Monday, July 28, 2008

Better than visiting psychologist ok!

I was tidying up my closet the other day, sorting out clothes which were left untouched, to be sold off and to be given away.

I had major wardrobe revamp these two years, which I think mainly it's because after I joined this company I had more time to get online. I first started stalking on blogs, blog-hopping, linking to STKL, and from there I received updates on e-boutiques, where my love for fashion started to bloom.

I used to be t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. Or worse, only baggy tees (XXXL mind you!!) and jeans, in dull colours like black, blue or white during early secondary time (yala, cos I was damn tomboy that time wtf). I only started wearing body hugging kinda top when I was in Form 3, I think.

Disney, Giordano, PDI, Googles, were damn IN that time ok!! -__-" uHm, maybe only in my small hometown laa...

I started spending more on clothes after I discovered that I could actually sell off stuff in STKL. And when I was introduced to Polyvore, my spending habit became worse T___T I don't consider myself as a shopaholic, as I think there're more individuals who spend much more on clothes than I am. But what I had splurged on, I think it's way too much for low income buruh kasar like myself T___T

My recent purchases in these 2 weeks.

How to save like this you tell me la!

I officially hate Mega sales/ Bazaars/ online boutiques T_________T Shoo!! Go away!! :(

My small but damn organized punya closet from IKEA. Yea, I'm such an organized person ;)

Hanging from left: Skirts for work, long sleeves cardigans and hoodies, baby tees and short sleeves tops (colour coded), sleeveless tops, tube tops, long tops, dresses. I love hanging my clothes.. Makes hunting easier and everything won't crumple together.

Folded were those ugly tops and shorts I wear at home, jeans, shorts, leggings, pyjamas, shits I rarely wear but don't feel like giving or selling away *sigh*

Unwanted stuff ie: to be sold, given away, to redesign (like whOa!!! :P) etc..

I only started buying accessories when the very first DIVA store opened in One Utama. All nicely kept in those white transparent boxes with small compartments, just nice to fit my earrings and necklaces ;)

OK, I shall stop elaborating more coz I'm feeling damn depressed already. Guess what, I sent my car for servicing last Saturday and the total bill came up to whooping RM1350!!!! T____T Imma just eat crackers with milo this month laa.. I promised myself not to go shopping this month. Ikat perut wtf.

So help -> *click* Just updated with more pretty stuff ;)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of the king and the dragon..

I'm getting lazier and lazier to blog already. I've been living my days so dully. Monday to Friday to work and that's it. I've not been meeting up with any friends lately, nor keeping in touch with any. OMG!!! What are friends?? I almost forgot already.. -___-

Anyway, I went Kuantan last weekend. Been quite a few months I did not step my feet in ok! (cos I know you're thinking - "not again!!") And this trip, the bf brought me to his family's dragon fruits orchard. The last time I went there, everything just started and trees were still small.

Everything seemed different now.

So freaking HOT k. Must take care of my 'face' - yale, particularly my face la, even though my freckles are genetic. ;( Young time I thought I looked gorgeous with freckles cos I looked like gweilo, I kept going under the sun to grow more freckles wtf. See la what happen now!! T__T

Dragon fruit flower (correct arr?). This thing really so fragile. It dropped when I touched T__T

Being a psycho, cos we're in a deserted land.. la la la.. ;)

I love this shot, cos he made me so small!! HAHAHAHA!!!

By the way, notice the little building at the back. The building which is built cave-like to attract those swiftlets in to build saliva nest used to produce bird nest soup.

Back to his home later and we had durian feast! LOL Just both of us la.. It's been years since I last tasted the pleasant taste and aroma of durian.. mMmmMm..~ Damn syok!

My damn enjoy punya look.

Because he said dragon fruit is cooling, because he said my breathe was shitty after taking durian, he made me a huge glass of dragon fruit juice.

That moment I felt I was the luckiest girl on earth ;) ;) ;)

Penuh berkhasiat weiiii!!

100% natural lips colour. OK, enough of my camwhore pics.

Went strolling by the beach the next day after breakfast and we saw this:

HAHAHAHHAAH!!!! Monkey with white eye rim!!! HAHAHAHA So idiot-looking!!!

Die laaaaa.... I got wrinkles already!!! T________T

Your boyfriend.

The infamous lover's bridge. I wonder why they name this lover's bridge?? Is it because it's so secluded so couples can have their own activities there? hRm..

Haih, we seldom meet lately as he's kinda busy with work. Also, my mum is in KL quite often as my sister's shifting to new home. Been meeting like once every fortnight sigh, this is really depressing T___T

I miss you..


