Monday, July 28, 2008

Better than visiting psychologist ok!

I was tidying up my closet the other day, sorting out clothes which were left untouched, to be sold off and to be given away.

I had major wardrobe revamp these two years, which I think mainly it's because after I joined this company I had more time to get online. I first started stalking on blogs, blog-hopping, linking to STKL, and from there I received updates on e-boutiques, where my love for fashion started to bloom.

I used to be t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. Or worse, only baggy tees (XXXL mind you!!) and jeans, in dull colours like black, blue or white during early secondary time (yala, cos I was damn tomboy that time wtf). I only started wearing body hugging kinda top when I was in Form 3, I think.

Disney, Giordano, PDI, Googles, were damn IN that time ok!! -__-" uHm, maybe only in my small hometown laa...

I started spending more on clothes after I discovered that I could actually sell off stuff in STKL. And when I was introduced to Polyvore, my spending habit became worse T___T I don't consider myself as a shopaholic, as I think there're more individuals who spend much more on clothes than I am. But what I had splurged on, I think it's way too much for low income buruh kasar like myself T___T

My recent purchases in these 2 weeks.

How to save like this you tell me la!

I officially hate Mega sales/ Bazaars/ online boutiques T_________T Shoo!! Go away!! :(

My small but damn organized punya closet from IKEA. Yea, I'm such an organized person ;)

Hanging from left: Skirts for work, long sleeves cardigans and hoodies, baby tees and short sleeves tops (colour coded), sleeveless tops, tube tops, long tops, dresses. I love hanging my clothes.. Makes hunting easier and everything won't crumple together.

Folded were those ugly tops and shorts I wear at home, jeans, shorts, leggings, pyjamas, shits I rarely wear but don't feel like giving or selling away *sigh*

Unwanted stuff ie: to be sold, given away, to redesign (like whOa!!! :P) etc..

I only started buying accessories when the very first DIVA store opened in One Utama. All nicely kept in those white transparent boxes with small compartments, just nice to fit my earrings and necklaces ;)

OK, I shall stop elaborating more coz I'm feeling damn depressed already. Guess what, I sent my car for servicing last Saturday and the total bill came up to whooping RM1350!!!! T____T Imma just eat crackers with milo this month laa.. I promised myself not to go shopping this month. Ikat perut wtf.

So help -> *click* Just updated with more pretty stuff ;)


Hayley said...

are you kidding me Cryst, i dont believe u were an 'XXXL' before!! so 'kua cheong'...
oo not shopping this month...hope you can do it lah :p (but i bet its difficult for know lo now somemore mega sales :S)

mustardqueen said...

AHHH!! Where'd you get those transparent boxes!!??? I wanna put my stuff in there too but can fit necklaces ar?? or just bracelets and mini rings?? Cause my necklaces are pretty "fierce" gotdamn big pendant wtf... and ur wardorbe so organized T_T I am put to shame T_T

c r y s t said...

hayley: HAHA i wasn't an XXXL but big baggy clothing was in trend during my time.. LOL (think billabong, no fear, alien workshop wtf) i'm trying laa.. don't dare me ok! :(

mustardqueen: you can get in any of those hardware outlets, or those stationaries sec. in carrefour/ any hypermarket. i got a bigger one to put my necklaces, but definately not to fit those "fierce" ones la.. HAHA!

Anggie's Journal said...

sometime is hard to resist all those nice nice cloths, shoes .....and somemore merdeka sale !!! same to me also. But u really a great shopping queen :) (can i say that)...??
Is not that i dun wan to buy ur bajus la ... is actually very nice lei, i like it, i view ur others blogs too... but ur s saiz cannot fit my L saiz lei .. *-* ....

Anggie's Journal said...

Do mind i link up with ur blog ?? :)

jeepeng said...

ops...sorry can't help, i'm not Robert De Niro in "Stardust". i help you promote lah!


c r y s t said...

anggie's journal: HAHA, can't buy then help me promote-lah! lol.. and OMG shopping queen! I'm flattered weii!! :P Seriously it's really hard to resist, but I think I'm performing quite well this week ;)

Sure, why not? ;) oh, Mind giving my yr blog URL dear? ;)

jeepeng: Buy la for yr sister, yr mum, yr cousins, yr girl-girl.. etc etc etc... hRm.. kita kan kawan? ;)

plain.jane said...

i oso wanna do closet post.. but damn lazy.

.. i love yr new buy : the one with wing charm. is it a necklace/bracelet? :)

Anggie's Journal said...

Hi Cryst.

What u hv done to clear ur wardrobe to sell the old or new bajuss...was a good ideal. That is the way to bring in new wan .... :) I like this idea too .
Okok.... keep up the hard work !!!

btw, here my blog link ....

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: it's a necklace dear.. HAHA got it at 70% off I'm so lucky la la la~!! :P eh, do la closet post, I'm so eager to know how's a fashionista's closet loike! :P

anggie's journal: Got it! Unable to get your URL from yr blogger account at first ;) your son is sooo cute! ;)

leksw said...

eh eh.. you collection darn a lot la... can faint~!!! btw, you dont have to headache thinking to sell or placing it in that small little almari.. can always donate to sheau.. haha

JapPuFFy said...

hi Cryst,been reading your cute and enjoyable blog for a while now..u coming to the threadszoo this weekend at Cap square?

do drop by yeah..

my blog:

my stall will be there too!

* jappuffy mad house party stall :)

c r y s t said...

leksw: WTF i should be asking you to donate to me la since you're earning S$ hor! :( You see la, me so yam kung gotta sell stuff to collect money.. T__T

jappuffy: Hie dear, thx fr dropping by! ;) And YESS!! I'm going!! Even printed out the map already -__- Remember to say "hi" if you bump into me k? I might be busy digging HOHOHO!!! :P Cya there!

JapPuFFy said...

Heya cryst sure i will say A BIG HELLO to you..
see u there!