Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There's new boutique in town!!!

Ok la, not VERY new, but it belongs to my proud friend's lovely bf. So 2 weeks ago, I went for a photoshooting session at his boutique. It took us damn long to fix an appointment as most of the weekends I won't be in town. After weeks and months of planning finally we set a date, but I almost ffk-ed her, sorry!

Read: Almost, but did not.

One of my favourite pic. It was a candid pic cos I'll never smile till THIS extend for photos.. My teeth damn crooked ok T_T

And omg why am I shooting with her... Anyway, this is my senior in high school, Chloe. And she's also Ms Msia Cosmo 2005 runner-up, and also a REAL model. I felt so degraded sitting beside her T_T

IGLOO's cny collection which I personally think I really don't look good in this. Haih, what to do.. my face can't simply go with anything :(

This is to prove we're this short beside Chloe. I wonder if tall people see things differently? Different perspective? hRm..

Me with my tai tai pose.. The waistbelt was damn tight ok I hardly can breathe T_T And worse, I felt like vomitting...

This is Sean's (owner of IGLOO) design. The apron dress is made of very comfy cotton and adjustable string, with two cute pockets. Utmost important is, only 1 piece available. And guess what's in my hands? ;) Colourful panties in cute tub!!! Selling at RM19 each.

The bf was there to accompany me the whole morning. The gf's glam moment wtf.

This is another IGLOO's own design. Silky mod dress with perfect colour combination of grey, white and red. Just perfect for CNY ;) But I did not buy.. they did not tell me they can gimme for free :P *hint**hint*

This is my most favourite shot of all. ;) I think this is more me.. and I'm being Cryst!

And the crew!

Special thanks to photographer Pak Fui, Sam, Eric, Denise and Wilson for all the perfect shots and wonderful time ;) It was indeed a great day for me - the self proclaimed camwhore queen.

Visit IGLOO boutique for festive wardrobe styles today! ;) Free publicity wtf..hehe

And *click here* for more photos..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drama !

I finally got items I bought online today. TODAY! After almost 3 freaking months!!

There's this girl who posted up all gorgeous items in STKL in October last year (last year! wtf) at price so cheap and hell, definately lots of people gave in to the temptation. We even placed our bids, this and that and after so much dramas and empty promises, the girl went missing.

My RM105 went into drain.

Been emailing her almost every week, no reply AT ALL. I guess most of us who got cheated been emailing her non-stop and finally I sorta gave up.

Till last month, a few of us decided to gather and make a police report against this girl. Weeks of discussion and all, ended up 3 of the girls went all the way to the police station. But sadly there's nothing can be done since it's online transaction. And omg they even hunt for the girl's house!! HAHA *salute* Too bad she's not in.


Groove armada green glitter top from F21, Ms Selfridge slinky bow tube which supposed to be grey as seen in pic.. but turned out to be black wtf :(, and Zara leggings.

But no, I no longer in love with these.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My first Thaipussam holiday!

I think I dragged to long to update about my trip, and my itchy fingers couldn't wait for any longer to upload all pics into Multiply. So *click* and *click*. End of updates... *opps*

Anyway, omfg today is public holiday for KL!!! o_O I think this gonna be once and for all, next year there'll be no more public holiday in KL for Thaipussam.. coz election over wtf.

Did I mentioned before that I won 4 packs of FreshKon colour contact for my SinChew thingy? I have perfect eye sight and have never worn contact lenses before but since I got it for free, I'll just give it a try. Today, I went all the way back to England Optical in Sunway Pyramid. I got those lenses few months back and I've been keeping all 4 boxes till now. So today I went there to learn how to wear my lovely contact lenses and be all pretty during CNY ;)

OMG!!! Am I just the one?? The only one?? I was sitting there for almost half an hour, I couldn't put in the contact lense T_T Each time my fingers were near, my eyes blinked. After trying for so kinda long, finally I succeeded T_T And I learnt how to take them out after that. I was so scared that I need to go for operation to take out my contact lenses coz I was too afraid to put my fingers in. Before my fingers were near, I blinked and blinked non-stop. I can't take out the lenses... I was already tearing there and the optician kept telling me it's alright. T_T I don't wanna get blind because of that FREE stuff T_T

After trying for kinda long, I succeeded. I was told to put them in and take out again. This time was easier. So I put on my contact lenses and continued my shopping. Blur vision and I was really feeling uncomfortable.

Any difference? Not much actually. The one on the left was before and on the right was after I put on the brown FreshKon contact lenses. Uh.. I think it's a lil' senget -___-

I went straight to the washroom to remove it after about 15 minutes wearing. Aiks? Suddenly it became easier to remove when no one was watching me.

