Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of the king and the dragon..

I'm getting lazier and lazier to blog already. I've been living my days so dully. Monday to Friday to work and that's it. I've not been meeting up with any friends lately, nor keeping in touch with any. OMG!!! What are friends?? I almost forgot already.. -___-

Anyway, I went Kuantan last weekend. Been quite a few months I did not step my feet in ok! (cos I know you're thinking - "not again!!") And this trip, the bf brought me to his family's dragon fruits orchard. The last time I went there, everything just started and trees were still small.

Everything seemed different now.

So freaking HOT k. Must take care of my 'face' - yale, particularly my face la, even though my freckles are genetic. ;( Young time I thought I looked gorgeous with freckles cos I looked like gweilo, I kept going under the sun to grow more freckles wtf. See la what happen now!! T__T

Dragon fruit flower (correct arr?). This thing really so fragile. It dropped when I touched T__T

Being a psycho, cos we're in a deserted land.. la la la.. ;)

I love this shot, cos he made me so small!! HAHAHAHA!!!

By the way, notice the little building at the back. The building which is built cave-like to attract those swiftlets in to build saliva nest used to produce bird nest soup.

Back to his home later and we had durian feast! LOL Just both of us la.. It's been years since I last tasted the pleasant taste and aroma of durian.. mMmmMm..~ Damn syok!

My damn enjoy punya look.

Because he said dragon fruit is cooling, because he said my breathe was shitty after taking durian, he made me a huge glass of dragon fruit juice.

That moment I felt I was the luckiest girl on earth ;) ;) ;)

Penuh berkhasiat weiiii!!

100% natural lips colour. OK, enough of my camwhore pics.

Went strolling by the beach the next day after breakfast and we saw this:

HAHAHAHHAAH!!!! Monkey with white eye rim!!! HAHAHAHA So idiot-looking!!!

Die laaaaa.... I got wrinkles already!!! T________T

Your boyfriend.

The infamous lover's bridge. I wonder why they name this lover's bridge?? Is it because it's so secluded so couples can have their own activities there? hRm..

Haih, we seldom meet lately as he's kinda busy with work. Also, my mum is in KL quite often as my sister's shifting to new home. Been meeting like once every fortnight sigh, this is really depressing T___T

I miss you..


Anyway, just a note that Baboobeep is having first ever CLEARANCE SALES now! With FREE SHIPPING somemore.. *click* and *buy* laa..

24th of July already...and it's not here yet.. ;(


Hayley said...

eh dont get lazy la..must update frequently ;)
then is the dragon fruit juice tasteless arr *wondering*
(p/s: aicks of cos wont la ho, ur boy made for u one...*sweet*)

Esther said...

Hehe...the dragon fruit juice looks really berkhasiat la...and ur lips with natural dragon fruit colour is damn cute la.....hahaha....

c r y s t said...

hayley: No time to blog, and also dunno wat to blog abt eh.. ;( And eh eh! No-lah, it's quite sweet also! I get what you mean, certain dragonfruit memang tasteless one! But this one exceptional-lah, coz already sweet in the heart :P

esther: Psst! I got diarrhea the next day.. :( Maybe I took it with durian-lah! :(

leksw said...

wa wa wa... very hang fook la.. ada dragon fruit juice summore and the coloring on your lips looks 'yummy'...haha.. next time i bring oyu to my grandfather's orchard la.. ada banyak durian..summore musin durian now..

shasha said...

i burst out laughing at the "your boyfriend" pic! and the monkey is srsly damn funny! where got animal like that one! hahahaha

c r y s t said...

leksw: wheee~!! when wanna bring me there! :D i heard durian musang damn good one, yr grandpapa's orchard got arr? :P~

shasha: kuantan got funny animals i think..HAHAHAHA!!! just like those humans there.. LOL!!!! :P

revel in me said...

EHHHH dragonfruit juice is damn effective in... errr making us eliminate often! I have been drinking dragonfruit juice and kiwi juice, and now I feel very thin and healthy, HAHA.

And HAHHAHA that monkey damn sohai looking! :P

c r y s t said...

revel in me: HOR!!!! is that how you go on diet? HAHAHA!!! :P yala, i always feel damn healthy after drinking one ;)