Thursday, August 30, 2007

I was POP-ed...

(but not by SmashpOp! lol)

Don't trust KFC advertisement ok? I saw the new Chicken Poppers advertisement and I soooo wanna try.

So I finally ta pau-ed as my lunch yesterday, went back office happily and got a total shock when I opened the box. WHY SO SMALL?? So I had total of 5 fishball-sized Chicken Poppers as my lunch .

And I starved the whole day :(

Very short update today cos I need to clear up all my work before Merdeka tomorrow.

A random photo taken after work yesterday. Check out my pout yo!! :P


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I found some treasures back home!

I was on 2 days leave from work last week and went back hometown.

Been craving for this all the time when I'm in KL.

Toast with half-boiled egg! The BEST FOOD ON EARTH ok!! I kept thinking of indulging this for both my breakfast and lunch during my entire stay there... aWwWWwww~!!

BUT, Lian Thong was closed all the time when I was back! ARGH!!! I went there Friday morning and it was closed, went again on Saturday morning with high hopes, but it was closed again!! WHY!!!!?!?!!

I was so depressed can, but my mum made me this at home :)

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I'm a happy girl once more!

To make myself happier, I bought these.

I remembered I love playing these when I was a kid. That little old shop behind The Store is still there after so many years, with the same old man sitting the same place fanning himself all the time. And it's so cheap!! Only 20cents each!!!! Where can you find such a treasure in KL? Everything is so cheap back home..

Ways to camwhore:

Taiping is absolute love <3

Monday, August 27, 2007

Some people are born brainless.

I really need a place to explode now.


What a horrible Monday to start my week.


Some IDIOTS are seriously uneducated. Oh, maybe they're just some asshole in disguise. I'm cursing you idiots to have bad bad bad luck everyday, every hour, every minute, every second from today onwards till end of this year (proven I'm not that bad afterall ok. I'm e-d-u-c-a-t-e-d).

SUEI KAO-KAO X10000000000000000000000

Just now I received a call from a f*cking rude customer who came shouting and swearing since beginning of the conversation. For goodness sake don't be such an idiot consumer alright?! Please know what you're buying and be more alert, bring along your f*cking brain and if you don't have one I just don't know what the f*cking shit do you have. Bought the wrong package, can't even differentiate alphabert 'O' and number '0' so what the hell are you calling me and shouted like a sakai? Owh, I pitied your mum ok.

Listen what people have to say and even if you're from the press, SO WHAT? Like I care??? Please don't repeat 12345678987654321 times "I'M FROM THE PRESS" ok cos I never ask and it is seriously NONE OF MY BUSINESS FROM WHICHEVER HELL YOU'RE FROM. Buying a PC and telling me you're from press are 2 different things ok. Please don't be a fool to yourself.


Worse still, minutes after the hell conversation, another call came in. Conversation was alright at first until I put him on hold to check on some information. I DID informed him "Can you please hold the line" ok.

When I picked up the phone, IDIOT him came shouting, "Can you tell me if you're gonna put me on hold? I tell you I really hate this and you're pissing me off!"


"I'm sorry sir, I actually DID informed you just now before I put you on hold..."

"No! I'm unhappy about that. I need you to apologize!"

".......... ok, sorry. So do you still need the information you enquire just now? (+ wtf in silence) "


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I think the battery is dead.

Finally I have all pictures with me today! *yayyy* But let me share with you guys some unfortunate thingy that happened this morning *s0bbing*

I woke up 20 minutes earlier than usual today, thinking that I could avoid the jam and reach office earlier to update my blog and Multiply. WTH. I reached my car, slot in the key and the alarm started beeping non-stop. And I CAN'T EVEN START THE ENGINE and wtf, even the brakes was locked. I dunno how was it locked, but I can't even step on the brakes. And few minutes later, the alarm started beeping again.

