Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was back in hometown last weekend so BOO!! to all of you who went Bijou! :(

And OMG I'm so excited already cos I'll be in KL this happening weekend. 'Happening', as there'll be THREE (3) junkyard sales WOO-HOO!!!! :D I'll be going to CAP.zoo-ED on Saturday - who's going?!!! :D le sigh.. I'll be there myself since those friends I contacted will be working on Saturday. OI! Where got people work on Saturday wannn.. Who is still available and don't mind to keep me company? :( Somemore I'm not familiar with the direction there.. haih.

Planning to stopby ShowPink after that, omg damn far ;( No choice-lah since ShowPink is only for a day thou I'll be in Family Day Flea Market in BSC on Sunday. Walao damn occupied already cos I have a date with my girlfriend to dig Sg. Wang after that -__-" Been so long since I last went to Sg. Wang, probably like a year ago.. or more.

Sales, sales, sales... I'm only sparing RM200 for these 2 days. I can make it wan! *defensive*

Anyway, I dug my mum's closet the other day and guess what I found?

LOL.. Blue satin top she wears to sleep, red vintage skirt from her teens (gaWd, she had 23" waist before marriage!) and vintage leather belt. I can marry to Superman already!!! :P

And I spotted this gorgeous fabric when we were out on Saturday morning and I bought it right away. Haven't thought of what to do with it, yet. A top? A dress?

So ang-moh.. I loike! ;)

From that pile of vintage-inspired buttons I collected...

Light violet ribbon..

And this (gasp!) delicate lace I bought few weeks back :D Gorgeous, innit?

All these look insanely gorgeous together, damn ladylike ;) Any suggestion what kinda top should I get my mum to make? Yalah, I'm not that great k.. my mum is the one making it.. dum dee daa~

Anyway, I got into minor accident this morning upon reaching the office


Very minor-lah, but still sconsidered accident ok! I made a sudden turning into my office building without signal and I did not look at the side mirror. Still blur in the morning what. And suddenly I heard loud squeaking brakes sound and thud. Thank God I managed to stop immediately and that Indian man on motorcycle stared fiercely at me T___T

I apologized and asked him "U OK arr?!" and he kept checking out his right hand and ignored me. I guess he had slight injury. So I asked a few times, "Excuse me, are you OK??" (at least I did not run away. hit and run wtf) He stared at me and just drove off.. I was already shivering that time. Hello? Been driving since 2001 and this is the first time I hit on people ok! T____T

Miror scratches on my car but deep wound in me T_____T

"Encik.. are you OK? I'm sorry..."


Hayley said...

hmm...Cryst are u ok? @__@
nvm accident least u r fine now..
eh i thought no more shopping this month? :p

plain.jane said...

hope u r fine after the accident..

i am still planning to go on Sat > capzoo. if nothing comes up. hopefully.

btw, u didnt miss anything at bijou.. wasn't fun at all, didn't even have ducks.. lol...

plain.jane said...

oh... forgot to comment. lotsa shopping for u (yippie)... i miss sg wang so much :S

JapPuFFy said...

Hi Cryst, important thing is you are safe and accidents do happen.

My car got badly smashed into by a biker who was drunk too :(

c r y s t said...

hayley: No worries, I'm fine ;) Just got a big shock T__T uHm, yalah! That's why I set budget.. la la la :P

plain.jane: HAHA Bijou without signature duckies LOL Hey, hope to cya in capzooed k? ;) Poke me if you bump into me!! hehe

jappuffy: OMG.. that's worse ;( Yalah, most important is own safety.. somemore now is the 7th month of Lunar calendar.. CHOII!!

Anggie's Journal said...

This months u should shopping ... alot of sale and bazzarrrrrrrr sale ... next month only control lor !!! hihihi

Accident ?? oh, lucky the encik and u r fine .

c r y s t said...

anggie's journal: eh eh.. im really trying very hardddd... T___T i can make it wan!!

revel in me said...

Are you ok love! :)

Hmm, make a maxi dress! But then plus the lace might be ah ma. Make a vintage like top!! :) And another paperbag skirt. But don't wear them together wtf. :P

c r y s t said...

revel in me: HAHAHAHAHA wear them together LOL.. Ya I plan to make vintage like top but dunno what kinda design-lah ;( Still doing research (like damn pro only)

Btw, I'm ok no worries.. ;) but my heart just bleeded a little wtf.

leksw said...

hey girl...once the baju is done, share ok? haha

c r y s t said...

leksw: Ada suggestion? :s