Seriously did I look any different? Shall I continue using or discard them? *sigh*

Anyway, have you done with your CNY shopping? I'm almost done..

Few dresses....

And few tops...

I think I'll need to get a new bag and that'll be the end of my CNY buys... fingers crossed.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hong Kong on the third day!

Back to my trip! :)

So we went to Hong Kong on the third day. The Turbojet service was kinda efficient and definately way better than I've expected (omg i expect it to be like those ferry in penang =.=)

Since we're only spending a day in HK, definately gotta make sure we cover every HK main attraction. Not much time, but at least I've been there, hor? First destination upon reaching, we took MRT to Tsim Tsa Tsui. Each and every part in HK is easily accessible using MRT. We went to Avenue of Stars first, which already been in my must-go place since long ago.

Clear sky, purrrfectly windy day ;) While both of us and most Asians were nicely wrapped in 'pita bread', I saw some gweilos were wearing only shorts and sleeveless tee -_-"

Statues, statues and more statues.. Anyway, buildings at the back are in Central HK. I'm so outdated.. now only I know that HK is separated into Central and Kowloon *knock head*

And next for shopping in Nathan Road!!! OMG I can't afford to waste any time in HK! I heard Nathan Road is shopping paradise, with all those export surplus goods outlets in Granville Road. But *sigh*, timing wasn't right.. it's all winter clothing.. T_T

Goose noodle, is that the right way to name it? Oh well, me ain't a food lover, so actually goose tasted like chicken for me. But definately this was the bf's MOST FAVOURITE in the entire trip I suppose, I wonder why..

This is where I want to be..~ But plan changed, we ended up in the famous Wong Tai Sin temple first, before making a U-turn back to Mong Kok.

It was so crowded! People were placing all their offering on their own floormat, and they kneeled at their own chosen spot. In M'sia most people place their offering on the main table right? hRm, I dunno..

I ain't really a holy kinda person, so I waited for the bf at the side.

Oh please beep... I.NEED.TO.SHOP.

Ladies Street! :D I was so so so so so so so excited when we reached there! But in the end I was so so so so so so DISSAPOINTED. It's just like Petaling Street. Even the clothes were like those in Petaling Street *sien*

Except that they had a lot of kinky stuff like these.

G-string with elephant trunk. Really small g-string which made me wonder is it for men or women?? But if it's meant for women, what's the trunk for??

As we were walking pass some food stalls, I smelt something disgusting.

Me: Chow Tau Foo!! (smelly toufu)
The bf: Is it?
Me: Yes! Smells like shit!
The bf: Where's the stall?
Me: Nah! (pointing to a nearby stall)
The bf: I wanna try!
Me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Peak wasn't in our list at first, but we figured out that it'd be a waste if we missed out that place. So we asked around for direction, and most people were like "The Peak?! It's so far!"

We did not gave up. Pie called to the MRT helpline and the officer explained to us the direction.

We went all the way to Central and the so-called walking distance tram station is as far as heaven. Sky already turned dark, it was getting colder and colder, and we were lost. Notice the pictures above? Smart me already bought new sets of clothes upon reaching HK as the weather was much colder than I've expected.

Finally after a long walk that I could barely feel my feet, we finally found the tram station! T_T But omfg, the queue was sooooooooooooooooooooo freakingly long!

So we waited and waited and finally the tram arrived ;)

We spent most of the night in Madame Tussaud but I was sneezing non-stop and felt so sick. *sob* It was SO COLD and WINDY. But I told myself "This is once and for all. Snap more pics and never give up!" We ended up snapping no nobody's business and I'll blog about Madame Tussaud in another post.

We really really wanted to take a so-called romantic walk outside, overlooking HK's night scene but it was so cold that we only managed to snap one pic. And this pic was really meaningful coz my mucus frozen while I braved myself through the extremely cold night to snap the ONE and ONLY pic.


Although the night had been real hard for me (it was really cold and I was sick), we still proceeded to one last destination.

Lan Kwai Fong for new year countdown!!! :)

It was so crowded! But HK policemens were really organized. People were shouting and dressing up. There were so many bars there. Teen girls were wearing all those kawaii headgears and all. Everyone seemed to have lost control.

There's even one gweilo who climbed over a rooftop at a bar and dancing like nobody's business. Everyone was like hooray-ing at him and I guess he was pretty proud with that. After a while he started unbuckling his pants, which I thought he'll remove his pants, leaving the boxers. But wtf, in just a blink, the you-know-what was dangling there in front of thousands of people and everyone shouted like insane! Policemens were in shock. But no, we did not manage to pull out the camera on time.