After trying to start the engine for about 10 minutes, I finally gave up and decided to take the LRT. I walked out to the taxi stand and not even a single taxi passby. Waited for quite long and finally a bus came. Took the bus to the nearest LRT station and the journey was alright at first. When I finally reached Masjid Jamek station and changed to Putra LRT, wtf wtf wtf.. hella looooooooooooong queue to get into the LRT! I din even know they started this queueing thingy to get into LRT! I queued for about 20 minutes before I got into that sardine-packed LRT, that made me sticked to the wall, underneath hairy and smelly armpits..

I can't imagine I'm going all over it again later after work. Oh, luckily my leave starts tomorrow!

Back to those pictures. Guess where I went last weekend!

Saturday to Bangsar meeting up with Sheau. She's on 1 day trip from Singapore. Oh, maybe she's too rich to spend on the trip, or proly because she missed me *touched*

I was thinking of a full camwhoring session in fitting room with her, since there're so many new boutiques in Bangsar lately, but that gurl wasn't in the mood to shop =( And worst, she gotta leave early for another bunch of friends..hurt me damn much can?!!

Went for a drink in Delicious by Ms Read in Bangsar Village. I tried Death by Ice Chocolate, which is not so ok and this:

I forgot what is it called, the waitress recommended this to me which is wayyyyyy to sweet for my liking. But then again, my macro mode made it looked so yummy-licious!MmmMm..~

Sheau had this Marshmallow Hot Chocolate with whole big plate of potato wedges!! I wonder if she had horrible sore throat that night..


Look at the happy gurl. Can't wait to see you again!! =)

And on Sunday, I WENT TO BANGSAR AGAIN!! With my sister this time.. OMG!! I'm seriously addicted to Bangsar.

My preggie sis doesn't look preggie at all. Maybe she left her stomach at home. Huh~ We went Bangsar Village (again) for lunch and initial plan was to Delicious but as it was too crowded, we ended up in Marmalade.

The environment is extremely comfy and I just love the plain white interior. And the Oreo Cheese Cake!

Heavenly. Enough said.

My sister had this Chicken Teriyaki kinda thing which was kinda delicious as well, but she ate like a rabbit - vege overloaded!

And that summarizes my weekend in BANGSAR!!

And oh, I'm loving it =D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I forgot my pics.. =(

I am so angry!!!

I edited all my pics till late last night and thought of updating my Multiply and blog today. This morning when I rush to work and plugged in my thumbdrive, it was empty! I totally forgot to save the pics into my thumbdrive. What the heck am I thinking about whole night yesterday? I don't think I'm that forgetful what!!! Means I brought empty thumbdrive to work today! Why am I so stupid!!!!


It was damn busy yesterday. What a terrible day to start my week! Horrible jam in the morning and hell, the SMART tunnel will be closed the whole week for the so called 'Ujian Banjir'. Really so SMART meh???

But the good news is, I'LL BE ON LEAVE THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY!!!! *yayyy* Will be going back my hometown and never need to stuck in the jam nemore!!!! :P ne ne ne ne ne..~

P/S: Please don't think I'm that kao lat for applying leave to avoid that stupid jam ok -____-

I was browsing thru some blogs and suddenly I felt I need a proper image transformation. Oh, I just looked so plain!!! *sniff self* Gotta search for myself. Oh well, perhaps I need to get another haircut again, put on nice braces, and do a lil' workout, and oh, warddrobe clearance!!! I need a whole new wardrobe.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Shit, no mood to blog without photos... :( Bai bai..

Friday, August 17, 2007

OK, It's Friday..


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iDollized Myself.

I was browsing thru Cheesie's page the other day whereby she iDollized herself.

Looking at this kinda doll reminded me of Child's Play movie I watched when I was a kid. Or perhaps that kinda haunted dolls which appears in most Korean horror movies. Hella creepy!

I myself have a few of this when I was a kid, and they were so dear to me. I remembered the first doll I had wore a green knitted pyjamas. One day when I came back from kindergarten, my baby went missing! My mum told me she went out (she actually threw it away cos it was dirty and old! T__T) and till today I am still waiting for her return. That was like 20 years ago...

