Monday, August 6, 2007

What is your purrrfect weekend?

Morning breakfast, shopping, Bangsar moments, movies and pie =) I've got it all!

My darling pie was here last weekend, and I'm considering it the longest moment of all, ever since he no longer works in KL. Instead of one-day trip, I got 1 day plus plus plus this time..wuuhUuuOoooo...!!!

A complete Saturday dimsum brunch followed by boutique-hopping in Bangsar. I got myself a top from Goss:ps. Oh, I wonder if anyone visited Mooie, OopsieDaisie and all those new boutiques there? They have fabulous collections! But no, I did not get anything there before. Goss:ps and Cats Whiskers are still my favourite.

Captured on the way to One Utama. My man damn gaya here.. =P

Been so long since I visited my favourite shopping heaven!! Forever21, Ms Selfridge, TopShop, Diva, Tangoo..the list goes on and on and on.. And thank you very much I did not buy anything there except for a black scarf. Darling pie bought me an angel necklace and a charm necklace which I love love love love love so muchie!! *winkz*

After movie, we actually went 'sightseeing' in IKEA before went for dinner in The Curve and guess what we had!

Paddington House of Pancakes!

I've read about it and heard so many good reviews of this pancake house in The Curve but never did step my foot in before. And trust me, there're more than 100+ choices for you to choose and everything is about pancakes, pancakes and pancakes!! We had this (I forgot the name) which comes in bite-size pancakes, cherry, banana, apricot, strawberry, almonds, peanuts, raisins and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Yummmm...~

The next day, we woke up earlier than usual and started our mission impossible to PC Fair in KL Convention Centre. As predicted, people mountain people sea. I had difficulty breathing inside, worse than daily traffic jam I had, and I could see nothing except human. At this kinda condition, what would be the last thing you'd expect?

Strong body odour and of course, fart.

Look! Me showing off my new glasses I got it proudly from TopShop last week and within the next 2 days it's up on 50% sales. Damn cheated can!!!

To Nikko after PC Fair and said "Hello!" to all ex-collegues. Many new faces there and all were giving me 'that-kinda-stare' and I was like "What the hell, I'm your extreme senior c'mon..!!" Everything seemed so new to me, new faces, new organization, new uniforms, and of course, I'm a whole new me too.

Oh! Did I forget to introduce my new baby????!?!?!?!

Absolute love =)


leksw said...

wa wa wa..finally u got urself a lumix after making so much noise everytime i see u...i think ur pie also relief a lil d..hahaha

chouji said...

wohoo 28mm wide angle for a compact slim camera... now can camwhore whole body pics ady hor.. no need stretch hands so far :p

c r y s t said...

sheau: wa wa wa... damn SHIOK can! but my old cam more user friendly..still trying to figure out how to use my new one..

chouji: yaya!!! dun have to set timer coz hands not long enuff..lolz!!

chouji said...

i guess it's worth the pack and jam and pushing around and BO in pcfair hor?

haha i'm super sien.. haven't really got a task to do. ask me read read and read nia =.=

oh yea, i'm thinking of getting a wide angle lens also.. maybe 23mm or 20mm haha so that can take whole body shots during pcfair.. too crowded ady lah!!

c r y s t said...

after thinking back actually not quite worth it la..i shd have bargain summore but at this it was too crowded, i din even enquire much. just wanna buy and go.

i tot u using dslr rite? so, where ur models' pics? =)

chouji said...

haha yeah using dslr.. that's why i wanna buy lens instead of a lumix ;p haha i've just got a notebook from my company, then online a bit here and there. pics havent processed yet, and got 2 models only... sien jor...

it's a HP notebook btw, not acer. ahaha

c r y s t said...

hey, wat r u working as n where! y got nb and hp wan!!! i wanna work there also!!!

chouji said...

i think you are qualified to work here loh actually.. at the customer or marketing department lah.. haha you try apply and see... i'm working at my phone number punya company.. yellow colour guys.. i will follow you~~ und und?

c r y s t said...

ohhh....DIGI!!! =) snap pic of that yellow guy k!! lolz.. if i work there i sure camho with that yellow guy kao-kao!! lolz..

chouji said...

hahah that day they baru mari only.. but i didnt bring cam! haha how to bring my cam to the office? ;p later all the yellow guys terkejut then no coverage ady ahahah

lollipop said...

hey there,
the one that u've had at paddington pancake house is called Treasure box, and it's my favourite! super yummy, right? hehehe.. u bought the lumix camera? cool.. issit nice to use?

sign out,

c r y s t said...

yesh!! yesh!!! treasure box!! thanx for reminding..hehe =) its yummy innit?! *salivates* yea, lumix rocks. hooray to the wide angle, but booo for snapping w/out flash =(