Friday, August 3, 2007

Customer Service Standard

The girl behind me got super-phantastich customer service level.. *shhhh*

Heard her shouting at the customers since early in the morning today. Reason being the supervisor is not around today and oh, she just don't have to mind her language and manners anymore! GaWd! I'd slap her nicely if I'm ever the customer she speaks to. How rude is that! She even hang up the phone just because the customer was demanding for an explaination on stock shortages!

And even when a customer asked her why are we selling notebooks with Linux OS and what is it, she answered rudely, "Dunno la! Whatever the people want to install they can install la! How I know what they wanna do with it? They know how to use! I dunno! Don't ask me! I dunno!!" I was like oh-my-fuckkaccino!!! Perhaps the poor customer has offended her in the past life...

Another customer was asking why we don't sell our PCs online I think, and she was like, "NO!! We don't sell online! Don't have don't have la!! What why why??? You want buy online you go buy DELL or hP la!!"

And oh, another funny conversation I overheard was I think the customer was laughing on the line and that stupid girl asked bengang-ly "Why you ha-ha-ha like that?? HaRRr..??" Fuckaccino!!!! Just kill me!!! Kill me!!!


I hate it when I need to work with her, ALONE. Oh, I felt so insulted sitting at my place now.. coz the customers must be swearing and cursing like hell and assuming everyone in this office behaves this way..

Oh no!! I AM very polite wan, ok? *innocent face*

Another 2 more hours to go. My weekend mantra will be ""


Vincent Cho said...

i'll fire her no doubt if i'm the boss~ haha!!

c r y s t said...

i wld too, IF i'm the boss..lolz