Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why girls love gossiping?

The other day, I had very last minute meetups with a few of my ex-collegues.

We went Delicious by Ms. Read in Bangsar Village again coz I can't accept my bad experience from my previous visit with Sheau. I read so many good comments about the food over there but somehow, my last order sucks.

My "Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice-Cream", but again, I was dissapointed *sigh*

Check out Ami's wig! Haha, it's her REAL HAIR actually, but will scare off any living creature around. It's superbly long now but she's still aiming to break the World's Record for longest curly hair!

What's the obsession with pillows?!!

Though the food kinda suck but yet, I love the comfy seats and environment there. Will I be back again? Probably yes. I don't quite understand myself sometimes..

Four of us already left Nikko. Ami and Christine still stuck in hotel line but holding higher positions now whilst me and Annie are working happily in 9-6pm job. Haha!

Our path may change as life goes along, but the bond between us will always remain ever strong..

Looking for a purrrfect spot to camwhore. Oh, can you believe it? The security guard in Bangsar Village told us that we gotta get the Management's permission to snap pics there! wtf where got such rules wan?? We're not doing any major shooting k?

So we ended up in the ladies. Actually before this shot, I asked all of them to look at the small pot of flower at the side so I could snap all our side profile. But Christine and Annie still stoned after a few shots while me and Ami already posing like America Next Top Models, and that led to this funny shot..hehe..

And even posed at the carpark! This is to prove to the security guard that we still can make it without getting permission from management ok.

While we're busy camwhoring, Ami was stuck with the Autopay machine which kept rejecting all the notes she inserted. And we just ignored her... sorry la~

Look closely at the pic. Spot Jacob's. Gosh! This girl keeps a whole big tub of Jacob's biscuits in her car so she doesn't have to starve in case of traffic jam. Smart or...?

I have no comment..

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