Friday, September 5, 2008

New Home! :)

... not me la, my sis.

This set of pics really long overdued but I can't get into the right mood to blog about it.

I'm also indecisive whether to post up these photos 'cause anyhow it seemed like people's privacy ma hor.. but can't help it also I like how the pictures turned out 'cause the lighting in the house damn cun can die weiii!! ;)

I *heart* the colours of my top. I call this my summer top ;) When I showed Sheau the picture before I decide to buy she was like, "Nice! Very summer-ish!" HAHA.

That's my mum at the back btw.

Best place to meditate every morning.

Damn funny 'cause my bro-in-law bought like 50 small fishes the day before and suddenly all went missing already. And we found out later that all the fishes were being sucked into the pipe -__- Probably the piping system too hi-tech already but damn yucky all turned white (discoloured wtf haha!) and some head missing somemore.. T__T

Being a nerd.

Never disturb Kent G when he's concerntrating :( He's inside the TV already.

Tak layan me :( Fine.

Everyone busy tidying up the house, Kent G busy watching cartoon so I camwhored! Love the red wall I think next time I wanna paint my house all in red so I can camwhore everyday sticking to the wall HAHAHAHA!!!!! So lame I know :\

Second floor. My sister wanted that sliding door 'cause too many kids in my family already and she doesn't want them to run up and down the staircase -__- She thought they won't grow up arr?

Her dressing table ;)

Her work room and I love the wallpaper! ;) It makes the room so bright I think I'll be arranging for a ptohoshoot session there for my Baboobeep-lah!

Er chie, eh sai? :P la la la~

My twin sister. Who's prettier?

Garfield Zent G. Does he look like Kent G?

This is Kent G who loves disturbing me T__T

My little barbie doll Qian.

Die-lah!!! I think Qian fall in love with the bf already 'cause she kept calling "I...v..aaaaa..nnnnn~~" followed by that chiooo kinda look -__-" Why is she like that! Even when my dad carried her, she shouted reaching for the bf.. "" omg omg!!

The other day when I was talking to the bf on the phone, I passed my hp to Qian and she hugged the phone smilling and called "I..v..aa...nnnnnnn....." softly.. T__T And kissed my hp.. T__T

I'm gonna separate them! :(

Off to Kuantan later after work!


Hayley said...

walau eh the house damn nice weei....
u mean taiping one or KL one? :p

leksw said...

wa wa wa~~~

1. did you? as in did you seek my opinion before buying the top? since when? sudah lupa~~

2. VERY NICE LA THE HOMIE!!! memang ada art.. which area?

3. and what happen to the one in sri petaling? why not you stay there? nearer to city right?

revel in me said...

WAHHHH the house is damn damn damn nice! *gung-ho to work hard now wtf*

And hahaha your cousin (or is it niece!) SO CUTE, got crush on your bf! :D

Anonymous said...

luckily u still know that this is people's privacy(..n i was told u)...anyhow u still upload d photos...

shasha said...

omg nice houseeeeee!!!! for baboobeep to have a photoshoot there will be a good choice i think ;) LOL! hahahhahaa small little girl crushing on ur bf!!! @_@

Anggie's Journal said...

oh dear, the house in and out so nice lei ... very modern style... i like that ... yah, can take ur photo there too .. the wall paper was great for background .

c r y s t said...

hayley: KL one.. ;)

leksw: U tak berhati perut la.. I seek for yr opinion all the time anyway ;) Why don't you come KL work and stay with me again!! T__T

revel in me: Yesterday the bf came and was looking for my niece T__T Thank God she was asleep by then T__T

anonymous (aka er chie): :P

shasha: But then I'm lazy to update Baboobeep already -__- die laa... :(

anggie's journal: Ya, nice wallpaper, very fresh right! ;)

evon.nove said...

cool house. hehe. =]
love ur summer-ish top.


c r y s t said...

evon.nove: Thank you love ;) haha

Psst! Happy mooncake festival ;)

plain.jane said...

oooohhh (swoon) u have a rainbow dress too! :P

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: HAHAHAHA i have a few indeed :P don't call me crazy!

piko said...

i wish to have a rainbow undie

plain.jane said...

yr rainbow dress very happyfying lar... not crazy hehehe

piko said...

i notice something, despite not really know you...

Jerry Ong said...

interesting bloggie :)

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: HAHA yaya, that's my happy top!!

piko: What you noticed!!!! o_O

jerry: Thx for dropping by! ;)