Friday, July 18, 2008

Ah Ma's 90th

A backdated post. It's been like a month or so since her birthday in June. My mighty ah ma celebrated her BIG 90th birthday! Wuu~!!

We had a luncheon together with all family menbers to celebrate for her. It was a rare occasion as we normally only get together like during someone's wedding.

But, but, but damn bad luck k!! My 'AV' came right before the luncheon and I spent the first half hour squatting in the toilet. The pain was inbearable. Everyone was looking for me. My mum called my handphone asking where am I, my dad called to check if I fainted in the toilet, my sister came knocking the door thinking I died inside T_____T

Everyone halfway eating already when I entered. My uncle asked me if I got food poisoning, I didn't know what to answer -__- My aunty asked if I got anemia.. *sigh*

My cousin's twin daugther!! Oh, he got phoenix twins lucky him! Phoenix twins means a baby boy and a baby girl, in case your wondering. Wah, I also want lah :P~ Sekaligus kao tim.

My ah ma who's already so used to my camwhore addiction.

Damn drama one coz none took out their camera until the waitress brought in the cake, everyone took out their cameras and started to snap pic of the cake. Mind you, only the cake -___-

My puffer fish ah ma HAHAHAHA!!!!

So hard to get everyone into a pic. Some did not corporate. When we asked them to come over for a family snapshot, they said "Ayiah, no need la..." wtf.

The best pic we manage to capture. Using my sister's big ass DLSR and a tripod. Bad quality hmph! ;( This is the family from my mother's side.

My never-grow-up punya brother who loves disturbing me day and night.

My baby niece who looks exactly like my dad.. Omg spot the similarities!

My favourite aunty aka my kai ma ;)

My wise ah ma ;))))

Mwah~ :D

I wish you all well for your birthday and many years to come ;)

On the other note, anyone went to the Topshop sales already?!!!! :D I went during lunch time just now and only managed to grab a colourful and quirky tank top and a high-waisted button skirt. Not much choices in KLCC outlet. Going Kuantan later after work! So Monday will drop by Sunway Pyramid's outlet.. hRm, or maybe MidValley ;) Have a pleasant weekend all!!

If you haven't click, click now --> BABOOBEEP.
(sekali tekan, pasti hendak lagi!)


Hayley said...

wah Cryst...ur ah ma really is so mighty!! hehe...and i know that restaurant, its soon lee rite? hehe..

Esther said...

Ur niece really look like ur cute...hehe...

leksw said...

orh this ah ma.. she always appear in pics during cny.. =) and your 'kai ma' also...haha

c r y s t said...

hayley: HAHA! Ya, that's my mighty ah ma! and you guess it right! I guess Soon Lee is the best restaurant in Tpg laa..

esther: Everyone asked if she's my dad's daughter.. -_-" That makes her my sister!! T___T

leksw: LOL... and that CNY dog!! :P

Esther said...

Haha.....her look "chop chop" like ur father but surprisingly she dun look like u or ur second sis...hehe....mayb u look more like ur mum is it? but seriously, i still can't tell u look more like ur dad or mum...but one thing im sure is that u and ur sis really look alike....:P

c r y s t said...

esther: Not sure too.. when I was younger ppl said I looked more like my dad. But now, hRm..I got my own look I suppose? HAHAHA!!! :P