Tuesday, October 30, 2007

4 girls, and a guy.

Isn't it saddening that I can no longer blog from office?!! And oh my, my connection is so bad these days which I suspected they secretly change my setting to dial-up connection!! So that I can no longer blog and multiply and friendster and facebook and read blogs and online shopping?!! Why are they so cruel?!! Why is this nightmare happening to me?!! T_T

I can't find any better word to describe my job now. Suck.

And I'm onlining at home these days and I wanted to update my blog so badly!! No, I can never put my blog on scheduled maintenance mode like Shin's.. HAHA! Anyway, after shifting to my brother's place next week I'll be onlining every night. Streamyx. WiFi somemore. Online till I blind wtf.

OK. We got more serious business to blog about over here. End of rambling.

Outting with Nikkolites (again) last Saturday! :p

We met up in Nikko's lobby as I'm sending my parents off for a relative's wedding dinner, in Nikko itself. And all four of us are back to Nikko, proudly as a guest. Walao, the feeling is so good ok cos I once served Nikko with love and now I'm being served with love! Damn SHIOK! There, Vasu the Duty Manager is always serving with love, no matter who you are. Check out this cool guy if you happen to go there. But too bad la, he's no longer available..teehehe..

Ended up in Times Square because Ami need to get some facial stuff, which only available in Times Square, The Curve and Malacca -_-" So canggih meh.. I seldom shop there and that very night, I found gems!! Damn whole lots of shoes, damn comfy, damn nice and damn CHEAP somemore!! I could buy the whole shop, if I have the money la.. Went home empty handed anyway. I need more time, and more moolah!

My darling Christine. Our Nikko-grown proud Duty Manager :)

Camwhore queens. Annie's trying hard to be super kawaii here. hehe.. and Ami as usual, damn cool fella. This pic we called it a perspective shot, hor? o_O wahhh...I so pro-lah!

We asked the waiter to take this shot and he was like counting 1-2-3 in Cantonese "Yat-Yii-Sam, hong lok tang" (1-2-3 red green light - means traffic lights lah for those who dunno). He was trying to be funny I think, but ended up with his kemaluan yang tak terhingga, coz we were like staring at him weirdly. Funny meh? -_-

My green tea lemon something something... and please look at my drink k, not something else beside that catches your eyes more o_O

Ami with her claypot loh shee fun.

Annie and Christine ordered the same thing, I can't recall what is it.

Me and my food (Food, because I can't recall what I ate as well omg)

And everything's GOOD! It's wayyyyy beyond my expectation for a restaurant like this. No idea what's its called, I think same floor with the cinema in Times Square. Dunno lah, forgive me k I seldom lepak there.

It's him again! :) Just arrived from Kuantan and joined us for dinner later. My beep, my beep, my beep beep beeeeeeeepppp..~!!

Annie took this!! I think this is the best pic we got so far in our 3 years together!! waaakakakaa!!! I always love candid shot!! And I always wanna hire a photographer to follow us so we can get lots of candid shots!!! Who wanna volunteer? :p

Back to Nikko after that and we had the honour to view the new mock-up room. Vasu disallowed us to camwhore inside the room, P&C wor.. so we gotta kao tim with this ballroom view instead. The new rooms are extremely luxury and I love it muchie muchie muchie!! Scheduled to complete next year..

Love birds/ dolphin/ whatever. Lovey dovey in short. I accidentally touched the extremely hot light bulb while taking this shot and my hand scalded :( Proved I could sacrifice for purrrfect shot.

Before depart, I remembered I have not done something important. Utmost important or else this outting meant nothing to me.

A shot in the washroom :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning. Feels so good when I can laze on the bed till the sun rises, I don't get this chance often.

Parents are on their way down to town for a relative's wedding tonight. And I'll be going out with my Nikkolites gang again..it's gonna be another gossips night. Uh la la~

What should I do now?

Here, I'm sitting onlining in my pyjamas. It feels soooo goooooodddd :)

Edit 5:15pm: I went out finally. Home alone is so boring.

And I finally use my new bag :) And oh, I shopped, again..

Friday, October 26, 2007

Another weekend again.

Lack of updates! ARGH!!

Guess what, while onlining in the office yesterday suddenly a lady from ISD dept approached me. I did not put much thought to it, assuming she's here to update some stuff to my PC. With a very serious look at her face, she told me "I got something to tell ya. But please don't cry when you hear that ok?" I was like.. "oh my goddddd...what?!!" "I think you onlined too much and our system just triggered that you're the highest internet user as at today. You have to minimize you internet usage.."


