Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The evil self won..

Just figured out I've not been to Bangsar for quite some time, since last week I think :P I've been browsing through Goss:ps blog this morning and spotted a few items. It's so hard to resist ok? T_T I tried so hard to convince myself that after work it's gonna be really jam and I should go back straight. But another evil self said once a week, it can be forgiven ;( While my angelic self and evil self are debating among themselves, unconciously I turned left - to Bangsar.

I headed straight to Goss:ps first, hey time is precious k? By the time I reached Bangsar it's already like.. 7pm.

And it's camwhore time!!! :)

Too simple I would say ;(

Hehe.. KINKY! But I think I looked a bit ah lian -_-

How can I forget to buy this?!!!!!! I wanted this and after trying all the clothes I totally forgot about this gorgeous T3T ARGh!!!! *slap self*

This piece is so cute!! So I shall act cute!! ;) It's so comfy but damn tight can!! I gotta hold my breathe if I'm gonna wear this and I think I'd faint akibat kekurangan oksigen wtf. Pass.

High-waisted shorts! :D The reason I ended up in Bangsar tonight ;) And also check out the kinky tee "I heart my two boyfriends" hehe.. The bf gonna chop me into pieces! *runs*

OK ignore the combination please I'm too lazy to change. I've been looking for a high-waisted skirt for quite some time and it's all very unflattering, or is it my own problem? T_T

This is cute too right? But too bad it's tad unflattering on me as well ;(

I actually spotted a few more pieces that I'd love to try but I was the only customer there and I felt so awkward, so I left.

Cats Whiskers is still having their clearance sales so if any of you wanna grab something really really cheap, don't miss the chance. But mind you, nothing much left.

Mooie next! :D I always love the interior inside and the styles they carry. Having sales too but yeah, spotted nothing much...

...but this cute tee catches my attention. Look at the cute + a little scary face..

OK. I won't leave you here :) Follow me back k? :)

And he did.

So I left Bangsar with this cute tee, a simple white cardi, and this:

My FIRST high-waisted shorts!!! *big wet eyes* And my brother just told me I looked like a primary school boy wtf.


YorkMei said...

hehe cute cute..i esp like the 1st and 3rd. Bangsar...err..where is it exactly? its a boutique? wish to visit too ;p

c r y s t said...

yorkmei: yaya i love the 3rd one so much!! :D and yes, goss:ps is a boutique in telawi bangsar. there're many other boutiques there as well you should check 'em out! ;)