Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday..

I was updating those online boutiques' links and omg, I did not realize my blog turns 1 year old this month!!!

Thinking back, I sorta created quite a number of blogs but was too lazy to maintain them. I started blogging through Multiply back then.

I was a so-called full time Multiplian before this and when I started working in this company, I had too much free time. And so, I created a blog.

My first blog was named Camaddict; as in camera addict, not karma dick k? -__- It wasn't a name I like but all those I wanted had already been taken. I guess it lasted for less than half a year before I returned to Multiply. Blame it to my laziness.

My second blog in Blogdrive wasn't made public, and it only lasted a month or so. Just to figure out that indeed I don't have much time to maintain a blog.

And yeah, I was just following the trend back then when most of my friends started blogging. I told myself that I needed determination!

So I created this 3rd blog - Just Being, Cryst. Simply being just me, myself and I. Things I love doing, camwhoring and yeah, boutique reviewing ;) updates of my simple life, meetups with friends I treasure, keeping track of the growth of my nephews and niece and perhaps my own in the future ;) everyone dear around me, and also the love and light of my life ;)

I've been blogging for a year now which is wayyyyyyy beyond my expectation!

Happy Birthday, My Blog! ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SMART my ass!


Guess how long I used to reach my office this morning?! Freaking 3 hours!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Stupid SMART-my ass tunnel is closed until further notice. Which means high percentage of me driving 3 hours to work every morning for this whole week!!!

And you call this SMART?!! I wonder where all these cars come from. It's like I left my home about 710am, wasted about an hour stucked in front of Summit USJ, and then stucked all the way right after KESAS highway right up to Jln. Ampang!

My work starts at 9am and I reached office at 950am today! Just kill me.. T_T

Reporter at work. I'm reporting about the reporter wtf.

It seemed like I'm driving back to my hometown for work ok! Thank goodness going back time was all smooth or else I might just tapau and go Kuantan. (eh eh! I take back my words first :P)

And yesterday while working halfway, about 3sth there was this announcement:

"Ladies and gentlement. We've detected fire on the 17th floor and currently fire is out of control. Do not be panic. Please leave the office building immediately. Thank you."


Everyone stared at each other. This must be kidding. Neither of us move, just stared blankly at each other. We were all in doubt. And seconds later, without any word, all of us grabbed our belongings and left. And worse was we're on the 24th floor!!!!!!! Using the staircase, we turned and turned and turned and turned and turned and turned all the way down to the ground floor.

WTF. Saw securities taking photos. Whatelse but FIRE DRILL. Where got such thing in corporate office one!!! I thought we only have fire drill in school what!!! -______-


I think I'm addicted to PHOP! I went there again with the pie last Saturday.

I tried those combination of pancakes and ham and failed kaw-kaw. Proven I'm right from the beginning - pancakes only go with fruits, and ice-cream! The waiter recommended the bf one of their so-called high demand dish, and for me it really fail big time too. ;(

But being with beep makes everything turned 100% ;)

I think the bf damn can make it nowadays.. HAHA!!

My bangs are covering my eyes now.. will cut again tomorrow, by myself. Save money what, so?!! :P

It's 938pm now and I've not taken my dinner. Am gonna make sandwich with peanut butter.. I'm so hungry!! Bai baii..

Friday, March 21, 2008

I felt like a city girl, finally.

I was back home by 3pm today, thanks to my relative who came visiting every month. PH yesterday, today I worked for 5 hours plus, and 2 days off for the weekends! ;)

I felt like I was being alienated from the city already! Been so long since I last went out chilling, gossiping and shopping the whole day.. Friends? OMG OMG been so long since I last met up with any friends! Blame it to my work..

With Shin and Ann in Paddington House of Pancakes yesterday! I've been dying to go there again for ages T3T

My simple brunch - pancakes with bananas and a scoop of vanila ice-cream. And oh! I love the chocolate butter!!! Yum~

Love their hot mocha! ;)

Shin ordered a very big portion of dollar pancakes with fruits which I think will last me for a week wtf. And Ann had pancakes with sausages and ham. I think it's a real weird combination-lah! I still prefer those traditional type - pancakes with maple syrup and fruits or ice-cream.

The two generous lads accompany me to the boutique I'm dying to go for ages!!! ;)

The top I was wearing has fabulous asymmetrical cut and it's shorter at the back with a sexy keyhole! Bought ;) And Shin was trying to get back to her childhood time LOL..

So cute right!!! Dya think I should go back and get this? Been thinking about it the whole night yesterday and I was kinda regret not buying it. Viewing back this photo, I think it suits me-lah! What dya think? Comments most welcome.

My brother told me it suits my baby niece more ;(

The pink top on me is like so cheap, only 20plus! But it can't hide my tummy ;(

I'm seriously missing my childhood time I think. And Shin looked like Carlsberg girl! HAHA!

I love this so much though the material is kinda hard. It has keyhole at the back too, zomg why all my clothes got holes dot dot... Bought ;) And Shin bought the same one too..

Happy girls ;)

The lady boss noticed us camwhoring and offered us to camwhore at the sofa area.. She even asked us to feel free to camwhore as much as we want, it's free wtf..

And so we helped ourselves ;)

There're heaps of magazines there as well, so dengan tak tau malunya we sat there camwhoring, yakking and flipping thru the magazines for quite some time.

We really made ourselves at home! :D

We went a few more boutiques but no photos taken coz the rest are not as fun as the first one..

Short break in IZZI.