Damn pai seh la me ok?! T_T

Its like I just won a lottery. Or perhaps, jackpot where the alarm gonna trigger or whatever. I know myself I onlined too much in the office, but I did not neglect my job what!! Oh my god, I'm damn pai seh now whenever I walk pass the ISD department ok? T_T

Minor updates!

Last Sunday I had time for my own. Oh, self-discovery I love it!! (hate the fact that e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. had their own plans and I gotta be all on my own *tsk*).

Don't you just love my top?!! It's the most stunning top I've been looking for so long!! Red/ white polka dotted top!! I'm so delicious ^_^

And I camwhored for about half an hour in the car -_-" Good lighting made my skin so radiant! (and please ignore the fact it's PS-ed) Just look at my gorgeous top k?

As usual my lonely weekend will be spend in Bangsar!! Boutiques overloaded equals long-term happiness :)

Sooooo CUTE right? I felt Twiggy-ed! o_O And I dunno why am I standing like jellyfish..

For the very first time, the bf was so upset I did not buy the top!! He was so glad when I MMSed him this pic assuming this is the top I bought. HAHA..

Stated "I *heart* boyfriend". No wonder la..

Another cute top I spotted in Mooie but somehow stuff there are a lil' overpriced as usual. Tak beli jugak... :(

Oh, seriously I tried 2934253678943398579690980 tops that day and I was so tired and my hair started to get oily T_T I looked damn bad in other pics.. so am not gonna upload them..

Bought 2 dress, which my feelings for them faded as days passed.. Will be uploading them in Baboobeep soon. Speaking of my Baboobeep, I still don't have proper time to edit sui sui and promote it yet. So if you've been stalking that site now, spread the words hor?

Anyway, just a note that I'll be shifting over to stay with my brother temporary in Subang next week and no longer staying with my second sis. So friends in PJ area wanna yumcha may call me out anytime and I promise I'll give no more excuses like "PJ?! Too FAR lahrrr~!!"

And I'll be good! :)

Have a nice weekend all and good night *yawn*

P/S: My first time blogging at home, in the midnight. Damn syok!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buy Buy Buy !!!

A new star is born..


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I wanna see rainbows everyday.

Have anyone felt the feeling of LDR? It isn't too far but definately isn't near for us to meet.

When he decided to be back working in his hometown, I thought it's gonna be hard at first. Every night I slept in tears. Thinking back, how foolish I was! We're only 3 hours distance from each other, but somehow I always felt that we're so near, and yet so far. In a blink of eye, it's almost a year plus we're separated. Of course on and off, he'll be here almost every weekend, or vice versa.

Keeping this LDR alive is definately gonna be hard. Many times I forced myself to be tougher. To be independant. But at times, I'm tired to be tough outside, coz the me inside stands weak on my own.

When I need someone to share my joy and sorrow, I could only listen to his gentle voice through phone. A warm hug, a shoulder to cry on, a tender kiss, in my own imagination until we meet again. And I always tell myself to be strong.

From today onwards, exactly 10 more days until we meet again. 10 days, definately is a short period compared to those couples separated to two different sides of the world. But in this 10 days, I do miss you all the time. And I do always hope our LDR wouldn't last for long.

Very soon, I want to see myself buzzing around you anytime I like it :D

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hotel is a place to camwhore !

OK, I kept my promise to blog about my stay in Sunway Resort last weekend. Dad and mum were in town and were staying in there, so right after returning from Malacca, I went straight to the hotel and tumpang sekali.. Hehe.. Luxurious life, I love..

Be warned though, pictures overloaded!

Good lighting with big mirror. Need I say more? My dad been staring at me the whole morning while I camwhored kaw-kaw -_-"

Full length mirror...I love ;)

Again, mirror mirror on the wall.. and tell me I'm the vainest of 'em all!!! ;)

Name me mou liu. I'm proud. I just couldn't help it cos it had been quite some time I didn't camwhore and guess I'm still pretty talented -_-"

Sunshine of my life ;) Reminder to self to gift-hunt for dad's coming birthday.

If you think I'm super camwhore, you can't judge me, until you see these pics.

Look, my dad still staring... OK, I'm your daughter k?


And then we went for breakfast and I got myself a very colourful breakfast in a very colourful cafe ;)

Don't blame me. My personal photographer asked me to pose creatively, and this is what I did.

This is the photographer I'm referring to.

Worse than me. And I'm so angry ok!!! He said I looked ugleeee... Where can give such a comment to E.E. wan?!!

Because of my itch to camwhore kaw-kaw, all of us proceeded outside the hotel and I got my mum to be my photographer this time ;) You gotta understand, like mother like daughter.

