Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm not your slave.

Damn you idiot who called and shouted blady rudely at me as if you mom never taught you manners. Damn you idiot do you at least have some respect and common sense? My deepest condolence if you're born this way, you have my sympathy, really.

You are customer, but customer isn't always right. So fuck off.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A best friend's wedding ;)

I've waited for this moment for so long. Each time when we're out, I kept rushing her to get married, coz none of my close friends got married, yet.

But yet, so many people got married in these 2 years. Browsing through my Friendster and FB, many friends start posting up wedding pics, and baby pics! Gawd, and I realise I've reached that stage T___T Time flies, innit?

So finally, I received my very first friend's RED BOMB last month! ;)

She's so pretty ;) And her boobs so big that night.. HAHA!! *hide*

She had her wedding dinner in Sunway Convention Centre last Saturday. Ami is my ex-collegue from my first job in Nikko and of course, she's one of the best collegue to work with! All her constant swearing and cursing made my time at work passed by really fast! LOL

from left: cilipadi Cecilia, the bf, myself, Ami, Connie and the bf Bendy, Christine

All ex-collegues from Nikko, except Bendy. And yes, I knew the bf from Nikko as well *shy*

I got this dress few days before the dinner! I bought a black dress few weeks back but as days passed, as usual my love fades ;( And I figured out most guests will dressed up in black and I proved myself right.

Damn happy when I saw this dress! Perfect shade of green and love the flowy hem ;)

While in the car to Sunway with the bf, I realise something and told the bf, "Shit, I looked like Carlberg girl -____-"

After a while, I looked at the mirror again and told the bf, "Isn't this corporate colour of Acer! -____-"

But nevertheless, I love this piece so much ;) ;) Can wear for next company's events somemore HAHA! The saying goes 'Hit 2 birds with a stone'!

The ballroom with projector displaying Ami's wedding photos.

Again, the boy and I ;)

The bride and the bridegroom. Back home only I realise this is the only pic taken of the bridegroom.

Only 6 of us attended as few of them who're still stuck in hotel line need to work afternoon shift. Notice I used the work 'stuck'. Opps! :P

Showing the event that took place in the morning.

How come my glass so dirty.. T__T

Christine who flew from Singapore to attend Ami's BIG day.

Four of us with a spirit beside Cecilia o_O

Spirit no more.

The bf who turned all red after a sip of alcohol *sigh*

Very few pics taken probably just few of us attended. Ami messaged me the very next day, "Instead of uncle aunty now I gotta call pa and ma" HAHA! But I believe this is the life she wanted all these while ;) You have all my blessings..

I wonder who'll be the next ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Last Sunday I received an invitation (!!) to attend Kent G's graduation.


Yeah, he's graduating from his kindergarten of 3 years -______-

Damn, I tell you kids these days are damn lucky! Their graduation was held in a ballroom in Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club!

Early morning, the bf and I were deciding if to go casual on shorts and thank God we didn't. Upon reaching I was in awe. Kindergarten's graduation in a BALLROOM!? shit.

My college graduation was held in the hall itself wtf.

The event started with Kent G giving speech in BM (like, whOa!!), followed by the 2 little girls in English and Mandarin respectively.

I always feel like sheding my tears when I'm in these kinda events. When I see pianist playing the piano gracefully in shopping malls, or when I watch Olympics, I always gotta hold on my tears.

Haih.. I know la I'm such an emotional person.. don't call me crybaby. shut up.

Ok, back to Kent G, I think he did pretty well, beyond my expectation. Even I myself, I don't think I can memorize such a long script -___-"

The graduates of Taska Children's World. :\

It's funny though seeing so many little tiny ones receiving scrolls on the stage. HAHA!

The couple in training to become better parents *shy*

The theme was "Insecthopia" so do expect to see all little ones dressed up like insects! :P

Performance by youngest ones in school. Three, tiga, sam, shan, drei .. years old toddlers dresssed up as bees! :D So cute I wanna die..

Noodle eating performance by 5-year old Jayearn :\

This is the funniest among all.. another batch of 3-year old dressed up as crickets and all they did on stage was moving their shoulders up and down for the whole 3 minutes!! HAHAHAHAH!!

And I think they looked more like WATERMELON!!! :P

Butterfly, obviously, by the 5-year old.. and it reminds me of wayang kulit.

4-year old dressed up as ants! And their costume looked like what my sister wore on that day!!! HAHAHA My bro-in-law said she's the queen and she should sit in the middle of the stage! LOL!!

This was centipede I think..

Mama in action.

Kent G's turn, dressing up as dragonfly! ;) And their costume looked like those ballerinas HAHAHHAA!!! Psst! The girl beside him, pretty innit? *winkz*

And this is obviously, spiderman. uHm, I mean.. spiders..

And everything ended with choir by those insects! eWW! I hate insects! But they're cute hihi! :P

Many told me they seldom see pic of my eldest sister in my blog.


This is my 1st sister who looks exactly like my dad and that's her eldest son, Xuenmin who looks exactly like her. Which means Xuenmin looks exacty like my dad too and that makes all 3 of them looking alike! o_O

And I look like no one :\

The audiences and the pie.

This is Xuenmin who loves disturbing his brother Xuenyi. HAHA Xuenyi has bigger head than his elder brother!!! Does that means he has bigger brain arr?? :P

Finally, the star of the day and I. Damn, he looked like a punk kid with his gel-up hair and glitters all over!! LOL!!

