Friday, September 28, 2007

I just wanna be pretty..

Yesterday was Parkson's Member Sales. 10x BonusLink points and 2x cash vouchers.


No worries, I only bought 5 items and the rest were free gifts. But still, die :(

Anyway, it's weekend again! Time passes so fast this week, maybe because my pie was here! Hehe..

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Just in case you miss me~ :P

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My boy :)

1st conversation with the boyfriend:

The bf: So are you going back hometown for Mid-Autumn festival?
Me: Nope, so are you coming to KL?
The bf: Most probably nope.. it falls on weekdays.
Me: Remember when we missed our first Mid-Autumn festival last time, you promised me before that you'll be there to celebrate with me every year?
The bf: Oh really?
Me: .......................

2nd conversation with the boyfriend (I'm looking for a place to shift out):

Me: I'm going to view the room tomorrow night.
The bf: Oh, what time?
Me: Most probably around 9-10pm.
The bf: Oh....k.. hRm, well, the moon isn't full tonight...blaaa...blaaa...
Me: ......... Why arent's you worry for my safety?
The bf: uHm... why don't you get someone to accompany you?
Me: Who's there to accompany me.
The bf: uHm... but so late, will it be dangerous?
Me: Why didn't you ask me this earlier?
The bf: ...................

An hour later, my phone rang.

The bf: I'm already in KL :)
Me: What? Why? How? o_O
The bf: To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival with you, and also to view the room with you..

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ramadhan Feast!

Last Friday I went for buka puasa buffet with ex-collegues from Nikko. Initial plan was to Shangri-La, then changed to KL Hilton and finally we ended up in Renaissance, with 50% off for the buffet!!

I'm not a heavy eater and not fond of any food in particular. One thing why I love buffet is that I could taste a lil' of everything here and there or, just dump aside if I don't feel like eating. A small plate of starter, a lil of roast lamb and beef and another 1 or 2 round of desserts and I'm so done with it. Call it a waste, that's why I only take EXPENSIVE foods whenever I go for buffet.

I call this Big Head Prawn <333

This is one item I'm dying for each time I go for buffet. Simple, it's cute and appears nice on photos! Haha.. the prawns are dying with grace!

21 pax turned up. I left Nikko in the late 2005, and wasn't too close to most of the new staff. However, camwhore session is a must! As usual, Mr. Hiyama the Director of Rooms joined us and he's always the first to get tipsy.

Miss Popularity, Ami Chan was extremely late as usual. And we ended up accompanying her at another small table as the long one was reserved only for 20 pax. Punctuality...*sigh* And she did not change her attire as promised! Still clad in her office attire till late night =(

Notice my hand running wild! We used to call ourselves "Best In Town FOAs".

I dunno why everyone cramped at this small table instead of the long one..

We got complimentary red wines! =D That's the benefit of becoming a hotelier! I actually asked Mun to pose sensually and she gave me this =( Fail!!

So, I showed her the correct way to be sensual.. HAHAHA!!

And she said me hiao -_________-. I gave her another.

And again she said I'm posing the same way all the time... =(

Nah. OK?

Tell you a secret, the one I'm holding isn't white white or whatsoever. It's sugar syrup for the ice lemon tea!! LOL!!

I almost forgot to introduce Vasu, the most good-looking Duty Manager in Nikko.

Also, the most hairy one.

He's definately proud of himself!

*click* for more pictures!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Each morning as I arrived in my office and walked past the reception, I saw pictures of the poor girl at the front page of almost every newspaper. It's been quite disturbing. Everyone in the office are talking about it. And everyone's wondering if she's Nurin?

DNA result proved that it matched Nurin's parents. But why did they denied? Perhaps it's hard for the parents to accept the fact that their missing daugther was murdered brutally. But for me, isn't it unfair for the poor girl?

She suffered a month without any solid food, being tortured and worst, brinjal and cucumber were inserted in her private parts. Holy shit. After all these torture and finally ended all her pains, she was unidentified. If, I mean if, she's really Nurin, don't you think her body deserved to be claimed and buried in a proper way by her beloved family?

How could the beast be so cruel to a helpless little girl? He's absolutely out of his mind. Where's the humanity? I heard one of the chinese newspaper mentioned that the case was similar to a case happened about 10 years ago, where a little girl was killed when the murderer inserted a long stick in her private part and pushed it right up to her heart. And the murderer still wonders about till today.

Also, I heard there were cases happened recently in Kampung Baru.That particular serial rapist/ murderer/ whatsoever kidnapped little girls and sexually abused them, and brinjals were found there as well *takes a deep breath*

What happened to the society today? I mean killing a person is total insane, moreover it's a little cute and innocent girl, and *takes another deep breath* what's with cucumber and brinjal?!!

*shudders and closes legs tightly*

Ladies, please take care of yourself and be extra careful ok. Guys too.


Edit: I just found a page dedicated to the memory of Nurin Jazlin. *click here* to read more.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I got funny nephews..