Actually there're more pics but blogger is giving me some problem now. As usual, it can't accept the heavyduty pics and starting to hang now so I'm gonna post up just this last one. Until I edit and edit again, you can view all in my Multiply page next week k?

Anyway, today is Friday!!! Week without Monday is a wonderful week and pie is coming again later tonight!! =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Project Baboobeep.

I spent almost the whole morning browsing through online boutiques today. Gosh, this two weeks I spent a lot on my online purchases! This morning, one top arrived. Got it from STKL, my usual shopping paradise ;)

I'm setting up another site now to sell off those lovelies I got but never get a chance to wear them. After I cleared up all my stuff, perhaps I'll try to bring in my own clothing line. I'm still working on it, yet to confirm. Been doing some research for quite some time..

Baboobeep.. that'll be the name of my new online boutique ;)

Why Baboobeep?

I've been brainstormed for quite some time, researching through the internet, language translation, etc. I don't wanna end up with a lame name; shopaholics, shopping paradise, whatever. I just need something simple, with a twist!

And I was listening to Hits.FM this morning and heard something like Bazooka in Laundry, or something like that. I thought it was cool! So, here comes Baboobeep.

Baboo = Baby language I used with the bf *tsk*

Beep = You're right. That's what I call the bf, beep beep!! :p

So, baboo + beep.. Hey!!! It rhymes!!

Oh, well, I am supposed to blog about my stay in Sunway Resort last weekend. Whole lot of pictures pilling up again, but I guess I'll blog about it when I'm in the mood. Tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Self-obsession is not an offence!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I did last Raya

Oh my God!! I did not keep my promise to blog everyday!!! o_O

Pictures pilling up. Letmi start with my short trip to Malacca during Raya with the bf and friends. Initial plan was to Penang but figured out it's wayyyyyy too far and we don't wanna stuck in the bad jam so we ended up in Malacca.

And yeah, we couldn't avoid the jam as well ;(

We proceeded straight to our accommodation once we reached there. 2 days 1 night in Equitorial hotel. And here, my favourite place to camwhore. Good lighting, big mirror ;)

Took a short nap and headed straight for food hunting! Jonker Street was so crowded with cars and people hanging out by the roadside and I tell you, it's worse than the jam during peak hour in KL -_-" And people were queuing under the hot sun at all the famous restaurants. Colourful umbrellas everywhere and I regretted for not snapping their pics! Haha.

Being not so tourist-y, we decided to head to a not-so-famous chicken rice ball restaurant.

Gotta share table with strangers somemore, so no pics ;(

Whatelse, trip to Malacca wouldn't be complete without pictures from Christ Church and other famous historical spots. Too common place to shoot, but that's Malacca ok?

Very random.

Oh, guess what. I was so brave the other day!!!! I overcome my fear towards reptiles!!!

Ohhh...I love snake now~ Dum dee daa... Did you ever heard of a saying that snake lover exhibit quite a sexual appeal? Haha!!

Hiking up to A-Famosa. It was extremely sunny the other day.

I dunno him wtf. And Mr. Tan, why are you posing like that?? -_-"

I saw a purrrrrfect hole to camwhore, so in we go. Him being the clean freak, did not want to sit ;( Pun jadi-lah~

I'm taking a stroll back in time with all these splendid architecture. There're lots of carved drawings by the wall depicting an era long gone. Eh? How come I never see those carving the last time I went? *freaked out*

Love-love ok? <3

En. Mohd Elvis bin Presley.

And pie rode me in this infamous rickshaw back to the carpark. It's damn fuglyyyyyyyy right? T_T We're actually checking out the price with another rickshaw man and told him we needed 2 rickshaws. And he called up his kaki that came standing before us with this un-glam one.

Perhaps you must be thinking there's nothing wrong with this right?? Check out the one we took 2 years back.

See the difference?? ;(

We did nothing much after that. Went back hotel, took a short nap and went out for dinner again at Jonker Street. Street market with whole lot of restaurants and stalls that serve tantalising foods. People mountain people sea. We're again stuck in a very bad jam and took hours to get a parking.

The next day we spent the whole morning in the hotel. Breakfast and lazing around till checkout time.

The only complete shot of me, the bf, Kenny and Jessy. Taken at the lobby of Equitorial hotel right after checking out.

Check out this durian cendol we had in Bibik House in Jonker Street before we left home!

uHm, maybe it doesn't look presentable, but definately worth a try for durian lovers!

I'm loving it.

We're loving it.

Will you too? ;)