Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Because I love shopping, and pie.

Why am I so free at work today? It's 10am now, 1 hour past since I started work 9am this morning and I've cleared almost 90% of my task. Hehe.. am counting down to my huge indulgent this week: Bangsar tonight, Jogoya on Thursday and Chinoz on Friday!

As usual, my darling pie was here last weekend and on Friday, we went peek-a-booing at my eldest sis's place.

And I was being bullied by my nephews as usual. Big bro Xuenmin sat on me and baby Xuenyi ignored me, like how he always did.

And he's obsessed with my oversized sunnies omg. Before I left, he even reminded me to get one for him..omg omg~!!


When Xuenmin was younger, he was those of a kind who don't get close to people easily but somehow, he was close to Ivan. I remember how he used to sleep on Ivan's lap and how he buzzed around Ivan, but whenever I went near, he would just ignored me. Hey, I'm your E.E. ok!

Still like that -_- And hey, Mr. Tan what are you doing with my sunnies?!!

The child in me - will always remain there one..

Finally, a picture of me and my another half and look at my innocent kiddie face. Pass? =P

Public holiday = horrible traffic jam. We ended up in Bangsar (upon my request to dropby Cat Whisker's for a while) and I got myself two tops! Suddenly I realized my life revolves around fashion and pie, only -_-"

A long day on Saturday! We left home about noon time for brunch and the whole day was spent hanging out in shopping centres for my retail therapy, hanging out with mates, etc and we only got back home about 4am!!

Look! Me being insane while he's driving.

Him, being insane while he was driving!!! Oh, who's holding the steering?!!

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