Thursday, May 17, 2007

some kinda habit..

What would you do when you're down, bored and lost? Would you go out looking for friends? Get a hobby? Read some self-motivation books? Dance? Gardening? Sports? Smoke? Sleep? Cry? Shit?

For me, I..... SPLURGE.

New accessories I got from Diva and Bangsar... I'm into charms lately =) Okla, got all these during sales k? Damn great bargain...

I'm a sucker for colourful tops! And am actually getting those 2 (left) to match them with my new charm necklaces! The other 2 (right) are great for layering!!

And stripes! I got unusual addiction to stripes lately, but not horizontal ok cos I look fat in those! These 2 are different though they looked almost the same! The one on the left is a long tube top my mum picked for me when I brought her to Bangsar the other day. She got great taste, hur? =) The one on the right is a short dress with adjustable stripe which I purchased it online.

I'm also addicted to pinafore dresses lately. I could wear them alone, or pair with legging, and it's great for layering too. I specially like the electric blue dress on the right cos it's really figure flattering...and LOVE the colour god dammit!!

This is so in season k? (or am I out of season??) Stripe short with lace details at the bottom. Simple yet girly. And ankle length legging *smiles*

And shoes. The beige heels I bought purposely for my company's new product launching dinner 2 days ago. Don't think I'm gonna wear it again.. =(

My bank account is crying..~!! Someone please STOP me..~!!


chouji said...

"pinafore dresses"

don't you think girls look... erm... pregnant in those? :p

c r y s t said...

its cute can...~!!! *slaps*

i'm aiming for those suspender skirts..hehe :B

chouji said...

hahah ok ok cute cute... and what are suspender skirts? i am totally lost with your wardrobe ahaha i only know t-shirt and pants :p

c r y s t said...
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c r y s t said...

lol...u r so cute! its those like what charlie chaplin likes to wear..those pants with 2 stripes up..uHm...i dunno how 2 describe... check out my FUTURE post la..hehe