So the other night when I had nothing much to do at home, I decided to iDollized myself too!

Am I KIUT ?!?!!! My bf told me I looked like zhu thao peng -___-

Another pic.

GaWd! I'm seriously amazed myself and I thought it'd be a good idea to produce my own dolly in future. Can be given away as a free gift for VVIP customers of my boutique! Heh..

I wonder how it's gonna be if I ever decide to go on a plastic surgery and look like walking dolly?

Say I'm cute. wtf.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gone zebra.

[My mind was quite disturbed after reading about the express bus tragic accident in Bukit Gantang yesterday that killed 20 passengers including the bus driver. May their soul rest in peace. And deepest condolences to their immediate families..]

Oh!! Did I mentioned I bought new costume for my baby??? From this ugly casing..

... my baby is now wearing THIS !!!

FURY ZEBRA-PRINT !!!! *heart*heart*heart* My baby is so stunning ok??? But yet, I'll never neglect my old junk, cos it still captures gorgeous shots (as above) even though it's aging now..

Looks might be deceiving thou.

Monday, August 13, 2007

"Hang Many-Many, OK?"

It's unfair to have a short weekend. It's unfair that I can only spend a day with my pie.

I had some spare time for myself on last Saturday. Waking up in the afternoon and figured that there're nothing much to do at home, I ended up onlining in Coffee Bean but just can't get the right mood to blog. Visited a few random blogs, cleared my long-forgotten Yahoo mail, posted some stuff up on Selltrade and so so so done with it. I just don't understand why am I so virtual?! Monica just told me the other day, "Chewei, you're like living in virtual life man!!"

How sad, right? Seemed like I'm so anti-social..

It was still early by the time I left Coffee Bean so I ended up flying aimlessly in MidValley. Life is so sad without money. I left in about two hours time. Enough said.

Pie reached late at night and we managed to catch up midnight movie, Rush Hour 3. Again, I'm not a huge fan of action-packed movies, but I just love Jackie Chan =) A couple's seat, to complete it all..

We were overslept and woke up quite late the next day. Had brunch in Miu Kai and snapping around with my NEW CAMERA!!!

Look! My macro mode is functioning weiiiiii!!! Heh.. this is Char Siu Soh btw.

And hooray to my wide-angle lense!! Hehe.. full shot of us in the car! Again, I'm damn syok with my oversized glasses even though it's on 50% off now.. T____T

My poor baby drove back all the way yesterday night. A one-day trip just aren't enough. I knew I'll be seeing you again in like.. 5 days time?

But, I'm already missing you so badly now..

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I think I'm aging..

I was in the lift going up the food court in my office building just now and it was sardine-packed. A guy behind me tried to get the lady in front of me to press button to the 20th floor and guess what he said. "Aunty!! Aunty!! Tolong tekan tingkat 20!!" Darn. I think that poor lady is just in her early 30s and that 'young man' is probably in mid 20s.

As I was queuing for my food, a slightly overweight and not-so-young lady jumped and hopped and runned as cutely as she thought she was to her friend who was queuing behind me. Imagine that kinda cute jumping a 4-year old kid would do when her daddy buy her an ice-cream. Gosh! And worse is that she's in office attire and looked so professional.

Many times I looked back and remembered how anxious I used to be waiting for my 21st birthday so that I can be categorized as an 'adult'. I always wanted to be a grown-up. I wanted to wear makeup everyday. I wanted to be in heels. I wanted dress professionally to the office and getting everyone to greet me and serve me.

I remembered few years back when I first came to KL, I went into a condom shop with my ex-roomie. Feeling so so so excited and wanted to explore new things, a salesgirl stopped me to check on my IC. I wasn't allowed in, as there're still a few more months before my 18th birthday. I felt so insulted. I wanted to be a grown-up.

