ruler to hit your palm."
When I was in Standard 3, Puan Arbayah used to hit my head with the thick Mathematics textbook. And the idiot me still managed to smile at her. Realli, idiot me.. -_-

"When you were in primary school, girls like to go to the bookshop to buy cute stuff such as animal erasers, various shape sharpeners, colourful notebooks, etc.."
I bought a box of colourful erasers and distibuted among my certified best friends. I love buying cute keychains, Kenari storybook, and also URTV.. just to fit into the group of people I mingled with.

When exams are over, the board games (e.g. Monopoly) will be all over the classroom."

Definately! Not to forget UNO, UNO Stacko, batu seremban and the smart ones will be holding their Sweet Valley's storybooks.

"Your favourite sound is the bell, for it's the homemade ice-cream man. The cream that tops Haagen Dazs!"
Definately, everyone in SRKC would definately remember the Chinese ah pek selling ice-cream by the school's entrance, also the friendly Indian man selling kacang beside him. I never fail to buy from them everyday and even when I was pennyless, I would tell them "Hutang dulu, esok bayar"...

These are a few points that reminded me so much of my childhood. So many friends that I would wanna keep in touch, but due to time and location, we somehow lost contact after a few years. It would take me forever to blog all about my Primary life, and definately will remain a sweet memory and a story that I would wanna share with my kids in future...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Goodbye KL

I'm a frequent traveler.. LOL!!

OFF to Taiping in less than 3 hours time !!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee....~~ =D

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Asiancuties, am I?

I got this link from Sweatlee's the other day when she blogged about how retarded the site is.

You'll need to apply by submitting information and photos of yourself and the 'cuties' members will vote "Yes" or "No" and once you've got 30 "Yes" votes, you're succesfully accepted as 'cuties'. And if you're rejected, you can reapply again within 48hours. Goodness! Out of curiosity, I checked out that site.

Actually I find it quite interesting as everyone in the community (only Asians) don't know each other and will comment on how fugly that particular applicants were. I'm also surprise that many pretty applicant got negative comments and not-so-cute applicants were accepted.

One funny thing I came across was a plain looking girl who applied and got all negative comments like, "Is this application a joke?", "Nature has not been kind to you!" and some others. I think the girl got so hurt that she finally deleted her application post in the next 2 days. LOL!

And another post yesterday was from a girl which I guess she was rejected earlier on. Read. Oh my goodness!!! LOL!! I wonder why are they taking all these so seriously?!

And guess what, I tried applying last 2 days -_______-

Holy mama, thank God so far I got all 14 freaking POSITIVE comments!! *overjoyed*

Wait. Is this suppose to be a good news? Cos I'm joining 'cuties' that looked like this:

Shit. I'm ashamed of myself. TT

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SinChew yesterday!

Whoooooooooooooopzzzz...~!!!! I'm in the paper yesterday!

Just killlllllllllllllllllll me....out of so many pics taken that day, why selected this? I looked SO FAT!!! (must be the angle!! must be the angle!!! blame the photographer!!!)

This pic was taken during my company's product launching the other day in JW Marriott. A guy came to me and introduced himself as photographer from SinChew and asked if he could take my photos for this "Today I'm the Prettiest" column in Metro Edition. He mentioned there'll be RM300 worth of prizes and I thought, why not? Only after few months, my pic finally out, and to my total shock, they published the fattest and ugliest one they took..


Last Saturday I went boutiques-hopping in Bangsar with Shin aka Ms.Wong.

We tried on so many tops and dresses and ended up empty handed. We were gossiping non-stop and before we knew it, sky was already dark and we're off for another session!!

Decanter, Sri Hartamas.

l-r: Ram, Kevin, Jason, me, Shin and KK

Dylon left early to join his friends in Souled Out and left the 6 of us chit-chatting, drinking and camwhoring the whole night. At that moment, I was missing those friends that are not here in KL. Wishing they could join us, and we could have a purrrfect and complete gathering. Sheauwen, Esther, Justin, Keanleim, Ernest, Chris and Yunny. My perfect gathering would be complete if you guys are around..

Click for more pictures!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Story of the breads.

Octopus says "Hie!"
Squid says "Bye!"
Rabbit says "Hie again!"
Panda says "Bye again!"

Oh no... Lame! Lame! Lame! Sorry-la.. no time to think of a purfect storyline. Just wanted to get this post up and continue my work. Heh..

Bought all these from Bread Story yesterday and its SO DAMN CUTE!! I kept camwhoring non-stop with those breads yesterday before I keep them 'safe' in my stomach..Hehe..

Short post, disadvantage of blogging from office -_-

Saturday tomorrow..!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....~!!!!! =D

Thursday, July 12, 2007

SURPRISE!! (I'm busy @ work!)

Oh-my-God did I mentioned I'm TOO BUSY to blog?!!

o_O I can't believe either... tell me I'm just hallucinating~

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Tuesday going on Wednesday!

I felt so naked today!! o_O

365 days my tiny toe nails will be covered with cutex and now that they're NOT!! WuuUuuu... I felt so 'pure'...

Been so busy since this morning. Got so much to blog but it's 5:22pm now and I gotta rush to get back home later at 6pm SHARP.

The company mentioned 'punctuality', yeah now I'm punctual! *stares at boss*

My life is solely about work, work and work nowadays. All work and no play makes Cryst a dull girl. I'm a boring girl, yikes!

Longing for a long holiday again. Beep beep pls bring me far far away.....~ Please?? *teary eyed*

I was in Nichii yesterday after work for some retail therapy. So-called retail therapy, mainly to camwhore! Heh, that's how I pass my activity-less sad, right?

I wonder if CUTE is in trend now, cos all the outfits are really cute! And made me felt like acting cute too -_- I'm 23 but doesn't mean I can no longer act cute ok? I think the first picture will qualify me for the upcoming Korean horror movie..

(oh! I looked like an idiot mannequin in the second pic!! Pronounce: I-D-I-O-T.)

Monday, July 9, 2007

2 Big + 3 Small Candles

** too much of pending posts and I needa skip a few! a break makes a person lazy, agree?

My BIRTHDAY! (2nd July '07)

It was just last week that I applied for 2 days leave and left to Kemaman on Saturday morning. The boyfriend gotta work and me ended up sitting in the office waiting everyday and looking like this.

Work aside, we managed to spend my birthday eve in Awana Kijal Kemaman. I love the room muchie.. muchie..

And oh, I love my new top! I looked like a Barbie Doll...(tell me I am!) The colours made me so happie!

After chilling in the room for a while, we went to the beach for a short walk.

It was already quite late and we left in awhile, back room for shower and off for dinner in town.

That night, pie brought out a birthday cake and it's a short hair gurl. He made the cake himself and according to him, that resembles me -___-

My gaWd, where got same-same leh... me think me prettier, a lil' at least, hor?

12am, I officially turned 23. Say goodbye to my sweet 22, and NO. I did not get older, kept telling myself "I'm not a girl.... not yet a woman......" ha!

SMSes started beeping from 12:06am till the very next afternoon. Thanks for all ya wishes peepz~! And yala, I hope I'll grow old with grace.. Thx KJ.

Another blink of eye, I'm gonna be 24, then 25, then 26... (ok, stop counting!) Grow old, with grace. My new mantra wtf.

My 2nd sister shares the same birthday with me too! 2nd July but many many yearssss different. My mum is great!

Happy Birthday siao chabo! I still love you - sometimes =)