Monday, August 11, 2008

JOSIE and the pussycat

My weekend was damn satisfying :D And uHm, I overspent. Can't help it cos can't expect me to survive with RM59 for my Sunday right!

I had a date with my long lost love on Sunday. ;) A girly date so I'm being all girly, with my new navy chiffon dress I bought the day before (omg I damn love it!). And my ah-ma bag from Singapore! I'll really treasure this bag a lot, HAHA damn long the story but again wanna thanks all parties involved who took the trouble to get me the bag LOL!! *huggies* It's gorgeous innit? Where got ah-ma harr?

And vintage hair clip I got from CAP.zoo-ED. RM1 only la la la~

Darling Josie fetched me from my place right after her church meeting and we went to Family Day Flea Market in BSC. Very little stalls but still I managed to grab some pretty stuffs ;) There was a stall selling pre-loved designer bags like LV, Gucci, Burberry and when darling Josie first saw it she was like running towards me shouting"OMG!! GOT ONE AUNTY REALLY GO BUY WEIIII!!!" hahaa! :D

And she can't accept the concept of buying and selling pre-loved and she was like, "WHY BUY STUFF PEOPLE THROW AWAYYY!!!" -___-"

I told her I'm also selling by stuff online and she was like "HARR?? GOT PEOPLE BUY MEHHH???"

haih.. so speechless towards her already..

And check out what I found!

Fedora I'm dying to get for so long but everywhere is selling like damn expensive. This one I can bargain the price somemore.. Waahahaha!!! But both darling Josie and the bf asked me the same question.. "Eh.. where you wanna wear this to???"

Kill me laaaa.. T__T

My long lost high school love. She's my partner in crime during schooling time. A girl whom I can rely on, whom I share dark secrets with, whom I ponteng tuition and Saturday morning Rangers meeting with and oh, seriously it's really unexpected that we've not been meeting each other since a year ago.. ;(

I miss those time when we were separated during college but we kept emailing each other everyday without fail. Updating our life, new friends we've made, sharing every little ups and downs..

Time flies, really.

Anyway, we were supposed to catch up for a movie but the queue was damn blady shitty long and we ended up doing some shopping and gossiping ;) Just like how we used to be ;)

In Uncle Lim's.

Big ass mirror! Me like! :D

I spotted this new make-up store in Sunday Pyramid new wing called Etude House (from Korea). The pinkiness of the interior attracted me in..

Damn cun right! I love the dressing table, so sweet and girly! ;) That salesgirl was like "Oh, tangkap-la, sini memang cantik!" LOL

Love the wallpaper, baby pink cabinet, but eh??

So Xiaxue.. :\

The cashier counter.

I want a mirror like this also!! ;) And a BIG make-up box to dump all my stuff in..

But, am I being too old for this? Ok-lah, room for my daughter perhaps.. :P In the future.

Few things I bought. All reasonably priced. Sparkly baby pink nail polish, silver eyeglow pencil (love this!), sparkly light pink eyeshadow. And a free comb wtf. But it's so Anna Sui ;)

And 3 items from the BSC Flea!

Fedora, grey cardi with removable sash, and...

My FAVOURITE purchase of the day!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Pink and white striped babydoll with delicate crotchet and laces. Perfect with underlining somemore ;)

Ah, I love bazaaaaaaaaaarrrssss!!! But I'm so broke already :(


Hayley said...

hmm...that Etude House is so girlie! i wanna go too! ;))
how much for the eyeglow pencil?

c r y s t said...

hayley: So pretty right! :D

Can't remember the exact price, but it's surely less than 20bucks! Their prices are abt the same like Elianto.

Esther said...

Love the interior design of Etude House. I ever did dream of having my future house decorated like that...but oh well, i guess we are just too old for that....:(

I like that lacey dress/blouse you bought....very cute esp the bottom much did u buy?

josie said...

i'm so honoured.
a post just for me? =)

3=2+1 said...

Love ur Pink and white striped babydoll with delicate crotchet and laces.

Make sure u sell it to me once u plan to sell it away *evil grins*

plain.jane said...

tips on how to wear yr fedora ;)

eyf said...

i like that dress! is it still available at the store? which store you get it from? or rather, sell it to me soon!! haha.

c r y s t said...

esther: We never wanna grow up T__T Btw, that top is so pretty innit? You'll be jealous if I tell you the price! :P

josie: OMG! I din knw you blog! Me love you always and forever ;)

3=2+1: HAHA Why your username so cute!! :P Btw, not planning to sell it anytime soon, yet!

plain.jane: Thank you dear!! *hugs*

eyf: Not sure under which boutique but if you're going this coming week, try to browse around. Quite easy to find one coz not much stalls there! ;)

leksw said...

me liking the hair clip..heap and nice..

Esther said...

How much how much? :P

c r y s t said...

leksw: owh, my fellow vintage lover!! :D

esther: *psst* so desparate meh!! LOL