Friday, October 17, 2008


Last Sunday I received an invitation (!!) to attend Kent G's graduation.


Yeah, he's graduating from his kindergarten of 3 years -______-

Damn, I tell you kids these days are damn lucky! Their graduation was held in a ballroom in Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club!

Early morning, the bf and I were deciding if to go casual on shorts and thank God we didn't. Upon reaching I was in awe. Kindergarten's graduation in a BALLROOM!? shit.

My college graduation was held in the hall itself wtf.

The event started with Kent G giving speech in BM (like, whOa!!), followed by the 2 little girls in English and Mandarin respectively.

I always feel like sheding my tears when I'm in these kinda events. When I see pianist playing the piano gracefully in shopping malls, or when I watch Olympics, I always gotta hold on my tears.

Haih.. I know la I'm such an emotional person.. don't call me crybaby. shut up.

Ok, back to Kent G, I think he did pretty well, beyond my expectation. Even I myself, I don't think I can memorize such a long script -___-"

The graduates of Taska Children's World. :\

It's funny though seeing so many little tiny ones receiving scrolls on the stage. HAHA!

The couple in training to become better parents *shy*

The theme was "Insecthopia" so do expect to see all little ones dressed up like insects! :P

Performance by youngest ones in school. Three, tiga, sam, shan, drei .. years old toddlers dresssed up as bees! :D So cute I wanna die..

Noodle eating performance by 5-year old Jayearn :\

This is the funniest among all.. another batch of 3-year old dressed up as crickets and all they did on stage was moving their shoulders up and down for the whole 3 minutes!! HAHAHAHAH!!

And I think they looked more like WATERMELON!!! :P

Butterfly, obviously, by the 5-year old.. and it reminds me of wayang kulit.

4-year old dressed up as ants! And their costume looked like what my sister wore on that day!!! HAHAHA My bro-in-law said she's the queen and she should sit in the middle of the stage! LOL!!

This was centipede I think..

Mama in action.

Kent G's turn, dressing up as dragonfly! ;) And their costume looked like those ballerinas HAHAHHAA!!! Psst! The girl beside him, pretty innit? *winkz*

And this is obviously, spiderman. uHm, I mean.. spiders..

And everything ended with choir by those insects! eWW! I hate insects! But they're cute hihi! :P

Many told me they seldom see pic of my eldest sister in my blog.


This is my 1st sister who looks exactly like my dad and that's her eldest son, Xuenmin who looks exactly like her. Which means Xuenmin looks exacty like my dad too and that makes all 3 of them looking alike! o_O

And I look like no one :\

The audiences and the pie.

This is Xuenmin who loves disturbing his brother Xuenyi. HAHA Xuenyi has bigger head than his elder brother!!! Does that means he has bigger brain arr?? :P

Finally, the star of the day and I. Damn, he looked like a punk kid with his gel-up hair and glitters all over!! LOL!!

My 1st batch of nephews..

'Cause they're really divided into 2 batch. These 3 nephews were born around the same time. And the 2nd batch comes together around the same time too! :P

Happy family la la la~ :P

Aye, browsing through these pics made me miss my childhood a lot.. T_______T But of course, I never experienced such a grand graduation ceremony-lah!


Anggie's Journal said...

wah sai .... i thot who is kent-G .... kindy graduation days !!! At country club somemore !! Really lucky and so "hoh miah" true ?? Anyway... congratulation to Kent-G !!

shasha said...

omg kids nowadays! last time i don't even have graduation for my kindergarten!! -________- somemore held in a ballroom omg! so geng!

c r y s t said...

anggie's journal: HAHA Kent G is the King! ;) Your son also "hoh miah" eh!

shasha: Yala, but eh luckily I did have graduation last time, even though in a converted classroom hall -___-"