Thursday, February 28, 2008

A change is good, no?

Yeah I know I've neglected my blog for quite some time. I was so busy editing all photos I took during CNY and all, and I seriously almost got blind T_T There're almost 400 photos all together you tell me la how can I not get blind with almost 1000 pics every month?!!

I wanted to blog so much of my lovely CNY days with all my childhood friends I met, but ain't in the mood anymore la now after so long ;( And I just found out that I have not been developing photos since CNY last year omg T_________T Tell me how la now.. where got people send 124583448576 photos to be developed at one shot one?!!

Been onlining so much during work too, I guess I'm so so addicted into online boutiques these days I just can't stop buying *sigh* When can I start saving? But I think it's about time I change my workwear style, I'm really getting bored to those slacks and all.. :( But I'm so broke.. and yet I hangout at KLCC almost everyday during lunch time. I'm complaining too much and yet I'm not doing anything to stop myself from indulging..

I had been deciding if I should get a short bang. Each time I told my stylist to cut my fringe short, he kept telling me "Don't laa.. your face too round la, you gonna look like a ball!" wtf wtf... Each visit I kept asking him if I should cut it short for a change, but he always gave me the same answer :( wtf my face really that ROUND meh?!!

I'm so determined to cut it short this time I don't care what he's gonna tell me.. I tried PS my so-called ROUND face with a short bang and this is what I'm gonna look like I think..

Really that bad meh? T_____T Will you still love me if I really look like this after I cut it this short?!! :(

The bf said I looked like this..


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I miss her T_T

I miss her laughter, her chubby appearance and jovial personality.

I miss her signature dark rimmed glasses and her one of a kind hairdo.

I remember seeing her appearance on TV ever since I was a kid, especially during CNY. Her laughter made my day. Her motherly love, her determination, her happy-go-lucky personality inspired me all the time. And I always wondered how she maintained her signature look for ages. Pinkish flawless complexion, wrinkles-free.

I only learned about her illness like few months back. I was shocked. No wonder she wasn't hosting any TV shows for so long. When she made an appearance to receive TVB Special Achievement Award in 2007 (on Astro WLT during CNY this year), I really couldn't believe what I saw.

Shrunk, wrinkled, on wheelchair, and she looked really really haggard. She was slow in giving responses. That was the worst I could imagine.

When I searched the internet few days back, I was even shocked to see pictures of her looking like this..


Lydia Shum passed away peacefully yesterday morning (190208) at the age of 60 after she failed her battle with liver cancer. Her death has brought great lost to the entertainment industry. And I miss her so T___T

And this shocking news make me ponder, what life really means..

May your soul rest in peace..

Monday, February 18, 2008

When THE parents met THE parents

The bf came a day later and we celebrated post V-Day! :D

A simple dinner in Italiannes..

I've always wanted to go there after reading so many good feedbacks in blogs and magazines. But each time its either it's too crowded or ain't in the mood.

We've been apart for 3 weeks, it's a total torture :( But we ended up with arguements later that night wtf, and we patched up an hour later :D

Early morning the next day, we started our journey back to Taiping. It's been so long since the bf visited my parents back in the hometown. And I returned after 3 days in KL -_- I seriously don't mind spending my entire life in Taiping ya know? ;)

My brother recommended that we pay a visit to 'Hutan Paya Bakau Tertua di Malaysia'. OMG!!! It's so near yet so far!!! I didn't know it's just about 20 mins drive from my home and frankly speaking, I've never heard of it before. Yeah, I'm proud Taipingian..

The chinese name for the forest is hong shu lam (red forest) and I'm expecting to see red trees everywhere. But upon reaching, I asked the security guard, "Masuk tengok ape?".. and he said "Takde ape-ape lah, tengok pokok-pokok je.." -_- And yeah, there's no red trees as expected. I misinterpret it *sigh*

Pokok yang luar biasa.

It was definately an unusual trip back to Taiping this time because it was the day THE PARENTS met THE PARENTS! *gasp*

l-r: my parents, his parents, his aunt and uncle.

Yeah, how I felt? I'm glad that they actually clicked quite well, much better than I've expected so *phew*

We went all the way to Penang the next morning as the bf's parents have not been there for yearssss. As we've only half a day left for Penang trip before we back to KL that very night, the only place we managed to visit was Kek Lok Si Temple.

The same spot we stood 2 years back ;)

My handsome daddy and I ;)

I posed the same way 20 years back -_- Omg.. proved I'm still me after so long..

While I busy camwhored at this wishing tree, a gweilo walked towards me and asked "Do you need any help?" I was like, "uH..uHm... It's alright.. thanks.." T_T I'm such a shame k?

So nice right!! There're lanterns all over the temple, oil lamps, wishing trees and lotus candles everywhere. I could snap all ada feel shots if the weather allows, but the sun was killing us!!

My lovely parents. Co-incidently they were both wearing goldish yellow and had a gold umbrella. And that made them Duli Yg Maha Mulia Yg di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri :D

That summarized my short but meaningful weekend. And I still have 300+ photos that I have yet to edit..ARGH!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A surprise in office

Reached my office early morning today...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Thanks beep... Happy Valentine's Day..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to reality wtf

Finally I'm back to KL yesterday after almost 2 freaking long weeks of CNY break *emo*

I can't believe I'm back to work, having to wake up 615am every morning and stucked in the jam.

I miss my parents, my bed, my friends, Prima Cafe, Borneo Cafe, Lian Thong's toast, lake gardens, Tesco wtf and so much more T_T so sien weiiii...

And I have 300+ photos to be edited. omg I miss all the gatherings T_T

I miss having all my baby nephews and niece running around, shouting and fighting and all the havoc.

I miss mummy's home cooked best in town food.

I miss my comfy bed and new curtain my mum surprised me with.

I miss driving around town casually, minus all the jams.

I miss yumcha sessions I had in Prima and Borneo.

I miss what I'm missing right now T_T

And tomorrow's Valentines Day. Ain't celebrating it tomorrow with the bf as I just got back after long CNY break and he'll be coming over KL on Friday. My lonely Valentines T_T

May all of you have a fantastic V-day with your love ones. And I'll be celebrating it thru MSN ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Back in Rainie Town

Wah..!!! So syok.. ;)

But I hate it when all I have is dial-up connection *sigh* No updates..

Will try to update a bit tomorrow when I go online in cafe, because life is seriously meaningless without breathing the cyberworld.