Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baboobeep first offline sale!

I never imagine I'll end up having a stall for my Baboobeep. Was rushing like mad as it was a last minute decision and very last minute confirmation as well. To look for a suitable rack, to making the price tag and signboard. I didn't know there's so much work to do!!

Running late on that day itself. We're suppose to be there by 1030am but we reached around 1045am, and most of the stalls were almost done with their set-up. So I rushed in with BIG bags and asked around for the organizer. Initially I had my stall next to my sister's (yes, she had a stall there too!) but since I had a rack with me, I gotta shift in. According to the organizers, the BSC management doesn't allow any clothing rack to face the road.

Oh btw, no one feedback to me on the carpark incident yet. BSC management SUCKS big time!

It was really hot and humid when it started, I was dripping wet in my sweat. The crowd came in very slowly. Thinking back, it wasn't a right decision to set up a stall there as there wasn't much customers patronizing BSC anyway! Don't get me start talking about the management again. BOO! :( The bazaar supposed to start at 11am and it was kinda quiet till around noon time.

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

Before I could even sell off a top, I spent money on my brunch in Coffee Bean -___- die la like that..

With the organizers from Chics Closet. Very friendly duo I'd say ;) Nice meeting you!! *waves hand*

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

And this is my sister's stall. She brought back some stuff from India during her holiday few months back and wanted to join me for some fun as well! HAHA And that's her best friend, Kimmy.

(Picture stolen from Chics Closet)

I set up a stall together with my sis-in-law. I had my half share of goodies from Baboobeep while she had her share of another half, selling decorations and accessories made of clay. All handmade herself, till wee hour in the morning to rush for this day. HAHAHAHA!!! :P

Are you tempted already?!! :D

Doughnut rings! The doughnut necklaces were all sold off before I could take a picture of it. I might be posting up some in Baboobeep for sale soon.

RM5 for unlimited play. So they had whole dan of fun while we the adults work our asses off.

Sisters by chance. Friends by choice! :) Many said we look alike..

My neighbour Hwee Inn from AQMore.

And guess what. When the crowd started to come in around 1pm, IT RAINED!

WTF WTF WTF T_________T

Yes, it was raining cats and dogs my goodness sake and it was quite windy that we gotta pack our stuff and move in. I gotta say that there wasn't much preparation made for sudden act of God like this.

Most of out stuff got wet. Some traders decided to wrap up early. A trader told me it's better for her to make little lost than wasting money on paying for carpark..

Grumpy me cos Rain = No business. :(

And guess what, when I was in the lowest mood, I got a surprise!!!!

Oh-the-beep! Oh-the-beep!!!!! He did not inform me that he's coming to support me *touched* Aww.. he made my day ;)

With my sister's family who're all there as well to support her. My eldest sister dropped by earlier and she was like "What? Having family day here arr?" Haha indeed we were enjoying ourselves there.. :P

Zent G loves my fedora..

He really loves it...

My stall after we moved in to a shaded place. It was still raining..

Having fun at her stall again - cos there's no customer at all T__T

Handmade puppet snake from India + nerd on the left.

Kimmy, whom I cal Ah Guat cece ;) 'Cause I've known her since I was still a little girl. She told me that day, "Mei mei, you're no longer mei mei.. -__-" Yala, I've grown wtf.

Still raining T___T Nevertheless, the leftover traders braved ourselves through the rain and as expected, business wasn't that promising. The whole of WIP Cafe was crowded with traders instead of customers. hohoho..

Being Cryst.

Wrapped off at 6pm and rushed home for dinner and ready for Olympic closing ceremony. Though the crowd that day were really unexpected, we're all having fun. My mum called a few times and most of the time I answered her with, "I'm having tea time in Coffee Bean!" "Digging for treasures in other stalls now!" "Playing with my nephews laa.."

Family day, innit? :\

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bangsar Shopping Centre - My Foot.

Update 20/8

It's CONFIRMED! I'll be in Chics Closet's flea in BSC this Sunday! Will be bringing over stuff from Baboobeep and some others as well. But, only brand new never worn items as the management does not allowed preloved items. And the best part, I'm giving RM5 off for each items purchased on that day itself! So, items selling at RM15 online gonna be RM10 after reduction! Steal, isn't it? ;)

And what's more, my sis-in-law will be selling decorations and accessories made of clay.. All handmade by herself. Fancy donuts hanging around your neck? What about fruits? Or personalize your own and we will see how we can work it out ;)

You won't wanna miss this. Cya there! :)

/end of update

I might be in Chics Closet's flea in BSC this coming sunday - as a trader! Whee!! :D

And no, I'm not selling clothes, but helping out my sis-in-law who'll be setting up a stall selling clay products. Home deco, accessories.. tad real and ooooooo some! Don't believe? Dare you to check it out yourself. ;) Well, haven't get any confirmation mail from the organizer yet so it's not like 100% confirmed. I'm actually asking if I could share the stall to sell my pre-loved babies..

