Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I hate saying goodbye..

Just a simple farewell lunch with Yunny yesterday..

I will miss you girl.. can't wait for our trip this December ;)

*Psst! Yes, you're hot :P

Till we meet again.. have a safe journey aight?

Lotsa hugs and kisses ;)

Monday, September 29, 2008

The leftover 10%

Am I the only one here who always try to fill up my weekends with lotsa lotsa activities? I'm not a homey person and I don't really fond of spending my free days just chilling watching TV at home. Even when everyone has their own activities, I don't really mind having own sweet time in either Bangsar or shopping centres or perhaps having my favourite cuppa Latte alone in cafe.

What about you? Are you a homey person or dya prefer spending your weekends outside?

Remember I mentioned that only 10% of my closest friends are left in KL?

Yala, the girl who threatened not to go junkyard sales with me 'cause I never mention much about her in my previous post wtf. We went, btw :P

But not much pictures taken, shit-lah I dunno why I'm not that obsessed with camera anymore :\ Is it caused by aging arr?? T_____T

*emo moment a while*

We went to Showpink around 1130am and was shocked 'cause it's kinda empty.. We browsed around and a guy came to us telling that they only start at 1pm -__- Weird. I remember the FB invitation stated from 11am till 7pm.. ;( So we left, to...

Shawn's! HAHA!!

This girl really addicted to short hair already 'cause she kept getting shorter and shorter crop. This time she had hers done ala Fiqa in Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I myself don't know why I ended up there 'cause I never plan to trim my hair for another few more months what!! And Fei the stylist chopped off my hair quite a bit which he promised earlier he'll just trim a little. Boo! I don't wanna trust him anymore T_____T

Went back to Showpink after that and I only managed to grab a top. I spotted a Zara bag there which I've been eyeing for quite some time, considering the price RM285 (I think), I'd prefer to spend on something else. But it was selling at RM80 in Showpink!!!!!!! I left it there thinking to try on my top first but but but.... the moment I stepped out from the fitting room, the bag was G.O.N.E.!!!! T__________________________________________T

Lesson learnt. Just grab, don't think. T___________________________T

We both did some unusual stuff which we'll never thought of doing usually. We were in mamak and 2 girls came to us for this Mobile TV survey thingy and we layan-ed. And then 2 men came promoting the Fitness First RM29.90 for a month package and we signed up! Yes, I'm hitting the gym soon! Influenced by Yunny already HAHA!

Talking about Yunny, I just bidded farewell to her T__T Another 2 more months or so till we meet again girl.. I hate saying goodbye.. *sigh*

By the way, what's in store today? ;)

Truly vintage piece from my aunt's wardrobe and more pretty tops with gorgeous detailings you can't resist! So, *click*! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My little sunshines

* UPDATED scroll down.. *

Look who's back!!! :D

Justin aka Hangsing!!!!!!


Yunny aka Gokyunn!!!!!!!!


:) :) :) :) :)

*jumps and rolls on floor*

Both of them left Malaysia 2-3 years back for their studies and from that moment I always felt incomplete ;( Believe it, almost 90% of my closest mates aren't in Malaysia and I'm always lonely and depressed *sigh*

And having both of them back in Malaysia together is an added bonus ;) If only I could have a complete gathering including those in Spore and Aussie, I'll be the happiest girl on earth! ;)

In Marmalade, Bangsar last Monday. Yes, 'cause I love the mural on the wall, it's picture perfect ;) And notice I can't stop smiling.. hehe ;)

Shin and I with our usual Oreo Cheesecake, which we could only finish up half ;( We usually share but were feeling a lil' greedy that day. And it gone into waste.

I tell you this girl is a health freak! Damn disgusting 'cause she always orders drink with ginger and celery in it *vomits*

It's always fun sharing our stories, about our lives in these 2 years. Justin is leading a very interesting life and he had been travelling really a lot. 3 weeks back in Asia for this trip, but he spent a week in Laos, a week in Bali (yes, he's in Bali now..) and a day in Spore. This is one thing I admire about him the most. His experiences and his passion.

But we have one thing in common.. we are both camwhores ;)

Leftover cake and can you spot the lovely ferris wheel mural!

We're in kindergarten!! La la la~

Yunny came late. OMG I can't freaking believe the girl who was once so soft in college is teaching body combat now OMG OMG!!!!!


I miss you girl!!! I miss all the moments we used to spend and all the gossips we used to share..

I don't know why am I posing like that -__- Are you seduced already!

Look at Shin. Don't look at me.

HAHAHA!!! I love them they're my perfect camwhore partners!! *hugs*

Co-incidentally this meetup there're 4 of us. The 4 who were finalist of Mr. & Ms. KDU 2002 ;)

We shared a lot of ups and downs during the competition and well, we sorta started our friendship that time as well. Those time we spent practising for our catwalks, talent quest, hunt for clothes, minor arguements and misunderstandings.. I wish I could turn back time and experience it all over again.

My all time perfect camwhore gang ;) I love you guys!!

Justin asked us to pose the Bond way.. and this is the outcome -___-

Another Bond style wtf.

Yunny's phone rang non-stop and she was on the line the whole night! Life of a body combat instructor.. so we decided to make some fun when she's busy in discussion :P

Justin, whom I spent most of my time in college with.

We got the whole place for ourselves that night. No customer patronizing thank God Ya Allah Hallelujah we can maximize our craze and all the service crew had hard time with 4 of us.. LOL

Yunny still engaged on the line. When I took out my camera, she told the person on the other line "Hang on! Hang on!" and posed.