My parents were here in KL last weekend and as usual family gathering equals kiddified day! uHm, letmi count.. right now I have 4 nephews - 5 year-old, 4 year-old, 3 year-old and 1 year-old and a baby niece of 7 months old. And oh, another baby nephew on the way!! :P

*look up and down.. "where's mine?"*

So on Sunday we went window shopping in One Utama and we left the kids in Art Attack for an hour..hehee

I got funny nephews... -______-

Kent G and Jayearn are so close to each other and they got so excited each time they met! They enjoyed themselves so much throughout these 2 days; from gun to snooker, to basketball, to cooking, to art and more.. Random arguements but they forgive and forget :)

So my mum, my 2nd sis and I went shopping without any 'burden' as the kids were left in the art centre. And we left my pie and bro-in-law outside the boutique..HAHAHA!!!!

Wawawa... my sis's stomach getting bigger and bigger~!! And I tell you, Kent G is an absolute protective brother! The other day Jayearn jokingly said the baby in my sis's tummy is a kangaroo and Kent G was so so so mad and cried. OMGGGGGG....

And finally I found a long black leggings I've been searching everywhere for so long!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

So after an hour we went pick up the two monsters, and they were done with their arts.

Jayearn with a gigantic camera and Kent G with a mini rocket. Happy and satisfied..

Alamak, why both my nephews looked like cartoon characters... -_-"

Oh...How can I forget to post up my lil' princess's pic!! She's such a sweetheart!!! :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The mall was empty..

I figured out I shouldn't stay at home on Friday night so I picked up my mobile and dated Ami and Annie. Off for a gossiping session in Bangsar Village again!

I was wondering around before they arrived and spotted this comfy chillout place on the 3rd floor called Banquet. White rattan chair nicely organized, spacious and quiet, perfect for a girly gossip night :)

Mmmm..~ My double espresso ice and I couldn't get to sleep the whole night -_-"

Ami came right after work and she had new perm. I kept telling her that her head is much bigger than her body and she looked so unbalanced!! LOL!!

Anti-western food gurl. Ami with her local prawn mee.. ai~

Why my arm looked like a stick here T_T but in real life they're so flabby T_T

Ami's hand running wild.. We gotta leave as they're closing soon. Ami still in her formal office wear at this hour. Potong steam sial~

Neither wanna wait for Ami to get home, bath, change and come out again so we decided to part.. but oh, camwhore first!

Mission failed. Both were still busy yakking while I already set the timer and stood there like an idiot waiting for them. So in the end, only me alone.. all alone...

Finally ;) Told ya, Ami really potong steam with her blazer..

That's what gonna happen when the entire shopping centre was empty..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Annual Meetup.

When we joined Mr. & Miss KDU 2002 together..

Learnt how to walk like a cat, talent practises, went on strict diet and struggling for our finals...

Being in the same group and struggled through practicals in kitchen. We worked so hard as a team together with big bunch of foreign classmates...

We used to behaved like kids to release our final practical exam stress *phew* !!

And our special friendship bloomed since then. But you left shortly to further your studies overseas...

Time flies. It's been about 4 years since you left?

Meeting you yesterday was great! Updating our annually routines as usual, gossips and all. Most importantly, I know you're doing great and you still stay the way you used to be..

Just like how we described it, 365 days updates in 3 hours! Marvellous aren't we? ;-) And I know we both keep this friendship close to heart though we seldom meet..

But one thing I noticed yesterday night,

Why are we still posing the same way after so many years?

hehe.. Ugly photo is a must, no? :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Calling Bill Gates..

Day time online at office 9 hours straight;

Night time stay at home edit 87423547581238 photos.

I'm infected with PC-Addict Virus. Can't seem to find any antivirus software at the moment.

* pls ignore Kent G's stuffs behind me, and also ignore my dark undereye circles.. *

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tired feet? Look for Chiling!

So, as mentioned earlier, I sorta met up Lin Chi Ling in KLCC last week.

Oh, can you spot her? I don't!

Frankly speaking, when I stood at the Concourse area, I dunno what the hell is going on at first and all I saw was a whole big bunch of people, guys especially.. And I saw Osim booth with uncles and aunties. So I ignored and continued my window shopping but curiousity kills the cat.

The crowd was getting bigger and bigger and yet I couldn't figure out what's happening. Finally I decided to take a peep from the 3rd floor.

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!! camera not bad hor.. I zoomed from 3rd floor ok! But no, that's not her, just the MC.

After standing there like an idiot fans for few minutes, I gave up. The crowd was still getting bigger and bigger.

Before I met up with Nikkolites, I heard people shouting and as usual-lah as in her commercial for Osim uSqueeze - "Ni de tui suan le ma? Ni de tui lei le ma?" ARGH!!!!!! Nightmare!! Her saying the phrase LIVE! omg!! omg!! And I figured out the only way see her is by taking the escalator.

