Thursday, May 31, 2007


I think I stared at the monitor too much everyday for my so-called online RETAIL THERAPY that my eyeballs might pop out anytime.


No updates.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Super Camwhore

I was tidying my accessories yesterday and this is what happened.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Short updatez

A fully occupied weekend.

Cheeky Kent G celebrated his early 5th birthday in McD last Saturday and it was a blast. It was a costume party and all his friends were dressed in their best.

Him with his King's costume was pretty much overjoyed. And as usual, me.....

....camwhored kaw-kaw with this 'scary' Hamburglar. Why I said 'scary'? Cos when this lil' thing came, some kids were of course jumping and screaming happily but some were too afraid and crying their lungs out -_-

Too much pics taken on that day so no full updatez yet, till I finish editing.

After the party, I met up with Ami in Bangsar (yea, Bangsar again) and we shopped and shopped and chit and chat... I was wearing my new pumps and my feet hurt damn much and I felt almost like a crippled.

And these are little something I bought.

Houndstooth print tube top, button earrings and a white clutch! I'm a happy girl...

Went for dinner in a Japanese restaurant in Bangsar Village and lucky us cos Ami knew the Management Trainee over there and we ate and ate and ate like glutton! Sashimi, bibimbab, sushi, etc...etc... and we only paid RM20 plus! WuuUuuuu...~!!

Satisfaction guaranteed. We are happy ghosts! :D

Pie came in the midnight and reached KL early morning on Sunday *teary eyed*. Chilling the whole day, did not managed to watch Pirates of the Carribean III cos the tickets were all sold out. *sigh*

And my poor boy went back Kuantan that night itself... and I miss him already~ :(

Friday, May 25, 2007

Fitting Room Whore

***Before composing this post, I suddenly felt so proud and felt like giving myself a pat on my shoulder. My eyes got all teary. I wanna thanks my dad and mum for 'creating' me, my pie for his love, my friends for their encouragement and frequent yawning, and myself for the rare determination. I u-p-d-a-t-e m-y b-l-o-g s-o o-f-t-e-n! *proud**proud**waves to the crowd*

Boredom strikes! Was supposed to drop by KLCC to get birthday pressie for Kent G yesterday but I ended up gaya-ing in the fitting room again. I hate my koko's camera cos it gives me those loud beep-ing and I dunno how to turn it off. I guess those in fitting room beside me surely know me camwhoring inside, but who cares?

This is actually a tube top but the two stripes are you-know-what. Love this so much and the material is so comfy. OK, not gonna buy... just try, snap, keep.

This doesn't look good on me =( Too simple and I can get my mum to make me one..

Forgive my aunty-looking face here. This top is 'so-happy'!!!

Again, forgive my aunty-looking face here. I think I gained weight. Back to this tunic top, it made me look like a pregnant mom! And I looked so contented. Haha!! The top comes with two pocket and I can put pacifier and milk bottle in it!! Lol.. sorry, I siau liao...

This is my favourite!!! Not sure if it meant to be a top or short dress??

Know what, half way camwhoring, an idiot flipped open the curtain!!! I was like "HEY?!?!!" That salesgirl was shocked and said "Sorry!!", close the curtain, and then OPEN THE CURTAIN AGAIN, "Sorry miss, I'm really really sorry....." and I was like "OK, please close, and leave." and gave that kinda coldest stare ever. What if I'm halfway changing?? What if the one who flipped it open was a guy?? Hell, I sue ZARA kaw-kaw and make them sponsor my outfit for a year!

I like this too, only if it's not so flowery...The cutting and length is just nice =)

Another cute dress... so I shall act cute too. Match it with a black waist belt and VIOLA! The pockets are really funny thou..

Told ya, it's really funny... -__-

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I received another annoying call from a customer just now.

Customer: Can you recommend me notebook for office use?
Me: If for office use, you can refer to our TravelMate series sir.
Customer: What sili?
Me: (annoyed) TravelMate series sir...
Customer: You cannot recommend a notebook to me arr?
Me: (frustrated) Like what I mentioned, you can refer our TravelMate series for office use. But which model suitable will be depending on your own requirement.
Customer: You cannot recommend arr?
Me: (started swearing inside) It depends on your requirement sir, like what kinda software you'll be running on, the software requirement...
Customer: (laugh)

*knock head**knock head* It's the boyfriend. T________T


Dad, mum, aunt, uncle and grandma flew off to China yesterday. Will be back only on the 3rd June. So shiok! Me wanna go holiday too but me dun wanna go China, yet. Still desparately wanna go Phuket, again.

Me love the place. Me love the people. Me love the beach. Me love the flea markets. Me love the cheapo pedicure and manicure there. Me love the feeling of walking just wearing bikini on the streets and nobody stares weirdly or hamsup-ly at me. Me love the feeling of exposing my flabs and feel gorgeous.

And me love not having to wake up 6am every morning and stuck in the jam for an hour and being lifeless during work and stuck in the jam again for another hour when going back and hell, I hate working!!!


