Friday, May 30, 2008

Bossa Nova, not Casanova!

WAH! I must be updating too frequently! o_O Need to get this up soon before I lost interest coz I have so many things coming up next week and so many things that I've yet to blog about. Internet connection at home is still down by the way ;( So I have no choice but to spare some time and blog from.. you know.. *shhh*

Anyway, another farewell last week! Why is everyone leaving me T__T

My lunch partner, Lyza. My department is going on 2 separate lunch hour. 12pm and 1pm and she had been my lunch partner for past 2 years.. The lady who shops a lot of branded stuff, the lady who complaints a lot.. I'm missing her absence already..

These are all the ladies in my department. Yeah, ALL LADIES. The gentleman at the back isn't from my department though.

l-r: moi, Carment, Angie, Chan, Audrey, Emmy, Lyza, Kelly and Carynne (my lady boss)

We had farewell dinner in Bossa Nova in Parkroyal KL. It's a Brazillian grill restaurant where the chef will walk to each and every table and carved those tenderly grilled Argentina and Autralian beef, lamb, etc etc straight off the skewer to thin slices. I had beef overloaded after the dinner! GULP!

With our 'yat zhi fah' pose (a stalk of flower) -- which I don't know what does it means as well -_-

Those who sits surrounding me in office. Group of people who're totally different from those of my first job. And yeah, I did have culture shock when I first joined two years back.

The two crazeh ladies whom I can click quite well despite our age gap :D Angie (in pink) is leaving end of next month and I'll definately be missing her lots as well T_T

A partner in gossiping. I can't imagine how dull my working life will be without her T_T You gotta stay here, don't leave k?

I'm still stuck.. stuck kao-kao.. *sigh* I think I just need to move on, to try out something new.

Leaving to Kuantan (again) after work later! :P

And oh! did I forgot to mention that Baboobeep was updated 2 days back? Last day for free shipping today! Hurry! I need some donation wtf.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


OK obviously I'm back from my shopping trip in Singapore and guess what, I spent less than 500 bucks (excluding bus fare)! 500 bucks as in RM ok, not S$! Tell me I'm good.


Will blog about it later coz I'm still awaiting for pics from Esther and Shin. And oh, I snapped less than 50 pics T_________T I'm not being Cryst.

Last Wednesday we had mini farewell dinner with Christine who left to Singapore for her career advancement.

She's ex-collegue of my first job who got really bright future in hotel line as she kept getting promoted. From FO Assistant, to Shift Leader to Duty Manager in short few years. And now she got a job in one of the renowned hotel in Singapore as a proud Duty Manager and I'm her proud friend ;)

Went there straight from work so I just changed into my skinnys. I know I looked odd.

Newly opened Apartment in KLCC. I prefer the one in The Curve though, it's more comfy and home-like. And we were like hooligan the whole night yakking and laughing so loudly and making ourselves really 'at home' and few customers actually changed to table far away from us -___- And we got the whole place for ourselves... omg.

My mushroom spaghetti. Of course that's not the name but sorry la I'm bad in remembering names... So if you ever meet me on the street and greeted me and I just say "Hi!" without calling your name, please don't be mad. It just slipped off my mind :S

The twins - coz they always stick to each other since work till now, both are working in different places. And they kept getting skinnier each time I see them..

I miss working with them T___T Those time when we used to work on shifts, handling nasty guests, treating ourselves to nice places for dinner every week and so much more that I miss. It seemed like these will never ever happen again.

Shiok sendiri.

Love this - "Pieces of you have become parts of me" ;) This is for you beep..

So know you know why other customers were like staying away from us -_- We walked around the restaurant treating it like our own home, snapping around and yakking so loudly. I'm ashamed of myself sometimes... owh~

Being literate.

l-r: Connie, Annie, Mun, moi and Connie's sister (sorry I forgot her name)

Connie's sister is so adorable! The very first time I saw her I felt like giving her a peck right away! ;) Aww, and Connie had been staying with Christine since college time. That was long - about 6-7 years I guess? I wonder if Connie's able to sleep well since Christine left.

Sorry, I seriously don't know why am I like this -_____-

To Christine, if you're reading this (I doubt so), do take good care of yourself, work hard, earn more and buy me gifts when you're back here alright? :P Our gatherings wouldn't be fun without you ;( And I'm still looking forward for our BKK trip even though we're so far apart now. We fly from KL you fly from Spore k? ;) teehee..

Don't be sad. I did not shop much in Spore last weekend, which means I'll be seeing you in Spore very soon, I hope ;)

I'm still stuck..

... here, in KL *sigh*

Friday, May 23, 2008

Itenary courtesy of Sheau and Est ;)

Wahhh damn touched when I read from Sheau's multiply on what they've planned for us T3T

Saturday 24th May:
Early arrival by 5am (omg)
Wisma Atria
Ngee Ann
Far East Plaza
Coffee break
Shaw Centre
Wheelock Place
Dinner at Raffles City
Quick shopping at Raffles City after dinner if possible
Clarke Quay

Sunday 25th May:
Suntec City
Millenia Walk
Vivo City
Departure in the evening

You tell me la how can I not love them? ;) Departing tonight 1130pm. I'm so excited already :D :D :D

p/s: Sheau and Est, seriously no greens for me k!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another 7 malls during the weekend.

