Friday, March 14, 2008

Clarins Workshop

Everybody wants to be pretty hah? So yesterday I attended Clarins Intensive Make-up Workshop in my office, since we're working very closely with Clarins. It was pretty entertaining coz there're only 10 of us attending, with 3 make-up artists assisting us and 2 mentors.

I've been using Clarins products since like 2 years ago. I'm using the full range of Clarins products; from cleanser to scrub to toner, mosturiser, UV protection, blemish control, foundation.. yala, cos I have the perception that if I'm using one brand I shall not mix with other brand's products else some sorta chemical reaction gonna happen wtf.

It was fun cos we get to try all the products. We were tolds to remove all our make-up first (which I think I scared quite lots of ppl T_T) and then to apply layer by layer of products to cover all our flaws. Wah! Where got so much time to apply so many stuff on my face?!!

My collegue Lyza getting assistance from Clarins make-up artist, Huey on applying the right foundation.

It was kinda fun experimenting all their products and with only 10 of us attending, we had very personalized experience. Cool right? We were the only 10 who got selected!! ;)

No la, actually only 10 of us registered. And me, attended simply because of the doorgift. Why am I being such a cheapskate? T_T

My lunch partner, and also the one who sits behind me in office.

Pretty receptionist, Asha. She got real long lashes, thick eyebrows and very even skin tone.. Save on mascara, eyebrow pencil and foundation-lah!

Ms Yuen from Accounts Department.

Ms Tang, also from Accounts Department.

And being the youngest in the office, I'm the only camwhore queen. Everyone seemed to be avoiding the camera damn sien ;(

The workshop was dragged till about 8 sth, which supposingly scheduled to end by 730pm. I hate to be back this late cos I'm staying so far from the office. But thank God the road was kinda clear. I reached home in about half an hour time..

:) :) :) :)

Anyway, I'll be back to Taiping later in the afternoon. Salivation over Lian Thong's toast with half boiled eggs and white coffee ice already :P~


leksw said...

so, how was the workshop? ada good? learn alot?

c r y s t said...

leksw: hrm..nth much la.. clarins punya make-up artist so so saja.. but for the sake of freegifts, close one eye la :P

omellete said...

omg..i love your hair!!!

c r y s t said...

omellete: thx babe ;)