My 1st batch of nephews..

'Cause they're really divided into 2 batch. These 3 nephews were born around the same time. And the 2nd batch comes together around the same time too! :P

Happy family la la la~ :P

Aye, browsing through these pics made me miss my childhood a lot.. T_______T But of course, I never experienced such a grand graduation ceremony-lah!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Layout!!!

... because I'm obsessed of myself, and Dada (the bear)!

wheeeeee...!!!!! :D

p/s: More links added too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kangaroo leap, leap, leap!

Look who else was back last week!! :D

.. and now he's back to Sydney already :(

Had a scrumptiuos dinner with him in Pavilion last Monday. Only one photo taken 'cause we were busy exchanging stories whole night. Yakking through everything that happened for the past 1 year. Yes, it's been almost a year since we last met.

Pic taken back in year 2003. That was during our 3rd semester where we had drama presentation. OMG He lost so much weight!

Kean Leim's one of my closest buddy back in college time. In fact we spent quite a lot of time together during the last year of college. I'm surely gonna miss those moment..

Kean Leim, if you're reading this, all the best is your PR application and come back often k? ;)

I believe this chef-to-be is gonna make it BIG in the land down under.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I did last Raya

I'm back blogging again!!

Back in the cyberworld means I'm damn free already. HAHA Been meeting up some old collegemates lately who're back in KL awww my life is so meaningful! :D And furthermore I had my long 5 days break last weekend during Raya so I'm like totally rejuvenated already! :P I was in Kuantan again btw, but...


Yeah, it's the parents meet the parents time again since they last met back in my hometown last CNY. We stayed over for 3 days 2 night and everyday was filled with activities.. ;)

Yumcha in infamous Kemaman Kopitiam right after we arrived in Kuantan.

I forgot what this drink is called but I love the layers of coffee, milk and foam, topped with cocoa powder and a piece of Oreo biscuit! :D

Despite the heat and the crowd, my parents love the traditional Malay kuih over there thank god they weren't complaining! :P As for me, I always love open air dining place or just cafe by the roadside and my brother once said I'm trying to act gweilo! :( where got..

I love this pic! We were posing for timer shot and suddenly my baby nephew Zent G shouted and ended up with this happy shot! :D We were in the dragon fruit orchard btw and Kent G was amazed with that buncha crazy chickens roaming and cuckoo-ing around HAHA! City kids nowadays.. ;)

Btw, that's my bro-in-law in green top carrying my baby nephew Zent G, my 2nd sister in denim jumpsuit, my mum in green top holding my nephew Kent G and the bf's mum next to her! ;)

The bf and Zent G. All the kids love him I don't know why it's like he got that kinda fate with kids! Is this a good sign arr? :P

Off to Kemaman the next day!

And that's me camwhoring in the car with the maid staring at the back wtf. I have a few more shots with her staring as well. She's new here btw and I can tell she's pretty shock HAHA!

I looked so fair here.. and I always looked very fair when I'm next to the bf 'cause he's dark!! Bwahahahaha!!!!! :P Sorry beep.. Dark is very manly ok! Think Louis Koo hehe..

We went Pasir Hitam beach (or is it Batu Hitam??) where the sands and rocks are really black in colour! The place is kinda isolated actually.. so very little homosapiens.. :\

Love this pic! We looked so happyyyy!!!! :D And we looked so alike!!! o_O

That head scarf is actually sash from a top I got from Mustardqueen :P And thrifted top from Showpink! It's not really clear in the pic but I damn love the detaling and material of that top! :D

The bf far behind collecting seashells for Kent G.

Being Cryst. Can see a lil detaling on my top in this pic.. *sigh*

Cryst with big nostril T_____T

Had ABC in a stall nearby. Tasteless kns..

Almost the whole day was spent in car, driving from one place to another, take a peep and off to another place again till evening time and back to Kuantan again. *phew!*

The next day.

Shit. Anyone wanna sponsor me braces??? T___T Damn expensive now. I had removable one years back which I could just put it on at night and be all pretty again during day time. But as days passed I was getting lazier to put it on and later forgot all about it. And now all my unglam teeth are chucking out again.. T_______________T

Should I have braces on again?? But it's gonna be so uglyyyyyyy lah!! T__T *sigh*

Oh btw, if you're wondering where my genes came from..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I love my daddy!!! :D

Mata terbeliak. o_O

Garfield looking Zent G, mum and I.

In a temple. This was on the 3rd day before we left back to KL. And I was still posing like how I would when I was 4 years old.. -_________-

I wish I never grow up.

My life with Kent G.

Look closely and you'll see the maid staring at the back again.. Ew! Scary.. -_-"

We went to a tin mining museum lawatan sambil belajar wtf. I was posing alone for this timer shot and the bf suddenly ran to me. LOL So ignore my ugly-not-ready face..

Dream car! I'm so into vintage car and am considering to buy an old Volkswagen and change to new engine, and spray metallic gold! Whoa, damn cute! :P

Last of all, we had a groupie shot before leaving to KL ;)

from left: mum, pie's mum, pie's dad, dad, sis, kent g, bro-in-law, zent g, pie and i

I know what you're thinking. Letmi clarify this a bit.
This is just a random and casual trip. Don't think too much.