Sunday, April 27, 2008

Childhood friends are friends for life!

Gathering last weekend with my childhood friends leads to another gathering last Thursday. We've decided on Bangsar, since I work in KL and most of them work in PJ, so Bangsar is like.. in between?!! LOL Fair and square-lah!

Again, we went to Marmalade - my favourite hangout. And that reminds me of another gathering with ex-collegues few weeks back in Marmalade that I've yet to blog about.

I love Marmalade's cakes! Usually I'll just stick to Oreo cheesecake but this banana and cheese combination catches my attention. uHm, not too bad the combination. In fact they were saying it's nice..

Nobody wanna snap for me and everyone was like attacking my cheesecake coz the waiter brought us 4 forks! In case you're wondering why I'm being so selfish don't wanna share with them, it's my dinner and they already ordered their own main course what!! Still wanna attack my tiny slice of cake T_T

Their dinner. :( So mean you see!

THAT electric blue sling bag!!! Don't tempt me laaaa... T_T

l-r: Laysuan, myself, Monica, Ivy, Lihua.

Went there right after work, so that's why we're so formal. Except for Lay Suan who's still studying and Lihua who wears really casually to work! Shocking pink jeans with electric blue sling bag wtf -___-

It was fun meeting up childhood friends once in a while. I love that kinda friendship where we don't have to be pretentious, we know each other so well and there will not be any misunderstanding between us, never. We bonded so well. 20 years of friendship is a far journey ok ;)

Like it or not, we realized we're all growing into a young lady. No more talking about teachers, exams, etc etc... it's all about works, which friends got married, which friends already became a mother wtf and omg we're damn shocked when we realized we're talking about in-laws! o_O And burst into laughter then after. LOL!

I set timer for this shot and there's a security guard standing there and said "Bagus!! Bagus!!" So kaypoh and we ignored him ;(

And omg!!! I just notice something missing from the picture! My feet!

We took another not-so-serious shot and then realized that guard was still staring from afar T_T

When we went to the washroom, I kept emphasizing that washroom has the best lighting!! But nobody layan me except for this wonderful camwhore queen, Lihua ;) I love you blady much!!

Looking forward for our Kuantan trip next month! ;) Don't FFK ok!


Esther said...

wow....their main course seems so tempting wei.... got to visit marmelade when im in kl next time...

leksw said...

wow..first time i see mon in formal... next month ktan? cool...

revel in me said...

OOh, do you know what are the 2 main courses of your pics of Marmalade?? Looks damn good, like going to pop out of the pictures!! :P

And why we both got interested guards wtf. T__T

c r y s t said...

esther: come dear!! when? when? when? marmalade is shin and myself's favourite hangout now! :P

leksw: me too! :P she looked so girlie.. *^_^* mau join our ktan trip??

revel in me: it's chicken teriyaki dear!! one with rice and the other with wholemeal bread! i salivates by just looking at the pictures! ahaks! :P worth a try!

eh but at least i don't attract indon kulis! o_O

leksw said...

when's ktan trip?

c r y s t said...

leksw: last weekend of may! mau join?? ;)

jeepeng said...

why never invite me, i'm also your childhood friends mah~

c r y s t said...

jeepeng: next time will invite you but make sure you don't give many excuses hor! lol