Thursday, September 6, 2007

16 years of friendship.

Oh, I'm not that old right? :(

I knew Lihua since Primary 1. She was one of my closest buddy back then and on and off till today, we still do continue our special affair. Heh. This year we're close, the next year might not, next 2 years might lost contact and after that might stick like twins.

So last 2 days we finally met up, only both of us, after like probably... oh I lost count. I did not have any private date with her since decades ago I suppose.

And I just realized she's a total camwhore too, like me.

Or maybe worse. Haha! Oh well, definately looking forward for another boutique-hopping and camwhoring session with you again!!

Anyway, I had my lunch in Jogoya in Starhill just now. The food selections are totally beyond description!!!! Totally recommended but it's kinda pricey. Not quite sure the price but I heard it's about RM88++. Definately worth a try though =)

However, no pictures coz I went there with my boss *sad*


jeepeng said...

it'd be great if my mum wash my cameras?why you so "chao-sim"?
hate u! say hi to lihua!

c r y s t said...

why say me 'chao-sim'?!! hate u too, so dowan send ur hi to her d.. =(

oh, btw, layyeong treat us jogoya ystr! =P~