My BESTEST new year countdown ;)

We left back to Macau the very same night. I was OK during the countdown but was sick again right after that. *sigh* Why la... T_T

The Turbojet was operating 24hours thank God. Both os uf were so tired as upon reaching Macau it was already about 2-3 o'clock in the morning. Right outsite the terminal, an extremely long queue waiting fr the taxis.



More pictures *click*

Friday, January 11, 2008


I was in the office's washroom this morning and the smell of it reminds me so much of my college washroom. I guess the cleaner just changed to new detergent. But, that kinda smell brought back a lot of old memories..

Some collegemates that I'm missing so much T_T (sorry la, atm i only have this photo which i grabbed from my multiply)

Last few weeks when I was in office lift, a lady walked in and I smelt something familiar as well. Ah! Body Shop's Vanilla EDT! I once used during college time and I kept getting comments like "Cryst! U smell so SWEET!" It kinda brought back a lot of sweet old memories ;)

Have you ever experienced that kinda feel when you smell something familiar?

It's a wonderful feeling after all ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2nd Day in Macau!

It seemed like I'm rushing to meet my assignment. Everyday after work, I have that kinda stress, to finish blogging about my trip. Because I know myself, the longer I drag, the lazier I am. I gotta blog everything before I lost that kinda feel. -_-

Anyway, the second way we decided to stay in Macau. The initial plan was to Hong Kong the second day. But due to the genius us who got lost on the way back hotel the night before and went Venetian till late at night, our feet told us to rest for another day.

So we woke up kinda early..

First shot of the day at backlane of some deserted area.. Pie seemed to remember all the roads and ways to Centro after the 'lost incident' the night before! Smarto!

I wanted to go to those authentic coffee shop for breakfast, and we ended up in this shop.

Ada feel~!! :) This old man who sat at the cashier kept mumbling and complaining at us (we're sitting very near to him): "Yau hei kar, thong hei kar, mat yeh tor hei kar.. ngo tei hei kar ko ko yan tor chou chou chou!" (translate: price for oil increased, sugar increased, everything increased.. but everyone kept complaining when we increase our price!" He kept repeating and repeating and repeating...*enchoes wtf*

And look! Everything is in.. CHINESE?!! *sien* Pie read me the menu..

Next we went walking around casually and ended up in this random church. Told ya, there're churches everywhere.

I was trying to pose as a normal human, fearing that certain act might be prohibited in church :( And I thought I was TOO normal!

JESUS and I :D Don't I looked normal? o_O

We're trying to make confession but look, the bf smiling there already when I tried to snap -_-

And I thought of a very abnormal way to shot an extremely normal shot.

Me like... :)

I know I've posted this photo before, but I would wanna post it again coz it looked so romantic! *blush* I feel loved everytime I see this :P

Hor? ;)

And finally... our proudest moment...

Reaching Ruins of St. Paul's!!! :)

Dum dee daa..~

HAHAHAHAHAA~!!! The bf looked so funny here! :P And why am I always be the one kissing him in all shots? -_-

Tourists overloaded. I guess perhaps it was peak period during new year. Indians, Malays, Philippines, Mat Sallehs, apa-apa pun ada.. It was kinda hard to get a nice shot at the Ruins of St. Paul's coz it was really crowded.

You can't see this clearly, but it's all about CRYPT. I don't know what is crypt but since it's a little similiar to my name, Cryst, I camwhored. Back home I check the dictionary:

"Crypt: A room under a church, used for burying people"


I bought some biscuits as souvenirs since there's nothing much to shop around. Koi Kei - most famous in Macau. I heard they're famous for the peanut sweets, but no, I did not try.

Anyway for lunch, everything was in CHINESE again..

Pie read me the menu again, as if he was forfeited to read out an article in class..

OMG the fried wanton so nice and I'm salivating again now T_T Got minced meat and 2 big fat juicy prawns inside and the wanton skin is damn extremely bloody crispy!!!

Ju-On's sister.

Proceeded to the Fisherman's Wharf next. When I heard of the name I was wondering what so nice of visiting a fisherman's village??

It's no ordinary fisherman's village - and nothing to do with fisherman or whatsoever.

Me being out of control..

It's something like a mini world - Rome, Spanish, Cape Town, Babylon, Tang Dynasty, etc.. It's too big and we did not manage to walk all the places.

So I went out of control, again. Check out more pictures in my Multiply site!

Coffee break overlooking the bridge connecting Macau Peninsular to Taipa. My stupid brother said I lied to him that actually I went to Penang -_-

And so we lepak-ed there till late evening..

... before we proceeded to next destination - Grand Lisboa!

More pictures *click* !!