Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I kept reminding myself - I'm a girl.

My last weekend was seriously damn tiring ;(

I think I'm getting old.

Saturday to Bangsar with Ami. Yalah, I know Bangsar is like my second home now.. almost every 2 days I'll be in Bangsar already. Those who know me personally should understand I'm bad with direction, so Bangsar is like quite convenient for me-lah! Plus parking is easy, as in I won't get lost -____-

It was my first time to junkyard sale! Went to Bijou Bazaar in Jeumpa D'ramo - it's a boutique hotel in Jalan Maarof Bangsar. I read about the sale in Facebook and blogs and since I hardly be in KL during the weekend, so this was like a golden chance to me! Cannot miss one.. kept reminding myself.

When I saw this picture from website I was like "Wah!" But damn, it was quite dissapointing when I reached there. Yeah the mansion is BIG but there were just a few stalls ;(

Upon entering, Ami kept asking me if we're at the right place cause it was kinda quiet when we reached. A few Malay guys at the porch taking photos and yeah, nothing much. When we entered the garden, there was a swimming pool with quack! quack! ;) Loads of duckies!

I stopped by 2 stalls near the pool and their stuff were damn cheap o_O In less than 3 minutes I think, I managed to grab 2 dresses.

Ami: You serious?? Sure or not? Can fit? No need tryyyy?!!!!
Me: Cheappppppp maaaaa...

Found this photo in Bijou Bazaar website. So ugly!!! T____T

I think Ami can't accept this kinda junk concept yet, coz all the time she was like "Eiyer!!!" here and "Eeeeyerrrrr!!!!" there.. *knock head* Can find treasures from this kinda place one k!! Though I found none ;(

Not so me...

Ami looking pissed off! HAHA!!! We left shortly and off to Telawi street!

Ami tried on the bf shirt and me, trying to be vintage ended up looking like makcik jual keropok lekur ;(

Innocent girl with slutty zebra woman wtf.

The red top I'm wearing is actually star printed! So cute!!! ;D But guess I looked TOO CUTE in it, too cute for my age.

Don't you just love this tee??!!!! Hehe :P Got the sense of security or not?!!

We walked till late night and had Mc'D for both lunch and dinner - save money can shop more what! We're that calculative...

The very next day after recharging my battery for sleeping till 12sth.. I went straight to Sunway Pyramid and shopped again the whole day...

Ended up with 6 dresses, 2 tops, 3 necklaces, 1 sandals, 2 belts.. uHm, I think that's it. Some items not in picture coz I damn lazy wanna dig out.

And today my body is still aching. During college time, walking from 10am to 10pm wasn't a problem to me but look at me now :\

Proven I'm old already.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Childhood friends are friends for life!

Gathering last weekend with my childhood friends leads to another gathering last Thursday. We've decided on Bangsar, since I work in KL and most of them work in PJ, so Bangsar is like.. in between?!! LOL Fair and square-lah!

Again, we went to Marmalade - my favourite hangout. And that reminds me of another gathering with ex-collegues few weeks back in Marmalade that I've yet to blog about.

I love Marmalade's cakes! Usually I'll just stick to Oreo cheesecake but this banana and cheese combination catches my attention. uHm, not too bad the combination. In fact they were saying it's nice..

Nobody wanna snap for me and everyone was like attacking my cheesecake coz the waiter brought us 4 forks! In case you're wondering why I'm being so selfish don't wanna share with them, it's my dinner and they already ordered their own main course what!! Still wanna attack my tiny slice of cake T_T

Their dinner. :( So mean you see!

THAT electric blue sling bag!!! Don't tempt me laaaa... T_T

l-r: Laysuan, myself, Monica, Ivy, Lihua.

Went there right after work, so that's why we're so formal. Except for Lay Suan who's still studying and Lihua who wears really casually to work! Shocking pink jeans with electric blue sling bag wtf -___-

It was fun meeting up childhood friends once in a while. I love that kinda friendship where we don't have to be pretentious, we know each other so well and there will not be any misunderstanding between us, never. We bonded so well. 20 years of friendship is a far journey ok ;)

Like it or not, we realized we're all growing into a young lady. No more talking about teachers, exams, etc etc... it's all about works, which friends got married, which friends already became a mother wtf and omg we're damn shocked when we realized we're talking about in-laws! o_O And burst into laughter then after. LOL!

I set timer for this shot and there's a security guard standing there and said "Bagus!! Bagus!!" So kaypoh and we ignored him ;(

And omg!!! I just notice something missing from the picture! My feet!