I was there at the flea again last Sunday omg I'm such a flear! (if such word exist) Unpleasant things happened at the carpark damn drama one ok! :(

If you ever park your car at the basement of BSC, make sure you are driving Merc or BMW or Porche or Ferrari damn coz I swear the security guards have shits in their eyes!

I was there with the bf driving my little Atoz (small but cute!). If you ever been to BSC basement carpark, I'm sure you know most of the roads are blocked. uhm, you call it roads?? Whatever. So spotting a car about to leave, the bf made a turning into a no entrance road and immediately the security guard came walking to us and shouted blady rudely. I was stunned seriously. It was as if we did such a huge mistake and furthermore we're customers ok!


Blady asshole. This. is. the. very. first. fucking. time. I. drove. my. car. to. BSC. ok! Cross my finger swear to God. I was damn pissed off and told him straight off, "Excuse me, it's the first time.." "NO! I SAW YOUR CAR BEFORE! I CAN BAN YOUR CAR YOU KNOW!" "Eh! Helo?!" By that time I guess the bf sensed the anger in me and pulled me in without saying anything. Funny thing, he wasn't offended.

I dunno. Perhaps I'm handling customer's complaint everyday so I'm quite sensitive when people gets rude with me. My heart was pumping hard that time, damn pissed off already ok! Started complaining to the bf non-stop. Argh.

Before leaving BSC the bf brought me over to the security room and looked for that guy. HAHA I guess he also pissed off since I was like complaining non-stop. The other security guy paged that idiot in and once he entered the room he was like, "SO WHAT NOW?!"

The bf: Hey! I don't like the way you talked to me just now!
The bf: I'm going to make a complaint about you!
That idiot: My pleasure please do.
Me: Eh helo! What is your position here!
That idiot: Safety and security officer.
Me: Great. Just an officer.

Look at what kind of service BANGSAR SHOPPING CENTRE staff is providing. It's such a shame. I tried to lodge a complaint online but there's no email address provided in their website, except for an enquiry form. I sent in an enquiry asking for the correct channel for complaint and yet to receive any feedback from them. Bad service. Really bad.

And they BAN customers. Cool.

By the way, his name is John. Safety and security OFFICER. An Indian guy aged about 40 plus.


Ah ya, I removed the chatbox. Am working on new layout ;)

P/S: Remember the pink crocheted babydoll I bought 2 weeks back? Am selling it. Hit me if you're interested at

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My car today.


Blady hell.

I woke up early morning to get ready to work. Rushed out my house, nicely in my office attire and nodded to kakak who stood there at the house compound hanging clothes. Got into my car, tried to start the engine.

No respond.

Tried again and again. No respond.

I walked back into the house, straight up to my room and changed back into my pyjamas -__- Kakak stared at me strangely. She must be thinking la, what the hell is this girl doing HAHAHA!! :P

I walked into my brother's room and whispered at him, "My car died.."

ARGH!!!! Wth!! I just sent my car for servicing 2 weeks back and spent 1k plus and now it's giving problem again!! Is it a sign that I should change my car already harr??

Another RM180 gone to replace the battery. Total RM 1530 spent, which I could use it smartly for shopping otherwise. At least shopping can buy me happiness but now it seemed like gone into drain. :(

Monday, August 11, 2008

JOSIE and the pussycat

My weekend was damn satisfying :D And uHm, I overspent. Can't help it cos can't expect me to survive with RM59 for my Sunday right!

I had a date with my long lost love on Sunday. ;) A girly date so I'm being all girly, with my new navy chiffon dress I bought the day before (omg I damn love it!). And my ah-ma bag from Singapore! I'll really treasure this bag a lot, HAHA damn long the story but again wanna thanks all parties involved who took the trouble to get me the bag LOL!! *huggies* It's gorgeous innit? Where got ah-ma harr?

And vintage hair clip I got from CAP.zoo-ED. RM1 only la la la~

Darling Josie fetched me from my place right after her church meeting and we went to Family Day Flea Market in BSC. Very little stalls but still I managed to grab some pretty stuffs ;) There was a stall selling pre-loved designer bags like LV, Gucci, Burberry and when darling Josie first saw it she was like running towards me shouting"OMG!! GOT ONE AUNTY REALLY GO BUY WEIIII!!!" hahaa! :D

And she can't accept the concept of buying and selling pre-loved and she was like, "WHY BUY STUFF PEOPLE THROW AWAYYY!!!" -___-"

I told her I'm also selling by stuff online and she was like "HARR?? GOT PEOPLE BUY MEHHH???"

haih.. so speechless towards her already..

And check out what I found!

Fedora I'm dying to get for so long but everywhere is selling like damn expensive. This one I can bargain the price somemore.. Waahahaha!!! But both darling Josie and the bf asked me the same question.. "Eh.. where you wanna wear this to???"

Kill me laaaa.. T__T

My long lost high school love. She's my partner in crime during schooling time. A girl whom I can rely on, whom I share dark secrets with, whom I ponteng tuition and Saturday morning Rangers meeting with and oh, seriously it's really unexpected that we've not been meeting each other since a year ago.. ;(

I miss those time when we were separated during college but we kept emailing each other everyday without fail. Updating our life, new friends we've made, sharing every little ups and downs..