Anyway, just a note that Baboobeep is having first ever CLEARANCE SALES now! With FREE SHIPPING somemore.. *click* and *buy* laa..

24th of July already...and it's not here yet.. ;(

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah Ma's 90th

A backdated post. It's been like a month or so since her birthday in June. My mighty ah ma celebrated her BIG 90th birthday! Wuu~!!

We had a luncheon together with all family menbers to celebrate for her. It was a rare occasion as we normally only get together like during someone's wedding.

But, but, but damn bad luck k!! My 'AV' came right before the luncheon and I spent the first half hour squatting in the toilet. The pain was inbearable. Everyone was looking for me. My mum called my handphone asking where am I, my dad called to check if I fainted in the toilet, my sister came knocking the door thinking I died inside T_____T

Everyone halfway eating already when I entered. My uncle asked me if I got food poisoning, I didn't know what to answer -__- My aunty asked if I got anemia.. *sigh*

My cousin's twin daugther!! Oh, he got phoenix twins lucky him! Phoenix twins means a baby boy and a baby girl, in case your wondering. Wah, I also want lah :P~ Sekaligus kao tim.

My ah ma who's already so used to my camwhore addiction.

Damn drama one coz none took out their camera until the waitress brought in the cake, everyone took out their cameras and started to snap pic of the cake. Mind you, only the cake -___-

My puffer fish ah ma HAHAHAHA!!!!

So hard to get everyone into a pic. Some did not corporate. When we asked them to come over for a family snapshot, they said "Ayiah, no need la..." wtf.

The best pic we manage to capture. Using my sister's big ass DLSR and a tripod. Bad quality hmph! ;( This is the family from my mother's side.

My never-grow-up punya brother who loves disturbing me day and night.

My baby niece who looks exactly like my dad.. Omg spot the similarities!

My favourite aunty aka my kai ma ;)

My wise ah ma ;))))

Mwah~ :D

I wish you all well for your birthday and many years to come ;)

On the other note, anyone went to the Topshop sales already?!!!! :D I went during lunch time just now and only managed to grab a colourful and quirky tank top and a high-waisted button skirt. Not much choices in KLCC outlet. Going Kuantan later after work! So Monday will drop by Sunway Pyramid's outlet.. hRm, or maybe MidValley ;) Have a pleasant weekend all!!

If you haven't click, click now --> BABOOBEEP.
(sekali tekan, pasti hendak lagi!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clean feet!

I went Bijou Bazaar at Strudels Cafe in Bangsar with Shinzz just now! And there's nothing much-lah this time.. and I don't really like the place. Despite being quite convenient for me as it's in Bangsar (I won't get lost!), the environment of it is kinda boring and not that happening compared to Jeumpa D'ramo. I only bought a white eyelet top, a black suspender and a black pumps for work.

No photos.

Later continued with my short 2 hours shopping in Sunway Pyramid with Ami. By the time I reached it was almost 8pm. And I almost ended up in a fight with the valet parking guy wtf. Grrr..!!

I handed him RM50 as I don't have any small change. The valet parking cost RM8 and all I left was RM7 and he said he got no small change as well. He asked me to dig from my car and I told him I have some coins and he said "Amoii.. valet parking mana ada terima syilling punya. Mau duit kertas saja!!" I was like shit u, coins not money arr!! And later he asked one of his collegue to go somewhere to change to RM50 into loose notes. And later he came back with 5 pieces of RM10. And guess what! He told me he got no change somemore!! By that time I was kinda loose my temper already cos after so much drama and waited for so long, he didn't even have RM2. And he took out all RM10 from his pouch and showed me and told me "Tengok, semua RM10 saja, semua pun customer kasi tips.." And I told him straight off his face "Patutla takde duit kecik, mau ambik tips rupanya.." and started to show my tulan face and walked away. He started shouting from my back "Amoi.. bukan mau u mia duit.. duit macam ni aku pun tak mau..blaaa..blaaa.." And I ignored him and just walked off.

Damn annoying k! It's like the way he put it seemed like I damn cheapskate wanna wait for my RM2 change. And hey, as if he did anything that I must give him tips?!! I park the car myself and he just walked over to collect money. So why must I tips him??

So I ended up with 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets as revenge..hrm..

And I'm now waiting for the bf's arrival tomorrow morning. ;)

Anyway, I went for Kenko Fish Spa last weekend!

It was really really really ticklish at first but after a while I sorta gotten used to it. In fact, it was quite fun watching those fishes nibble away my dead skin -__-

And damn funny also cos a lot of customers there couldn't stand it and kept laughing non-stop. Like this lady.