I'm in need of a bigger wardrobe. No, I'm in need of $$$. I spent too much lately which I suspected it's some kinda hormone imbalance -_- Blame it to PMS. But I can't stop the craving!! Been buying non-stop everyweek from Selltrade and Bangsar. And gaWd...why am I working walking distance from KLCC??

Am trying to clear off some items now, but seemed not so laku eh when I posted up in Selltrade. Maybe the price I set is a lil' too high, but hello? Most are brand NEW items eh!!


And I miss you, so much. Distance kills.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New ID Launching @ JWM

Its like just a week ok? I did not dragged for too long *opps*

Just a good news for all, Acer just launched the all new look for it's notebook. The dazzling "GemStone" and also the sophisticated "ProFile". Gonna be available in the market by end of the month.

So last week, Tuesday 15th, there was this launching dinner in JW Marriott Hotel and I was there again to help out with the registration and also, to hold the 'lucky bowl' on stage for the lucky draw. I'm always the one being assigned to hold the 'lucky bowl' but where is my "LUCK" ?? *looks around*

Candided while I was busy preparing the registration listing. Most guests that came were resellers, staff from Acer's branches and press.

We prepared "GemStone" bracelet as doorgift for every guests. I personally think it's a lil' funny but somehow it's actually connected to our theme of the night.

Hehe.. still can pose a lil' before entertaining the next guest. Efficient eh?

With few of my collegues. The three ladies sitting beside me are material planner and the one standing is my supervisor. Kla, till now me still the youngest (also the cutest) in my company. ARGH~!! Why aren't they employ fresh graduates hur??

Pretty emcee of the night, Josephine Goh. I heard she was 2nd runner up for Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006. She also hosts a few talk shows and acts in local drama series. Anyone know her? I think she's absolutely gorgeous..

Models parade with designer's dresses by Daniel Chong (winner of MIFA 2006). Two gentlemen on stage are General Manager, Ricky (left) and Notebook Product Manager, Low (right).

Meanwhile, Head of Business Desktop and Server, Chan was proudly introducing the latest Aspire L320 in a space-saving form factor that's up to 1o times smaller than a traditional PC tower!

And we have this local artiste which I dunno what's her name.. any idea? No worries, no pondan this time. And oh, no pole dancer as well. I actually preferred those pondan and pole dancer, at least the crowd is not so d-e-a-d.

This gentleman was one of the Malaysian contestant for the 'Chan Hou Yat Teng' show. I dunno what is it called in English, but it's a HK show. He performed martial arts that night, but no rock breaking..*aye*

And lastly, as mentioned earlier, I was assigned to hold da 'lucky bowl' on stage. The grand winner of the night brought back the new ID notebook. Lucky her~!!! And I did not get any luckier since that day thou.. *sad*


In an unrelated incident (walao!), I bought another dress online again! I tell you, it's SO-DAMN-LOVELY-OK???

Tell me it is :D

Monday, May 21, 2007


Ever wonder how does it feel like being a shadow?

Sorry. I swear.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Anyone knows where PAWS (Peoples Animal Welfare Society) located in KL?

Anybody wanna go together-gether?? *puppy-eyed*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

some kinda habit..

What would you do when you're down, bored and lost? Would you go out looking for friends? Get a hobby? Read some self-motivation books? Dance? Gardening? Sports? Smoke? Sleep? Cry? Shit?

For me, I..... SPLURGE.

New accessories I got from Diva and Bangsar... I'm into charms lately =) Okla, got all these during sales k? Damn great bargain...

I'm a sucker for colourful tops! And am actually getting those 2 (left) to match them with my new charm necklaces! The other 2 (right) are great for layering!!

And stripes! I got unusual addiction to stripes lately, but not horizontal ok cos I look fat in those! These 2 are different though they looked almost the same! The one on the left is a long tube top my mum picked for me when I brought her to Bangsar the other day. She got great taste, hur? =) The one on the right is a short dress with adjustable stripe which I purchased it online.

I'm also addicted to pinafore dresses lately. I could wear them alone, or pair with legging, and it's great for layering too. I specially like the electric blue dress on the right cos it's really figure flattering...and LOVE the colour god dammit!!

This is so in season k? (or am I out of season??) Stripe short with lace details at the bottom. Simple yet girly. And ankle length legging *smiles*

And shoes. The beige heels I bought purposely for my company's new product launching dinner 2 days ago. Don't think I'm gonna wear it again.. =(

My bank account is crying..~!! Someone please STOP me..~!!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Have you ever experienced the feeling of being so lonely in your own world?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of not knowing yourself anymore?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of rejection?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a stranger to your loved ones?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of suffocating in your own life?

When things doesn't turn out the way it should be;
When things suddenly became fake when you looked back the past;
When things turned from its best, to worst;
When things are beyond your control;
and when you yourself not knowing where and who's yourself.

Am learning to look for myself in the darkness;
without the guiding light to show me the path..