Showing off my Shu Uemura compact powder casing which I blingkify myself ;), if such word exist..

Luck wasn't on our side as the rain came pouring for the next hour. We were stucked in HSBC for so long and later cancelled our next destination and went back straight.

Shopping satisfaction - 70%.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm just being addicted... to online shopping

The trill, the expectation, the surprise.. yes, I think all these can be bought with money. Who said money can't buy happiness har you tell me la now!!? ;)

I got addicted to online shopping eversince I started my job here, 2 years back. Having too much spare time at work, I started to read blogs, blog hopping here and there and ended up with Selltrade KL, a site I'm being so addicted to. A site where I dig for good bargain, a site I dig for stuff which is not available locally, and a site I sell off my 2nd hand clothes for extra moolah!

Do place your donation here ;)

And then the trend started like last year where everybody wants to start their very own online business. So here comes all the sites I've listed at the right side of my blog. I bet you won't believe that every morning I start off my day browsing thru all these sites for updates before I start on my work. I call it addictive addiction.

Anyway, today I received another two tops I bought online!

Purple pleated long top from Lil' Miss Dot. Tell me those pleats are so gorgeous can die *gasp*

Cherry red bustier tube top from Clothesbucket. I was a little dissapointed though, as I expected it to be longer. But nevermind, the material is so soft and made me felt like a baby again ;) But but but, I might selling it of soon I guess..

Thursday gonna be Public Holiday and I'm looking forward for shopping session with Shin! ;)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Clarins Workshop

Everybody wants to be pretty hah? So yesterday I attended Clarins Intensive Make-up Workshop in my office, since we're working very closely with Clarins. It was pretty entertaining coz there're only 10 of us attending, with 3 make-up artists assisting us and 2 mentors.

I've been using Clarins products since like 2 years ago. I'm using the full range of Clarins products; from cleanser to scrub to toner, mosturiser, UV protection, blemish control, foundation.. yala, cos I have the perception that if I'm using one brand I shall not mix with other brand's products else some sorta chemical reaction gonna happen wtf.

It was fun cos we get to try all the products. We were tolds to remove all our make-up first (which I think I scared quite lots of ppl T_T) and then to apply layer by layer of products to cover all our flaws. Wah! Where got so much time to apply so many stuff on my face?!!

My collegue Lyza getting assistance from Clarins make-up artist, Huey on applying the right foundation.

It was kinda fun experimenting all their products and with only 10 of us attending, we had very personalized experience. Cool right? We were the only 10 who got selected!! ;)

No la, actually only 10 of us registered. And me, attended simply because of the doorgift. Why am I being such a cheapskate? T_T

My lunch partner, and also the one who sits behind me in office.

Pretty receptionist, Asha. She got real long lashes, thick eyebrows and very even skin tone.. Save on mascara, eyebrow pencil and foundation-lah!

Ms Yuen from Accounts Department.

Ms Tang, also from Accounts Department.

And being the youngest in the office, I'm the only camwhore queen. Everyone seemed to be avoiding the camera damn sien ;(

The workshop was dragged till about 8 sth, which supposingly scheduled to end by 730pm. I hate to be back this late cos I'm staying so far from the office. But thank God the road was kinda clear. I reached home in about half an hour time..

:) :) :) :)

Anyway, I'll be back to Taiping later in the afternoon. Salivation over Lian Thong's toast with half boiled eggs and white coffee ice already :P~

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The evil self won..

Just figured out I've not been to Bangsar for quite some time, since last week I think :P I've been browsing through Goss:ps blog this morning and spotted a few items. It's so hard to resist ok? T_T I tried so hard to convince myself that after work it's gonna be really jam and I should go back straight. But another evil self said once a week, it can be forgiven ;( While my angelic self and evil self are debating among themselves, unconciously I turned left - to Bangsar.

I headed straight to Goss:ps first, hey time is precious k? By the time I reached Bangsar it's already like.. 7pm.

And it's camwhore time!!! :)

Too simple I would say ;(

Hehe.. KINKY! But I think I looked a bit ah lian -_-

How can I forget to buy this?!!!!!! I wanted this and after trying all the clothes I totally forgot about this gorgeous T3T ARGh!!!! *slap self*

This piece is so cute!! So I shall act cute!! ;) It's so comfy but damn tight can!! I gotta hold my breathe if I'm gonna wear this and I think I'd faint akibat kekurangan oksigen wtf. Pass.

High-waisted shorts! :D The reason I ended up in Bangsar tonight ;) And also check out the kinky tee "I heart my two boyfriends" hehe.. The bf gonna chop me into pieces! *runs*

OK ignore the combination please I'm too lazy to change. I've been looking for a high-waisted skirt for quite some time and it's all very unflattering, or is it my own problem? T_T

This is cute too right? But too bad it's tad unflattering on me as well ;(

I actually spotted a few more pieces that I'd love to try but I was the only customer there and I felt so awkward, so I left.

Cats Whiskers is still having their clearance sales so if any of you wanna grab something really really cheap, don't miss the chance. But mind you, nothing much left.

Mooie next! :D I always love the interior inside and the styles they carry. Having sales too but yeah, spotted nothing much...

...but this cute tee catches my attention. Look at the cute + a little scary face..

OK. I won't leave you here :) Follow me back k? :)

And he did.

So I left Bangsar with this cute tee, a simple white cardi, and this:

My FIRST high-waisted shorts!!! *big wet eyes* And my brother just told me I looked like a primary school boy wtf.