LOLLLL Damn funny k coz she was there sitting and laughing alone non-stop and omfg, guess what. She even took the towel which was provided to wipe the legs to cover her face!!!! LOL!!!

My legs and my mum's - being attacked by Dr. Fish. Looked so scary can!! T___T


Those fishes are wayyyyyy bigger than those shown in brochures. I guess they ate too much -__-" Too much of human's dead skin.. *vomits*

My mum, my second sis and Kent G. Kent G damn cool ok cos he just put his feet in like that and he didn't feel anything. And check out the old lady beside him. LOL This was another funny customer I saw over there. She's a tourist from Japan I think and was sitting there for the whole half an hour with her legs up and dare not put in at all.

Check out the lady's attempt to put her feet in. Kent G was irritated already cos each time she put up her legs, water splashes over his body HAHA!

Another attempt. Kent G still staring at her. By the way, the guy in far left is my bro-in-law.

Never give up! HAHA

Gave up already wtf HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Saw from the brochure that they also offer Body Fish Spa Therapy where the fishes will surround your whole body and nibbles away all the dead skin from all unreachable areas, in own VIP room la of course. And I wonder how it feels like having so many fishes surrounding the naked body? Patially naked or TOTALLY NAKED?? Is it safe?? o_O

Overall it was really worth trying. I'm surely going again, will you give it a try? :P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I spotted wrinkles!

Before I start off, I wanna thank everyone who wished me 'Happy Birthday'. Those who called, SMS-ed, emailed, messages in MSN, cbox, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, etc.. You guys made my day! :D To those from overseas who called/ SMS-ed me, I really appreciate your effort T3T

Me LOVE you all many many!!!!!!!


Oh well, this year I had a very simple birthday. Went for a short trip to Genting with the bf since he's kinda busy with his work lately. Yeah, not been seeing him so frequent lately.. probably like twice a month?? T_T

In Coffee Bean while waiting to check-in.

Nothing much to do in Genting but just chilling as we both don't gamble and game. And there wasn't much people when we went as it's on weekdays. Oh, anyone know where's Fraser Hill! I heard it's quite near to Genting and the scenary is amazing.. but have not figure out the exact location.. ;( Even that orang Pahang pun tak tau where's Fraser Hill.. -__-"

When there's no one around..


Dinner time in Coffee Terrace in Genting Hotel. This F&B outlet offers varieties of local and international cuisine in both a la carte and buffet. We both love sashimi, 'nuff said. And I think I ate more than him that night why am I turning into a glutton!!!

Back to the room to wait for the clock to strike 12 wtf. We stayed in Resort Hotel this time and the room was quite new and spacious. Much better than I've expected cos usually rooms in Genting are all old and spooky.. Got a twin bedroom instead since we gotta wait for another few hours for the king sized bed to be available. Oh well, it doesn't matter actually as we usually occupy only quarter of the bed.. heh.

Love potion #31 birthday cake from Baskin Robbins! ;) But why only ONE candle!!

When the bf wasted so much time to get the right setting for the camera, the ice-cream started to melt and leads to this kinda shot of me licking it before blowing off my candle -__-

I looked like in pain over here, why arr!

No worries, we did not finish up the cake the same night ok!! It was our breakfast the next morning though.. HAHA! :D

Do excuse my sampat-ness..

Check out my cool bf yo! LOL Washroom got the BESTEST lighting ever!!!! :)

We left Genting quite early the next day as the bf gotta rush back for work.. T__T Where can!! *sigh*

Upon reaching home, I had my family to celebrate with me.. My mum was in KL, my brother, sis-in-law, Jayearn and Qian.

This is Jayearn playing birthday song for me..

And my bro is such a bore la.. he asked me directly what kinda birthday cake I wanted and even brought me along to buy birthday cake. And somemore in the end I gotta carry the cake myself when walking back to the car T___T Hey I love surprises one ok!!!! T____T

I asked him to request for 24 small candles (since he's so direct to me, I also be direct-lah ok!!) and he said he had it at home. Upon reaching home, he brought out a pack of leftover candles from lantern festival last year T____T Why is he like that!!!

But I still used up all the candles-lah. Somemore I was the one who arranged the candles by myself T____T

Cos in the end, it became my baby niece party T___T They sang "Happy birthday Qian Qian" instead of singing it to me T______T. Is it because I've grown up I don't deserve much love anymore T_______T

So that summarizes my sim-sim-ple-ple birthday this year.

I'm NOT old, just grown. I can still act cute and be cute ok! *self-assuring*