We took another not-so-serious shot and then realized that guard was still staring from afar T_T

When we went to the washroom, I kept emphasizing that washroom has the best lighting!! But nobody layan me except for this wonderful camwhore queen, Lihua ;) I love you blady much!!

Looking forward for our Kuantan trip next month! ;) Don't FFK ok!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life's a game..

I was blog hopping and came across this site: An Angel Added to Heaven

I was deeply touched and truly felt their loss. My tears fell as I read through their blog in the office this morning. It might be a tragedy for some and yet some people still take it for granted. My heart broke into pieces as I scan through photos of little Ashley's body stuck with tubes, her body in casket and her ashes.

In one post, her parents wrote, "Ashley, if tears could build a stairway and memories build a lane, we'll walk right up to heaven to bring you back again. Mummy and daddy miss you so much baby..."

After losing their son a year before, the couple happily expecting their twins - a boy and a girl. But the baby boy's tiny head was dislodge and remained in the womb together with the placenta. Miraculously, the baby girl continued to grow steadily by weeks and was born prematurely on her 24th week. And she lived for a short 36 hours before joining her brothers in heaven. And poor daddy gotta get her birth cert and death cert processed at the same day..

Ironic, isn't it?

May her soul rest in peace; so as her brothers..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Addicted to IKEA

We're there for 2 weekends...

It's like my second home now cos I can't afford to buy a house yet wtf.. LOL

And tell me my dress is pretty!!! T3T

But.. I bought from an online boutique at RM55 and few days later another online boutique selling the same one at RM30 plus.. *slaps self*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're as sweet as candy!

I went to trim my hair yesterday morning and my stylist told me "Eh you come here quite often hor?" -_____- Having short hair really high maintanence, and worse still having short bangs. I trim my hair every month. $$$$ fly awayyy~

I headed right to UpTown in the afternoon and the traffic was terrible. Having to stuck in the jam on Saturday really making me insane!

Let me introduce you IGLOO's STP, which stands for si thau porrrr... ;)

Yeah, I went to IGLOO to meet up with old old schoolmates.. Check out the colourful necklaces and earrings! Makes me having the urge to go to the beach now.. And the STP's so colourful and she's so sweet makes me wanna lick her right away! Yum!! :P

Our friendship is old enough to be kept in the museum wtf. And after almost 20 years of friendship (am I that old?!! am I that old?!!) we still have the same infection - wherever we go, we rule the world! Our loud laughter is really memalufyingkan at times. Everyone stares at us wherever we go and even in IGLOO we yakked and laughed and shouted like hooligan and not sure if we had turned away some customers.. HAHA!

Happy colours ;)

Because we are happy people wearing happy colours, Monica who was wearing black was forced to layer a colourful top in order to join us in this photo! HAHA And she looked damn odd! Lay Suan tried on a tight babydoll top and kept complaining her boobs can't fit into it -_________- Yala I know la very BIG..

Deciding if I should buy this bag. I actually wanted to get the one in cobalt blue but Lay Suan kept nagging I won't use it. She really nags a lot!!!! There're so many colours - yellow, green, white, black, dark blue and cobalt blue. So I ended up getting the one in white. Am I being too safe? ;(

Happy colours again cos we're happy people!! :P Monica and Lihua are my two very close buddy during school time, uhm primary school time mind you! And we still maintain our craze ;)

uHm.. I think it's time to wipe your mirror-lah STP.. -___-

All of us went back with something and thank youuuuuu STP for giving me 30% discount!! Hehe :P I'm someone special as per STP *ahem*

I love all the colours!!! Yellow, green, blue... so retro ;) I was actually considering to buy all the colours, provided if I'm given special price of RM20 each LOL.. STP turned away my special request T___T

Went for a meal later on. It was tea time for Monica, lunch for Lihua and Lay Suan and brunch for me.. -_____-

It was so much fun seeing all those familiar faces again ;) Those people I grew up with, those people I spend quarter of my life with.. it's all being comfortable with their special company..

And notice the two puffer fish? It's a co-incidence.. -______- Told ya, we grew up together...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Dissapointed over MDG

I just finished watching Malaysian Dreamgirl latest episode and almost got the shock of my life when Jay almost got eliminated! OMG! If she really gets eliminate I guess no one else is qualified to win the title anymore. The show is just getting worse and worse now.


My favourite Fiqa had been eliminated T_T I love her face. She got very unique look, perhaps because of her mixed parentage? Love the way she posed as well and the way she speaks. I don't care she's making out the accent or not but it's all about speaking good English.