I am so depressed T_T

I've been waiting for so long already and finally it's here and I can't make it...

Fashionista's Junkyard Sales Season 4 - 31st May till 1st Jun T_T

Bijou Bazaar 31st May - 1st June as well T_T

.... cos I'll be on short weekend getaway with childhood buddies to Kuantan! :D But.. T_T

Dunno to be sad or happy. So you people go and buy more and post all your buys in your blogs and make me jealous la ;( Nevermind coz I'll be posting up my Spore crazy sales purchases as revenge wtf.

Pictures from last weekend.

The pie was here for a long weekend! ;) And again in 2 days we went to One U, The Curve, IKEA, Cineleisure, SACC Mall, Amcorp Mall, MidValley, and Petaling Street :\ Whatelse to do in KL besides shopping..

SACC Mall amd Amcorp Mall are such a dissapointment. I wanted to go as I heard both the malls have lotsa junks and interesting stuff selling at cheap price. But all we saw were really JUNKS like those cheap antiques from your old grandma house.

Best place to camwhore.

My washroom shots collection ;)

Yala I know I looked cool and damn pretentious but this is only pic that shows my dress :D Forgot to take a full length shot.

When a nerd meets another nerd this is what gonna happen ;) We had such a long weekend and walked around aimlessly and ended up in Hotel Satu Dunia lol.. One World Hotel if you don't get my joke wtf wtf.

Next day, we planned to go Petaling Street so the bf kept reminding me to wear 'casually'. I did but in the end we still ended up in shopping malls -___-

In IKEA. Best spot to camwhore in IKEA cos:

1) the mirror is BIG;
2) no one would notice.

Love this shot cos my legs looked so elongated although the bf looked kinda disproportionate! HAHA!

Cupcakes! Again, I don't understand what's the craze with cupcakes these days -_- or am I outdated already I can never keep up with the trend these days...

On Cloud 9 and Fatal Attraction. Too sweet for my liking ;(

The bf asked me why ordered 2 coz we could just settle for 1.. proven he didn't like it too ;(

Both of us are too old for doughnuts and cupcakes kinda trend. *sigh*

So later tonight will be going for a farewell dinner with Christine. Tomorrow another farewell dinner with Lyza, my collegue. Aye, everyone around leaving already :(

And the day after will be another farewell with 'KL' - cos I'm leaving to SINGAPORE!! YayyyYYy!!!! :D ... for only 2 days la.

I damn jakun I know.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Edit: Baboobeep has updated! *click* ;)

I have tonnes of stuff to update but internet connection at home really kills me :( And also stuff to sell cos I'm seriously broke, and also to raise fund for my shopping spree in Spore this weekend! :D Finally.. we've been planning on this trip like monthssssssss back but had been procrastinating till now. Gosh I'm excited!

1) Meeting up buncha collegemates who're currently working in Spore;
2) Spore sales starts next week!! weeee...!!

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Anyway last weekend I was back in my hometown (yeah, I'm out of town every weekend -_-). Apart from the parents, Lian Thong is another reason why I love to be back home ;) I could be back on Saturday but usually I choose to rush back on Friday right after work so that I'll never missed my breakfast in Lian Thong on Saturday morning! FYI, they're close on Sunday..

This is the best food on earth after my mum's :D

Famous toast with half-boiled eggs on top ;)

Closer shot:

GASP! I can't concerntrate on my work anymore -_-"

1) Add some soy sauce.

2) Sprinkle some pepper powder.

3) Poke the yolk. GaWd! :P~

4) Coat every piece of the toast nicely.

5) Slowly scoop inside your mouth... with gentle movement of course..

6) Chew nicely and let the flavor stays in your mouth awhile. Swallow and follow by a sip of famous Lian Thong's white coffee ice.

7) Congratulation! You have successfully reached NIRVANA.

Help.. my stomach is rumbling already after posting up these pics.. another 2 hours till my lunch break -_-
OK I just regained my conciousness wtf.

Dya know Taiping is famous for many of it's 'first'? First railway in the country, first hill resort, first golf course, first prison, first english girls' school, first clock tower,...etc..

And this is the first lake gardens in Malaysia *proud*

Damn awkward my pose :(

But check out those trees! The most breath taking sight is the tree branch that reach almost to the lake. Where else can you find these?

And the tranquility of the lake..

Meditating wtf. And that leads to this shot:

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Tell me they're cute! ;)

The lush green beauty of nature, cool air and wet weather.. tell me you're loving Taiping more and more now ;)

Mum and I ;) HAHA No proper pic of her cos she's anti-camera kinda lady..

