Saturday, August 9, 2008

A digging day.

I'm so exhausted, proven I'm old already-lah.. Can't shop the whole day like last time :(

I went CAP.zoo-ED. Managed to get my collegue to explain to me the direction to get there. It's really easy to find though. I myself was shocked when I reached there, didn't expect can reach so fast hohoho :P Lesser stalls than I've expected. Mostly online boutiques selling stuff I've seen in their blogs over and over again. Not much of a bargain. A few stalls selling second hand stuff like dirt cheap RM5 - RM15 but I'm just too lazy to dig dig and dig. It was damn stuffy and I sweat like mad, so ain't really in the digging mood :\

No pictures cos I went myself, wtf why am I such a loner T_____T I expect to be there for like 2-3 hours at least, but nothing much to dig so I left shortly.

Next to Showpink!

Again, I was expecting a crowd in Showpink like previously but *sigh* only got 5-6 stalls. Damn turned off already. But all vintage treasures and I can even try on the clothes! No digging this time cos they hang up all the clothes nicely :D

I love vintage dresses omg but tried on and all looked weird on me ;( Fell in love with a black vintage 'Ferragamo' (genuine arr?) bag with golden chain but wth cost RM100. Better go rob lah! The leather peeled off already somemore ;( BOO! And I spotted a vintage pink framed sunnies RM30 still can bargain but it looked odd on me :( Or maybe I looked odd on everything :( Bought just 2 items and left..

In Mooie next. My favourite boutique in Bangsar! ;)

I damn love this dress.. Perfect cutting, love the soft denim bottom and nautical stripes. But I don't fancy toga top much so, pass. For the price of RM59, actually it's quite worth it ;(

Feeling all summer and fresh ;) But damn transparent I don't wanna show my VPL.

And oh, spot my vintage brown bag hanging at the back. I bidded for this bag like crazy ok, onlined till late night afraid someone will outbid me the very last minute wtf. Tell me it's like so damn gorgeous! :D

In Moca, Mooie's sister boutique. My next favourite! Their stuff damn gorgeous but damn pricey also. Love this laidback carpenter kinda feel ;) But just don't think I'm gonna wear this often. And I gotta stick to my RM200 for the weekend budget la la la~

Back home looking at this photo, damn regret I did not buy T________T

I almost bought this but then realized the colour so similiar to secondary school pinafore -__- Nevertheless, the fabric is really comfy (chiffon) and fab cutting. This is the only jumper that doesn't make me like a nerd.

This is what I wore. Woke up late and lazy wanna dress up already so I went candylicious. When I walked out of my room my brother shouted to his son, "Look! Candy girl!" HAHA

Got this top back in my hometown last week. Love the chiffon tie back and candy coloured buttons ;) Taiping got gorgeous stuff sometimes..

My purchases! Oh well, I try not to post up much of these but then I really wanna share-lah! :P

I *heart**heart**heart* this skirt/ dress damn a lot a lot a lot!! Love the colours! ;) Soft flowy material with inner lining somemore. I planned to cut it shorter, can wear as skirt and also as a top.

Lacy embroidered white top from Ms Selfridge, at a bargain ;) Love the detailing..

Navy chiffon polkadot top/ dress with cute pockets. From boutique la coz last minute damn depressed already bought not much.

Scarfs I planned to use as headbands ;)

Colourful bangles at price I couldn't resist, vintage brooches and hairclip ;)

That pretty all sumarizes my Saturday.. looking forward to my next digging session tomorrow in BSC hehe :B

Total damage: RM141 (die la.. left 59 bucks for tomorrow meh?!! T___T)


plain.jane said...

i went to cap.zooed too, nothing much. din go to showpink cz i thought it would be packed. did u get all those stuff from cap.zooed/showpink?

where did you get yr vintage bag. it's lovely...

leksw said...

so.. left with that few bucks, apa beli?

mustardqueen said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! YOU BOUGHT THE THE THE HEART SKIRT I WANTED TO GET!! T_______T You don't want already please, tell me cause I'll get from you ok!! =D And the ferragamo bag, 100 T_T I wanted to get also he was like u see first la then i give u discount -__- and there's another Dior wan also!! T_T but 150, and he was proudly showing the bar code for it proving it's real leh... If i were him I'll sell it for DAMNNN high price!!!

c r y s t said...

plain.jane: It's kinda empty in showpink this time actually. most of my stuff are from capzooed, except that heart skirt which I got from showpink. And oh, that vintage bag I got it online from the Junkster! ;)

leksw: ahahaha... aku tak dapat control.. T___T

mustardqueen: LOL But I planned to cut it short I don't think you'll want it already :P Yalah, for the price of hundred plus for a vintage designer bag, I doubt if it's real-lah! But those're really lovely innit? ;)

Hayley said...

i like the navy polka dots dress/top.. hehe. wanna sell or not?! ;)

c r y s t said...

hayley: HEHE.. pretty innit?? :P But, no.. not selling, yet :P