Once I went to Genting with my family, I borrowed my sister's IC and walked into the casino confidently (with my parents). I was 19 if I'm not mistaken. The security gurad stopped me and demanded for my IC and I confidently took out my sis's IC and starred at him with that kinda irritated look. He let me in. Thank goodness, me and my sister looked alike. That time I felt so adult. I wanted to grow up fast.

As soon as I turned 21st, I would go to my yet-to-turn-21st friends and said to them "Kuci...kuci...ang gu gu...." Alas, I'm a grown up and I got my 'key'!!

Years passed.

I realized sometimes I'm just a lil' overaged to dress cute or act cute. I felt the aging in me especially when I looked at those beauty pageants who're all about 18-20. I felt the aging in me when I am overaged to apply for air-stewardess. I felt the aging in me when I looked at those college students who're still deciding for their future. Cos I knew, I'm too old to turn back time and re-plan my future again.

I envy teenagers nowadays who blog and see the world and knew so many things. I envy the life they're leading, partying till the sun rises the next morning and having a big bunch of mates. Coz what I need now is to have a good rest after work everyday.

Often there're young mums carrying their kids and when I smiled to their kids, the mummy would ask their kids to call me "aunty" instead of "che che". I'm not that old, right?

When I started to receive letters and promotions from banks, I knew I've grown up. Tonnes of bills to be settled; phone bill, credit card bill... I'm an adult with responsibilities. Wrinkles and dark spots, I really do feel old.

Holy shit. I'm 23 this year and I feel so old.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I thought BOB is cool.

I trimmed my hair last Sunday and the stylist wanted to do a short bob this time. And yes, he did it. A very short bob. And he even mentioned to me that he's gonna do the Victoria Beckham's new hairstyle for me on my next visit!

Gone my long crowning glory...

I've been blog-hopping since early morning today and everyone was like so damn into Damier Speedy 30? What's so nice with the bag except for the brand??

OK la... it's nice. But for me to spend RM2.4k for a bag?


Monday, August 6, 2007

What is your purrrfect weekend?

Morning breakfast, shopping, Bangsar moments, movies and pie =) I've got it all!

My darling pie was here last weekend, and I'm considering it the longest moment of all, ever since he no longer works in KL. Instead of one-day trip, I got 1 day plus plus plus this time..wuuhUuuOoooo...!!!

A complete Saturday dimsum brunch followed by boutique-hopping in Bangsar. I got myself a top from Goss:ps. Oh, I wonder if anyone visited Mooie, OopsieDaisie and all those new boutiques there? They have fabulous collections! But no, I did not get anything there before. Goss:ps and Cats Whiskers are still my favourite.

Captured on the way to One Utama. My man damn gaya here.. =P

Been so long since I visited my favourite shopping heaven!! Forever21, Ms Selfridge, TopShop, Diva, Tangoo..the list goes on and on and on.. And thank you very much I did not buy anything there except for a black scarf. Darling pie bought me an angel necklace and a charm necklace which I love love love love love so muchie!! *winkz*

After movie, we actually went 'sightseeing' in IKEA before went for dinner in The Curve and guess what we had!

Paddington House of Pancakes!

I've read about it and heard so many good reviews of this pancake house in The Curve but never did step my foot in before. And trust me, there're more than 100+ choices for you to choose and everything is about pancakes, pancakes and pancakes!! We had this (I forgot the name) which comes in bite-size pancakes, cherry, banana, apricot, strawberry, almonds, peanuts, raisins and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Yummmm...~

The next day, we woke up earlier than usual and started our mission impossible to PC Fair in KL Convention Centre. As predicted, people mountain people sea. I had difficulty breathing inside, worse than daily traffic jam I had, and I could see nothing except human. At this kinda condition, what would be the last thing you'd expect?

Strong body odour and of course, fart.

Look! Me showing off my new glasses I got it proudly from TopShop last week and within the next 2 days it's up on 50% sales. Damn cheated can!!!

To Nikko after PC Fair and said "Hello!" to all ex-collegues. Many new faces there and all were giving me 'that-kinda-stare' and I was like "What the hell, I'm your extreme senior c'mon..!!" Everything seemed so new to me, new faces, new organization, new uniforms, and of course, I'm a whole new me too.