Best pic I got that night -_-"

Pic stolen from Cheesie. Why so much difference waaaaaannnn?!! :(

I've asked around and proved that only guys fancy this lady. But majority, I meant as in 95% of the girls hated her so much! I personally can't stand the way she talks. So fake can! Well, I can't deny she's pretty and hot but when she opens her mouth, it just spoils everything.

"Oii, auntie please behave your age-lah!!"

Yesterday I was discussing this topic with my collegues and one of them told me that her male friend once quoted this: "When I think of Chi Ling, it came before it's in.." OMG!!!!! This is too extreme la!!

uHm..Enough of her.

Letmi post another pic of me in fitting room with Chi Ling standing less than 200m from me!

Poser sial~

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Someone told me before my face looked like pizza.

Last Friday I had a gathering again with ex-Nikkolites! A not-so-complete gathering this time, but definately will have another one this coming Ramadhan. *note to self-Ramadhan buffet dinner at Shangri-La!

Outfit for that night.

You can't see clearly from the pic but I'm wearing a wooden heart-shaped necklace I've been searching for years! Absolute love ;-)

Oh, btw this pic was taken in TopShop while I was waiting for their arrival. Yala, usual camwhoring in fitting room to kill time. Coincidently, it was Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi Ling appearance in KLCC for her Osim uSqueeze and the crowd was insane! Will blog about it in my next post!

So, I met up with these few ladies in KLCC park first. Malaysian time-lah, everyone's late..

Wahhhh....Mun, your strawberry from Cameron Highlands arr? o_O

Initial plan was to Chinoz, but it was too crowded so we ended up in California Pizza.

The gurls.

What happened to the rest of Nikkolites? Again, Malaysian style-lah, they aeroplaned. Nurul (girl on far right) is doing part time modelling now, she's wayyyyy taller than me! OK, don't ask me how tall am I. But I thought the way she 'wrapped' herself that night looked like some kinda bandage. LOL~!! Sorry-lah nyokkkkkkkk...~

Hayashi-san and Raffi. Hayashi is new Japanese staff from Nikko chain in Japan and he was a total joker of the night! Oh well, too bad I did not have the chance to work with him..

There were 9 of us so we're separated into two groups. My group of 5 - Annie, Shah, Nurul and bf, including myself ordered these 2 pizzas. Don't ask me what's the name! I forgot. Nurul ordered a soup as well and it was horrible!!! Tasted like some kinda kuah you dip with roti canai so it was left there, untouched, ready to be served to another table again if they wished to.

And the other group - Mun, Connie, Hayashi and Raffi ate so much! They're like gluttons! They ordered 2 pizzas like us, then added 2 more pastas. We did not want to be left out, so we ordered another brownie!


And that led them to order another slice of Chocolate Cake later.. Kiasu-ness~

Opps..!! I indulged again..!! I shall go on diet soon~

Mun and Connie left earlier as their beloved darlings were already waiting to pick them up. How sweeetttt~ So left 7 of us, camwhoring at the balcony. Most diners already left as we yakk and yakkkk till late at night and even joked with the waiters. Oh, thinking back, we're extremely memalufyingkan that night.

Ya Allah..tell me I'm NOT the shortest.. T_______T

Monday, September 10, 2007

I want a RAT !!!

I'm back from Kuantan! And I miss my pie already...

The only pic taken. And it was taken on the way to the bus station before I back to KL! Sad case right? I was there for less than 24 hours! Felt like a Superwoman... oh I wonder why both our hands were up? Who's actually holding the camera? =P

And we finally watched Ratatouille! It was good, didn't expect it would last 2 hours thou coz I thought it gonna be short like any other cartoons. Joy, sorrow, excitement - I felt all that in a rat's movie!

Oh gosh!! And I felt like keeping a rat now!! Not any hamsters, guinea pigs, whatever - I wanna get those drain rats like in Ratatouille!! Tell me I'm not insane, I'm just in love with their pink nose. But in Malaysia I think those drain rats gonna be in dirty grey/ black and with injuries all over, and probably bigger than a cat! *shudders*

Friday, September 7, 2007

East Coast.

To Kuantan (again) this weekend !

Thursday, September 6, 2007

16 years of friendship.

Oh, I'm not that old right? :(

I knew Lihua since Primary 1. She was one of my closest buddy back then and on and off till today, we still do continue our special affair. Heh. This year we're close, the next year might not, next 2 years might lost contact and after that might stick like twins.

So last 2 days we finally met up, only both of us, after like probably... oh I lost count. I did not have any private date with her since decades ago I suppose.

And I just realized she's a total camwhore too, like me.

Or maybe worse. Haha! Oh well, definately looking forward for another boutique-hopping and camwhoring session with you again!!

Anyway, I had my lunch in Jogoya in Starhill just now. The food selections are totally beyond description!!!! Totally recommended but it's kinda pricey. Not quite sure the price but I heard it's about RM88++. Definately worth a try though =)

However, no pictures coz I went there with my boss *sad*