Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clean feet!

I went Bijou Bazaar at Strudels Cafe in Bangsar with Shinzz just now! And there's nothing much-lah this time.. and I don't really like the place. Despite being quite convenient for me as it's in Bangsar (I won't get lost!), the environment of it is kinda boring and not that happening compared to Jeumpa D'ramo. I only bought a white eyelet top, a black suspender and a black pumps for work.

No photos.

Later continued with my short 2 hours shopping in Sunway Pyramid with Ami. By the time I reached it was almost 8pm. And I almost ended up in a fight with the valet parking guy wtf. Grrr..!!

I handed him RM50 as I don't have any small change. The valet parking cost RM8 and all I left was RM7 and he said he got no small change as well. He asked me to dig from my car and I told him I have some coins and he said "Amoii.. valet parking mana ada terima syilling punya. Mau duit kertas saja!!" I was like shit u, coins not money arr!! And later he asked one of his collegue to go somewhere to change to RM50 into loose notes. And later he came back with 5 pieces of RM10. And guess what! He told me he got no change somemore!! By that time I was kinda loose my temper already cos after so much drama and waited for so long, he didn't even have RM2. And he took out all RM10 from his pouch and showed me and told me "Tengok, semua RM10 saja, semua pun customer kasi tips.." And I told him straight off his face "Patutla takde duit kecik, mau ambik tips rupanya.." and started to show my tulan face and walked away. He started shouting from my back "Amoi.. bukan mau u mia duit.. duit macam ni aku pun tak mau..blaaa..blaaa.." And I ignored him and just walked off.

Damn annoying k! It's like the way he put it seemed like I damn cheapskate wanna wait for my RM2 change. And hey, as if he did anything that I must give him tips?!! I park the car myself and he just walked over to collect money. So why must I tips him??

So I ended up with 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets as revenge..hrm..

And I'm now waiting for the bf's arrival tomorrow morning. ;)

Anyway, I went for Kenko Fish Spa last weekend!

It was really really really ticklish at first but after a while I sorta gotten used to it. In fact, it was quite fun watching those fishes nibble away my dead skin -__-

And damn funny also cos a lot of customers there couldn't stand it and kept laughing non-stop. Like this lady.

LOLLLL Damn funny k coz she was there sitting and laughing alone non-stop and omfg, guess what. She even took the towel which was provided to wipe the legs to cover her face!!!! LOL!!!

My legs and my mum's - being attacked by Dr. Fish. Looked so scary can!! T___T


Those fishes are wayyyyyy bigger than those shown in brochures. I guess they ate too much -__-" Too much of human's dead skin.. *vomits*

My mum, my second sis and Kent G. Kent G damn cool ok cos he just put his feet in like that and he didn't feel anything. And check out the old lady beside him. LOL This was another funny customer I saw over there. She's a tourist from Japan I think and was sitting there for the whole half an hour with her legs up and dare not put in at all.

Check out the lady's attempt to put her feet in. Kent G was irritated already cos each time she put up her legs, water splashes over his body HAHA!

Another attempt. Kent G still staring at her. By the way, the guy in far left is my bro-in-law.

Never give up! HAHA

Gave up already wtf HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Saw from the brochure that they also offer Body Fish Spa Therapy where the fishes will surround your whole body and nibbles away all the dead skin from all unreachable areas, in own VIP room la of course. And I wonder how it feels like having so many fishes surrounding the naked body? Patially naked or TOTALLY NAKED?? Is it safe?? o_O

Overall it was really worth trying. I'm surely going again, will you give it a try? :P


shin said...

told ya it would be fun. hehe nex time go to the one in midvalley.. different sizes in different pond/tub/ whatever u call it la...

Hayley said...

realy that fun arr?? hmm....mayb should gif it a try...but u know lo, taiping where got such facility?? :(

c r y s t said...

shin: haha back to our debate rgd fish spa and pedicure again.. LOL ya, i knw it'd be fun, but both are different thing all together! LOL pening-ness..

hayley: ya, quite a new experience :D you shd give it a try when u come kl.. who knows, maybe u can try franchising to tpg!! o_O hehe

leksw said...

wa wa wa.. so shiok... fishy fishy.. where's the place? expensive or not? and for how long?

c r y s t said...

leksw: When wanna go with me!!! I went to the one in Pavilion. Half an hour abt RM30+.. uhm, RM38 i think..

aud said...


revel in me said...


leksw said...


c r y s t said...

aud: LOL but eh!! i think i cuter la..

revel in me: why so mean laugh at old lady one!! LOL

leksw: so slow one u.. LOL

just hangsing. said...

How much does it cost? and where is it located....when i go back lets go for a date there! it will be fun......and we can gossip! ehehe...

c r y s t said...

just hangsing: firstly, WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK LAA!!!! been telling us since last year but never come back also T__T it's in pavilion (new shopping centre ok!) and priced at RM38 for half an hour. We go gossip there ok!! :D