Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A best friend's wedding ;)

I've waited for this moment for so long. Each time when we're out, I kept rushing her to get married, coz none of my close friends got married, yet.

But yet, so many people got married in these 2 years. Browsing through my Friendster and FB, many friends start posting up wedding pics, and baby pics! Gawd, and I realise I've reached that stage T___T Time flies, innit?

So finally, I received my very first friend's RED BOMB last month! ;)

She's so pretty ;) And her boobs so big that night.. HAHA!! *hide*

She had her wedding dinner in Sunway Convention Centre last Saturday. Ami is my ex-collegue from my first job in Nikko and of course, she's one of the best collegue to work with! All her constant swearing and cursing made my time at work passed by really fast! LOL

from left: cilipadi Cecilia, the bf, myself, Ami, Connie and the bf Bendy, Christine

All ex-collegues from Nikko, except Bendy. And yes, I knew the bf from Nikko as well *shy*

I got this dress few days before the dinner! I bought a black dress few weeks back but as days passed, as usual my love fades ;( And I figured out most guests will dressed up in black and I proved myself right.

Damn happy when I saw this dress! Perfect shade of green and love the flowy hem ;)

While in the car to Sunway with the bf, I realise something and told the bf, "Shit, I looked like Carlberg girl -____-"

After a while, I looked at the mirror again and told the bf, "Isn't this corporate colour of Acer! -____-"

But nevertheless, I love this piece so much ;) ;) Can wear for next company's events somemore HAHA! The saying goes 'Hit 2 birds with a stone'!

The ballroom with projector displaying Ami's wedding photos.

Again, the boy and I ;)

The bride and the bridegroom. Back home only I realise this is the only pic taken of the bridegroom.

Only 6 of us attended as few of them who're still stuck in hotel line need to work afternoon shift. Notice I used the work 'stuck'. Opps! :P

Showing the event that took place in the morning.

How come my glass so dirty.. T__T

Christine who flew from Singapore to attend Ami's BIG day.

Four of us with a spirit beside Cecilia o_O

Spirit no more.

The bf who turned all red after a sip of alcohol *sigh*

Very few pics taken probably just few of us attended. Ami messaged me the very next day, "Instead of uncle aunty now I gotta call pa and ma" HAHA! But I believe this is the life she wanted all these while ;) You have all my blessings..

I wonder who'll be the next ;)


shin said...

dont wonder dy la. go first.. i'm waiting for ur red envelop...

SamsonKim said...

Dear Cryst, U look great that night =)

Hayley said...

i know who's next!!
you la...
hehe okok, just kidding. i know you'll sure ask me the same question again ;p

leksw said...

hai worr~~ really hilang already..

okok..but anyway you saw the message heh.. no need comment again already harh.. hehe

Anggie's Journal said...

The next will be YOU la ..... waiting for ur good news ...hihihi..

I think ur green shine shine dress more stand up than the bride lei...hihihi

c r y s t said...

shin: In yr blog u asked Ivan not to kidnap me that fast, here rushing me to go first, wtf!

samsonkim: aWww... Thx babe! *shy*


leksw: Magic dear ;P And yeah, everyone is getting married.. I'm also excited with your <3 life already! Hee..

anggie's journal: Why everyone point fingers at me one!!!

Eh, really arr? :P (Psst! I felt the same way too actually :P shhh..)

leksw said...

heh heh.. no need excited la.. it's like out of nowhere only.. like you say, takde kena mengena..lol

Esther said...

erm...mayb next will b :

"Cryst Lau & Ivan Pie "

Man, cant wait for this day....:) :) :)

Esther said...

Forgot to ask u...u lost weight again is it? Super thin la....

c r y s t said...

leksw: Takde kena-mengena still can kenakan what!! HAHA Can't wait! :P

esther: Why you name him Ivan Pie??? HAHAHAH!!!!!! So cute!! :D And oh, I gained some weight lately ler.. optical illusion only.. T___T

leksw said...

this esther horr.. simply one.. sekejap TaDa.. now Ivan Pie~~

c r y s t said...

haha really don't understand her -_-"

Esther said...

Sad ler... i sengaja put Ivan Pie cos it sounded cute ma....:( so sad.....

shin said...

Sudah kahwin oso nonit kidnap u to Kuantan ma.. ...
ei i dunno bout lek's <3 life.... silap silap she num 1 send out Red explosives.. haha

Esther said...

uuhhh.....lek's one ar...one the way d lor.... so sweet....:)

c r y s t said...

Me damn excited too! wheeee~!!!!! *jumps*jumps*jumps*