Oh! Did I forget to introduce my new baby????!?!?!?!

Absolute love =)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Customer Service Standard

The girl behind me got super-phantastich customer service level.. *shhhh*

Heard her shouting at the customers since early in the morning today. Reason being the supervisor is not around today and oh, she just don't have to mind her language and manners anymore! GaWd! I'd slap her nicely if I'm ever the customer she speaks to. How rude is that! She even hang up the phone just because the customer was demanding for an explaination on stock shortages!

And even when a customer asked her why are we selling notebooks with Linux OS and what is it, she answered rudely, "Dunno la! Whatever the people want to install they can install la! How I know what they wanna do with it? They know how to use! I dunno! Don't ask me! I dunno!!" I was like oh-my-fuckkaccino!!! Perhaps the poor customer has offended her in the past life...

Another customer was asking why we don't sell our PCs online I think, and she was like, "NO!! We don't sell online! Don't have don't have la!! What why why??? You want buy online you go buy DELL or hP la!!"

And oh, another funny conversation I overheard was I think the customer was laughing on the line and that stupid girl asked bengang-ly "Why you ha-ha-ha like that?? HaRRr..??" Fuckaccino!!!! Just kill me!!! Kill me!!!


I hate it when I need to work with her, ALONE. Oh, I felt so insulted sitting at my place now.. coz the customers must be swearing and cursing like hell and assuming everyone in this office behaves this way..

Oh no!! I AM very polite wan, ok? *innocent face*

Another 2 more hours to go. My weekend mantra will be ""

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Camwhore is BACK !

On-going Megasales kills... I don't understand why they prolonged the duration for the Megasales Carnival cos I don't see any difference. Moreover, another Megasales will be approaching in December. Stewpiakkkk...

I went 'sightseeing' again in KLCC after work yesterday figuring out it'd be better than me going back and staring at the monitor, editing my pics and get blind. My usual routine daily would be reaching home by 7pm, bath and dinner, watch a little movie (sometimes) and start editing my pics till 11sth and sleep. Editing, sounded so professional. Heh.

Idiot me wore the wrong heels yesterday and by the time I was about to leave, I can't even feel my own feet. The pain was sooooooooo unbearable and I couldn't even make it to the washroom downstairs and gotta utilize the 1st floor washroom, paid RM2. WTH. Nothing difference except that they gave a packet of wet tissue. Dang!

This was the first top I tried in ZARA. Uber cute and I could play around with the collar! Look! In the 3rd pic, I could wear as a mask on hazy days! Smart eh?

A pretty red top in ZARA as well. Sophisticated in the first pic, whore-ish in the second pic! Haha!! I looked like a cowgirl!


In TOPSHOP. I purposely chose their expensive collection..

"Tak jadi beli, bergambar pun syok la.."

First in the pic is actually a *ahem* top, which I'm wearing as a slutty short dress.. *isk* The blue dress in the middle is embroidered artfully and it's gonna be soooooooo pretty to wear with a waist cincher! I took in a waist cincher at first to try on with this dress but the salesgirl said "NO". Hate her. And oh, look at the 3rd red kimono dress!! Isn't it pretty to the MAX!! I'm trying hard to be Mak Datin over here..hehe..

It's 2:10pm now, another 4hr to go before I finish work.

Why human MUST work? =(

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I am so busy so busy so busy so busy at work today! But still can blog.. haha! Time management kononnya..

I went for lunch with YeeLing yesterday, which is fondly known as JC now. A friend I knew since Secondary 3, I think. We were from different school, but met each other in Physics tuition and somehow we're kinda clicked. And till today, we still do keep in touch occasionally and she still remains as a friend who'll never turn me away no matter what happened.

The above photo was taken when she's sending me off after lunch.

Question: Why my eyes looked so small each time I snapped photo with her?

"Oh honey... I shrunk my eyes !!!!!!!!!" -_______-