Us pretending busy as well coz she was seen holding the handphone all night.

I'm such a good pretender HAHAHAAA!!

I love this shot most! ;)

They're leaving early next month, which is only a week from now and I'm gonna be all alone and depressed again. I lust for friends and gatherings :( haih.

I'm so proud of Yunny who got into the Oxford, I salute her BIG time.

Do come back often k?

Updated: Esther just reminded me. A photo of Mr. & Ms. KDU 6 years back which I planned to post up at first too but forgot all about it.

Spot us!* :D [shin, how come you looked like a geisha!! lol]

I don't think we changed much though, what say you?

*Hint: I was a traffic stopper, Shin loved guitar, Justin loved dressing up casually, Yunny wanted to marry a cowboy! :P

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just a teaser.

Am meeting up loves of my life later after work! After so many yearsssss, finally we're reunited! ;) OMG, I'm excited!!!

:) :) :) :) :)

And simply because the lack of updates, nah! Present for you! ;)

SO adorable!!!!! AWWW~

Thank God my mum had no intention to disown me at that time.. T______T

Monday, September 15, 2008

Am a proud Taipingese! ;)

18 years spent in Taiping, 6 years spent in KL.. I'm proud to present..

Taiping Sentral!!! T3T

I've never ever expect there gonna be such a development in my little hometown. Town of everlasting peace. Probably they're trying to preserve the so-called peace, there's not much progress eversince I was born. A close relative once said, "Eh! The last time I've been here was like 10 years ago and everything is still the same!"

But these 2 years there're so much of drastic changes, so much of progress in this old town. Tesco was built last year that caused massive traffic jam in all areas nearby. It also caused the crowd to shift from old town central to Kamunting area (they called it new town??). The Store and Fajar were both losing their businesses. Mind you, these 2 small supermarkets used to be the place I lepak-ed during schooling time :P The pasar malam area which used to be very crowded seemed so quiet the last time I went back. Some said it's the change of Feng Shui..

And recently, we have new shopping complex.

I never expect to have a proper shopping complex in Taiping, never ever. T3T It's like a dream come true cannn!!!

Starbucks, Old Town white coffee.. gaWd, new gathering places during CNY! ;) And Sushi King! And Noodle Station! :D

I went with my family last weekend when I was back for Mooncake Festival. Guess where I had my dinner..

Kenny Rogers Roasters!!!! :D :D :D :D

I don't know why, but it tasted better in Taiping.. HAHA!

Taipingese, tell me. Ain't you proud?? Ain't you proud?? ;) This is what I call scenary shot ;)

And we have Vincci too!!! I think other stores selling shoes can zhap lap very soon.. hehe

I heard there'll be cinemas too in a few weeks time OMG Do you know how long the Taipingese suffered without a CINEMA!!!! T______T I'm not exaggerating, more than 15 years I think, we lived without it. We used to have 3 cinemas, but 1 burnt down, 1 closed down, and I'm not sure what happened to the other one. And now it's coming back!! :D

I'm born a Taipingese, live a Taipingese, die a Taipingese.

To all of you who're working overseas, come back. Peluang pekerjaan banyak di Taiping. Masa depan janji cerah.

Taiping, ada OooMmpHhhh!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I <3 Polyvore

Just created 4 sets today. Happy colours to cheer up myself ;)

It's really really addictive... ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Home! :)

... not me la, my sis.

This set of pics really long overdued but I can't get into the right mood to blog about it.

I'm also indecisive whether to post up these photos 'cause anyhow it seemed like people's privacy ma hor.. but can't help it also I like how the pictures turned out 'cause the lighting in the house damn cun can die weiii!! ;)

I *heart* the colours of my top. I call this my summer top ;) When I showed Sheau the picture before I decide to buy she was like, "Nice! Very summer-ish!" HAHA.

That's my mum at the back btw.

Best place to meditate every morning.

Damn funny 'cause my bro-in-law bought like 50 small fishes the day before and suddenly all went missing already. And we found out later that all the fishes were being sucked into the pipe -__- Probably the piping system too hi-tech already but damn yucky all turned white (discoloured wtf haha!) and some head missing somemore.. T__T

Being a nerd.

Never disturb Kent G when he's concerntrating :( He's inside the TV already.

Tak layan me :( Fine.

Everyone busy tidying up the house, Kent G busy watching cartoon so I camwhored! Love the red wall I think next time I wanna paint my house all in red so I can camwhore everyday sticking to the wall HAHAHAHA!!!!! So lame I know :\

Second floor. My sister wanted that sliding door 'cause too many kids in my family already and she doesn't want them to run up and down the staircase -__- She thought they won't grow up arr?

Her dressing table ;)

Her work room and I love the wallpaper! ;) It makes the room so bright I think I'll be arranging for a ptohoshoot session there for my Baboobeep-lah!

Er chie, eh sai? :P la la la~

My twin sister. Who's prettier?

Garfield Zent G. Does he look like Kent G?

This is Kent G who loves disturbing me T__T

My little barbie doll Qian.

Die-lah!!! I think Qian fall in love with the bf already 'cause she kept calling "I...v..aaaaa..nnnnn~~" followed by that chiooo kinda look -__-" Why is she like that! Even when my dad carried her, she shouted reaching for the bf.. "I...vv..aaa..nnnnn...~" omg omg!!

The other day when I was talking to the bf on the phone, I passed my hp to Qian and she hugged the phone smilling and called "I..v..aa...nnnnnnn....." softly.. T__T And kissed my hp.. T__T

I'm gonna separate them! :(

Off to Kuantan later after work!