Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Asiancuties, am I?

I got this link from Sweatlee's the other day when she blogged about how retarded the site is.

You'll need to apply by submitting information and photos of yourself and the 'cuties' members will vote "Yes" or "No" and once you've got 30 "Yes" votes, you're succesfully accepted as 'cuties'. And if you're rejected, you can reapply again within 48hours. Goodness! Out of curiosity, I checked out that site.

Actually I find it quite interesting as everyone in the community (only Asians) don't know each other and will comment on how fugly that particular applicants were. I'm also surprise that many pretty applicant got negative comments and not-so-cute applicants were accepted.

One funny thing I came across was a plain looking girl who applied and got all negative comments like, "Is this application a joke?", "Nature has not been kind to you!" and some others. I think the girl got so hurt that she finally deleted her application post in the next 2 days. LOL!

And another post yesterday was from a girl which I guess she was rejected earlier on. Read. Oh my goodness!!! LOL!! I wonder why are they taking all these so seriously?!

And guess what, I tried applying last 2 days -_______-

Holy mama, thank God so far I got all 14 freaking POSITIVE comments!! *overjoyed*

Wait. Is this suppose to be a good news? Cos I'm joining 'cuties' that looked like this:

Shit. I'm ashamed of myself. TT


leksw said...

no worries..for sure u got more
+ve votes than -ve ones...hahhaa..good luck =)

c r y s t said...

haha...c hows the respond next week when i get bk fr tpg.. shit, i'm joining the si-pek-sia-pai community... -_-

leksw said...

aiyoyo..don't la simply simply join all these community..last time cutie..alamak~!!!!