My 2nd sis with her big ass camera. She purposely bought that to snap pics of her kids -_-

That boy in blue is her eldest son, Kent G and next to him is my brother's son, Jayearn. They stayed with my mum for a week and drove my parents insane, seriously. Even I was back there for like 2 days, I shouted like a crazy mama in shopping centres chasing after the 2 monsters -_- *sigh* How can I imagine my life in the future... T_T

And I think they love disturbing me cos I always disturb them too T_T

That's karma.

OK. Back to work.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baboobeep is back!

I'm an impluse shopper. My purchases are often a result of my mood :\ What's worse, blowing my cash on something I might lost interest within 24 hours.

When I'm not doing my shopping, I'll be blogging about my shopping experience and boutique reviewing ;) As days passed, my wardrobe is pretty overloaded. So I figured out it's time for me to clear out some and make room for new ones *opps*

Most of my items are either brand new or pre-loved items I've barely worn. And all clothes are in excellent condition.

I'll be updating Baboobeep frequently as I find it easier to maintain than posting up in third party sites. And what's more! For the opening launch, I'm giving FREE SHIPPING and it's valid till end of May! :D :D :D

I'm still in the midst of editing the rest of the pictures so will be updating again soon once I'm done. What are you waiting for! ;)

Bookmark this!:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Weekend Chempedak.

I know I've not been updating for quite some time.. eh, about a week only-lah! Internet connection at home sucks :( So I've decided to blog from the office. shhhhh..~

So I was in Kuantan last weekend. I know what you're thinking - Kuantan, again?!! As usual-lah ;) And this coming weekend I'll be back to Taiping for Mother's Day. Speaking of Mother's Day, I've yet to buy any gift for mum. Any suggestion? And seemed like I'm travelling Kuantan - KL - Taiping - KL - Kuantan... every weekend. Never end.. *yawn*

There's a new shopping mall in Kuantan! :D

I was so excited cos according to the bf there'll be MNG, Big Apple, Parkson, etc..etc.. and *gasp* FOREVER 21!!!!!!! o_O

But, I did not see anything '21' when I went there. :( Probably I was always complaining shopping malls in Kuantan are damn boring so the bf was trying to lure me with the new East Coast Mall -_- tipu sama wa..

Anyhow, Big Apple really existed.

I ain't big fan of donut. Am not dying for J.Co, Big Apple nor Krispy Kreme but since the queue wasn't as long as in KL, I decided to give it a try. And since I think this will be the ONLY time I'll spend time queuing, I'm not gonna end up with ONE donut. So, bought half dozen.

uHm, OK-lah. Nothing special. I just don't understand why everyone's dying for it. Even one of my pregnant collegue told me at least once a week, she'll queue for her J.Co. She's pregnant mind you! I still prefer traditional sugar-coated kind of doughnut.

I love my dress it's so comfy plus it's pink! I saw a lot of same design dress since long ago but in boring black and grey and the moment I saw this piece I know I'm gonna get it ;) We're meant for each other!!! T3T

In the evening we decided to go to the beach (Teluk Chempedak) and the bf insisted that I change to shorts T_T Cos according to him my dress is too short and if the wind is strong then everyone can see my pet pet T_T

And so I changed to black sleeveless top to match his. Heh. So Victoria and Beckham like. Damn matching wtf.

Couple taking wedding shot. And notice the lady trying to take their picture! So busybody. Eh! Me too hor? *shy*


I love my hair in this pic ;)

Seriously the only place we'll go is the beach la. Cos shopping malls nothing much to shop. Oh! I spotted a starry top from a small boutique but did not buy coz I figured out it's too expensive RM49 omg I'm such a cheapskate T_T And now I'm regretting coz when I went to TopShop I saw a lot of starry top selling at RM80 above and that's like double the price ok!

The bf said I can buy during my next trip there but sure won't be there already right!

The next day we went to the beach, again.

Same facial expression :P Not purposely one I swear!

We're turning into each other omg.

In Sampan Bar. I kept reminding him to bring me there coz, I just wanna go-lah! I tried their in-house cocktail called Chempedak Sunrise (or is it Sunset??) and it tasted nothing better than cough mixture :( And that time I was wondering why they name it Chempedak and not durian, mangga etc.. and halfway typing this entry I realized we're in Teluk Chempedak. Why my IQ/ EQ/ whatever Q so low T___T

I love this candid shot of mine. My self-captured candid shot -_- So lame.

Timer shot coz the bartender's skill was so bad and both pics he took were definately rejected.

The sun was so bright upon reaching and in less than 10 minutes the sky turned dark and wind blew really strongly. Everyone ran into the hotel like chicken without head and the bartender ran up and down to keep everything on the table.

Check out the weather.

Tsunami struck my mind. The bf said I can run up to the 4th floor if really happen wtf.

Last pic before tsunami.


Hehe, just jk. I realized this entry is way too long already and I shall just stop here. Gotta continue with my work now don't forget I'm blogging from the office :P

Will be MIA again till next week. I can smell Lian Thong's toast with half-boiled eggs already ;)