Time flies, really.

Anyway, we were supposed to catch up for a movie but the queue was damn blady shitty long and we ended up doing some shopping and gossiping ;) Just like how we used to be ;)

In Uncle Lim's.

Big ass mirror! Me like! :D

I spotted this new make-up store in Sunday Pyramid new wing called Etude House (from Korea). The pinkiness of the interior attracted me in..

Damn cun right! I love the dressing table, so sweet and girly! ;) That salesgirl was like "Oh, tangkap-la, sini memang cantik!" LOL

Love the wallpaper, baby pink cabinet, but eh??

So Xiaxue.. :\

The cashier counter.

I want a mirror like this also!! ;) And a BIG make-up box to dump all my stuff in..

But, am I being too old for this? Ok-lah, room for my daughter perhaps.. :P In the future.

Few things I bought. All reasonably priced. Sparkly baby pink nail polish, silver eyeglow pencil (love this!), sparkly light pink eyeshadow. And a free comb wtf. But it's so Anna Sui ;)

And 3 items from the BSC Flea!

Fedora, grey cardi with removable sash, and...

My FAVOURITE purchase of the day!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Pink and white striped babydoll with delicate crotchet and laces. Perfect with underlining somemore ;)

Ah, I love bazaaaaaaaaaarrrssss!!! But I'm so broke already :(

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A digging day.

I'm so exhausted, proven I'm old already-lah.. Can't shop the whole day like last time :(

I went CAP.zoo-ED. Managed to get my collegue to explain to me the direction to get there. It's really easy to find though. I myself was shocked when I reached there, didn't expect can reach so fast hohoho :P Lesser stalls than I've expected. Mostly online boutiques selling stuff I've seen in their blogs over and over again. Not much of a bargain. A few stalls selling second hand stuff like dirt cheap RM5 - RM15 but I'm just too lazy to dig dig and dig. It was damn stuffy and I sweat like mad, so ain't really in the digging mood :\

No pictures cos I went myself, wtf why am I such a loner T_____T I expect to be there for like 2-3 hours at least, but nothing much to dig so I left shortly.

Next to Showpink!

Again, I was expecting a crowd in Showpink like previously but *sigh* only got 5-6 stalls. Damn turned off already. But all vintage treasures and I can even try on the clothes! No digging this time cos they hang up all the clothes nicely :D

I love vintage dresses omg but tried on and all looked weird on me ;( Fell in love with a black vintage 'Ferragamo' (genuine arr?) bag with golden chain but wth cost RM100. Better go rob lah! The leather peeled off already somemore ;( BOO! And I spotted a vintage pink framed sunnies RM30 still can bargain but it looked odd on me :( Or maybe I looked odd on everything :( Bought just 2 items and left..

In Mooie next. My favourite boutique in Bangsar! ;)

I damn love this dress.. Perfect cutting, love the soft denim bottom and nautical stripes. But I don't fancy toga top much so, pass. For the price of RM59, actually it's quite worth it ;(

Feeling all summer and fresh ;) But damn transparent I don't wanna show my VPL.

And oh, spot my vintage brown bag hanging at the back. I bidded for this bag like crazy ok, onlined till late night afraid someone will outbid me the very last minute wtf. Tell me it's like so damn gorgeous! :D

In Moca, Mooie's sister boutique. My next favourite! Their stuff damn gorgeous but damn pricey also. Love this laidback carpenter kinda feel ;) But just don't think I'm gonna wear this often. And I gotta stick to my RM200 for the weekend budget la la la~

Back home looking at this photo, damn regret I did not buy T________T

I almost bought this but then realized the colour so similiar to secondary school pinafore -__- Nevertheless, the fabric is really comfy (chiffon) and fab cutting. This is the only jumper that doesn't make me like a nerd.

This is what I wore. Woke up late and lazy wanna dress up already so I went candylicious. When I walked out of my room my brother shouted to his son, "Look! Candy girl!" HAHA

Got this top back in my hometown last week. Love the chiffon tie back and candy coloured buttons ;) Taiping got gorgeous stuff sometimes..

My purchases! Oh well, I try not to post up much of these but then I really wanna share-lah! :P

I *heart**heart**heart* this skirt/ dress damn a lot a lot a lot!! Love the colours! ;) Soft flowy material with inner lining somemore. I planned to cut it shorter, can wear as skirt and also as a top.

Lacy embroidered white top from Ms Selfridge, at a bargain ;) Love the detailing..

Navy chiffon polkadot top/ dress with cute pockets. From boutique la coz last minute damn depressed already bought not much.

Scarfs I planned to use as headbands ;)

Colourful bangles at price I couldn't resist, vintage brooches and hairclip ;)

That pretty all sumarizes my Saturday.. looking forward to my next digging session tomorrow in BSC hehe :B

Total damage: RM141 (die la.. left 59 bucks for tomorrow meh?!! T___T)