Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to reality wtf

Finally I'm back to KL yesterday after almost 2 freaking long weeks of CNY break *emo*

I can't believe I'm back to work, having to wake up 615am every morning and stucked in the jam.

I miss my parents, my bed, my friends, Prima Cafe, Borneo Cafe, Lian Thong's toast, lake gardens, Tesco wtf and so much more T_T so sien weiiii...

And I have 300+ photos to be edited. omg I miss all the gatherings T_T

I miss having all my baby nephews and niece running around, shouting and fighting and all the havoc.

I miss mummy's home cooked best in town food.

I miss my comfy bed and new curtain my mum surprised me with.

I miss driving around town casually, minus all the jams.

I miss yumcha sessions I had in Prima and Borneo.

I miss what I'm missing right now T_T

And tomorrow's Valentines Day. Ain't celebrating it tomorrow with the bf as I just got back after long CNY break and he'll be coming over KL on Friday. My lonely Valentines T_T

May all of you have a fantastic V-day with your love ones. And I'll be celebrating it thru MSN ;)


leksw said...

ehh... your room still the same hurh.. one glass cupboard replacing the computer table (if not mistaken)..haha

i miss everyone everything every moment we spent back in taiping too... when will i see you again?? -___-

Esther said...

ur room looked very cozy and nice... u mux show me someday k? hehe....

c r y s t said...

leksw: yaya, i removed that table (coz i'm no longer a student wat!)

and anyway, it's not glass cupboard. i actually stick transparent wrapping paper to that wooden cupboard with dbl sided tape so that all the lil' monster unable to reach my toys!! haha smarto!

esther: when u wanna pay my hometown a visit laaa? *winks*

Esther said...

When i plan my Penang trip...then can also go over to ur far is from Penang to ur hometown?

c r y s t said...

esther: hey good idea! when's yr trip? penang is abt an hour plus from taiping, very near ;)

Esther said...

not sure thou...will let ya know k? :P

c r y s t said...

esther: sure sure, will be waiting anxiously ekeke :P