I got not much interest with this top 6 girls. And this show is really ridiculous by eliminating based on SMS votes?!! Means richer girl higher percentage of winning lah!


And hey what's Ringo doing over there? She should be out long time ago if not because of her blog readers! I don't mean she's ugly or whatsoever.

I do agree she's cute, but that's it. Not a model quality at all! She's too cute to act cool like a model and height wise definately out. Don't really like her fashion sense though and she's really really quiet in the show, unlike the Cheesie I always thought she was.


Adeline is so pretty when she smiles. She's really gorgeous. But she's showing one same look all the time. Dressing sense a bit ah lian and although her England improved quite dramastically thoughout the show, she doesn't really impress me. Not at all.


The girl that everyone hated wasn't doing so well lately I guess. Cindy's latest shot was horrible! She looked more like a 60s' karaoke singer more than a model. I don't really care much of the bitchiness after a while coz she speaks so fluently and expressed herself so well compared to the other girls.

Again, look wise, just a pretty face. Nothing more than a model quality.


Hanis impressed me a lot when she's in front of camera. Gadis Melayu ayu at the beginning of the show. I actually dislike her at first as she was using too much of BM, and wearing baju kebaya most of the time makes me sick, really. I'm not being discriminating here but hello? This is Malaysian Dreamgirl, or most people see it as Malaysia Next Top Model. Boring traditional wear with no fabulous cut isn't helping her at all. Nevertheless, her cat walk is pretty good and love most of her shots.


Nadia after all these while still appears too fierce to my liking. Her eye contact and garang look seemed to be over confident. Yeah, she's very confident, which is a good thing I guess, but she just can't win over my heart wtf. Sazzy kept complimenting her gorgeous and unique look but I really really can't see anything accept for her gorgeous body.


The only one left that I really want her to win is Jay. She got the height. She got the look. She speaks good English. Her recent photoshoot in Savanh was quite dissapointing though but of all the 6 girls, I think she has the most potential.

She might not have a pretty face to most people but certainly she can handle many different looks, which is quite important in modelling.

Judges are dead. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Work and cyberworld aren't connected!

Why everyone so shocked to see my 11 year-old photo! Even the bf called and asked why I posted up that photo.. really that bad meh! ;( But usually people said fat kids are cuter what..

I think my life is really boring. I don't have much time for myself after work. So many things need to be done, which I usually accumulate till the weekend. Mind you I only have time during the weekends. So this weekend - service my car, cut hair, collect stuff from a friend's boutique, meet up some old friends, search for some DIY stuff, etc etc.. But most weekends my time will be fully occupied; either to the bf or family.

I need 48 hours a day.

I was reading Huiwen's blog the other day regarding her worries of her coming soon work life. I was also shocked to know some organization actually disallow their employer to own a blog, or to comment in a blog! omg How blessed I am cos both companies I work for don't have any strict regulation regarding our lives in cyberworld. I online quite a lot in the office indeed. Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, STKL, blogs stalking, online boutiques hopping, MSN.. Though I'd been warned before regarding my high internet usage in office few months back, it seemed like it wasn't anything really serious. *self-assuring*

When I was in hotel line few years back, there're a few times I was assigned to work in Executive Lounge for a few days. Once I was there during Ramadhan month and for the whole freaking day, only a few guest will drop by for a drink. My manager even came to me and asked if I wanted any internet access so I won't feel bored -__- He fixed all the networking for me and even recommended me a few interesting sites..



"What would you do when you're all alone in the office?"

I was alone in the office during lunch time today. I was bored though I have tonnes of work pilling..

I thought to myself, "This is awesome!" cos I seldom have chances to be alone! ;)

Handling too much customers' complaints make me insane..


What's that sound! Ghost doesn't exist right!!! omg.. office ghost wtf.

Another half an hour everyone will be back! I don't wanna act hardworking weiii!!!

World peace. Hope no more complaints coming in today. Aftermath of PC Fair *argh!!!*

Got professional look or not!!!!!

Many people actually came up to me and told me I looked really lansi when I don't smile. Where got! ;( I personally feel I looked kinda retarded when I smile, unlike certain people who're blessed with gorgeous melting smile.

My tidy work desk! Cos everyone else here got real messy desk! o_O And check out my BIG BULKY CRT monitor weiii.. I work in an IT company, but we dont have LCD monitor to use.. so sad right? And spot the 2 tiny photos of the bf and I ;)

Tomorrow's only Thursday. Another day of work. Another day of boredom. Another day of sickness.