Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Love Mouse

Kent G drew me this yesterday.

"You know who is the mouse. I will tell you who is that. That's e.e. I love mouse. Yes!!"

K.I.D.Z.!!! *^_^*

On the other note, tomorrow is holiday!!!!! *happy*

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

....and I smelt fresh air

YuhUuuuu...~!!!! I'm in KL now (definately la..)

As mentioned earlier, was back to hometown last weekend, which was pretty dissatisfying as well cos I accidentally (read: ac-ci-den-ta-lly) spent most of the time sleeping.. *sienzz*

I woke up 4:30am on Saturday and started my journey about 5:00am. The sky was still damn dark. It had been so long since I last travel alone wee hour in the morning compared to the time when I was still working in hotel. That time I used to leave home before 6:00am if I'm working morning shift.

See? I suddenly got so eerie when I reached the highway. I've never got such feeling before, perhaps each time I tried not to think of it. But after chatting with Josie the night before, she kept asking what makes me so brave, reminded me to be careful, this and that. On my way, I was thinking what if that special someone passby me?? What if he/she stood right in the middle of the road and stop my car? Shall I stop? What if he/she sit beside me? What if....what if....what if....what if.....and all the way till sun rises.

Reached. Yayyyyyyyy...... :D

And my companion of all time, since Secondary 3. They'll always remain my favourite.. From left to right: Dada and Ling Ling.

They sat there patiently the whole journey. hehe... It's about 8:30am and the first thing that struck my mind: Lian Thong's toast with half-boiled egg, yin-yang toast and white coffee!!! And my stomach formed a musical band.

And while waiting for the traffic light, I...

....did what I supposed to do. There were those motocyclist kept staring at me. HEY I'M OBSESSED WITH MYSELF SO WHAT?!?!?! And another shot.

Looked so emo right? Me love the lighting. But hate my sunnies...gonna get a new one soon!

As soon as I reached home, I picked up my mum and straight to Lian Thong!! From the picture above, you can see it's an old shop. Definately it's very old, since 1948. You can read more of their famous White Coffee here.

Slept till afternoon after my satisfying breakfast. Did nothing much in the afternoon as it was raining the whole day. My dad brought my little Atoz to the workshop to get those tyres replaced.

And I slept like a pig again the next day till afternoon and it's time to be back to KL. It's more like a sleeping trip after all!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ultimate Depressionism...

It had been almost a month I've never do any serious shopping. When I mentioned serious, I mean S.E.R.I.O.U.S.


Been browsing thru Goss:ps, Forever 21, Selltrade KL and CCT Fashion. It's a total torture... I look, I admire, but I can't get them. It's more to a desire.. or maybe, temptation. No, it's a sickness. Gosh!!!! I'm SICK!?! 0_O


I promise myself to drop by Bangsar this coming 26th. ^_^ (only IF they're open *aye*)

Been a busy day today. Aftermath of PC Fair. But I still do spare some time to browse thru my Friendster, Multiply and of course, usual blogs that I stalk daily. People always wonder what the hell I'm doing in office since I'm damn free to write blogs and etc...etc... I even have the time to upload photos in Selltrade KL! You see, this is what we call "Time Management".

I don't receive blind pay ok. I arrive office about half an hour to one hour earlier and settle down, have my breakfast and not to be missed - a shot of caffeine, check my Friendster (1st thing to do), followed by Selltrade for new post, read The Star Online, and start off with my work. I try to finish up all the important stuff first, then start my "Time Management" - work while blogs stalking! Heh... call me sifu!!

I miss Mr. Tan so damn blady much can. Won't be seeing him this weekend, me will be driving back hometown tomorrow early morning. WoOt!!! Been so long since I last drove back alone.. Who want Taiping's famous "Fragrance Biscuit" (hiu pia)??.. or Lian Thong's famous White Coffee?? SMS me k??

Till then, have a purrrrrrrrrrrfect weekend everyone! =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have been naughty. I did not keep my promise to blog everyday (not free ok?)

I went to PC Fair last weekend and I fall in love again... Sony CyberShot T100. Way to expensive. Retail at RM1,699 is what I've expected for, and thought I could get even better deal at PC Fair. Shit-tilicious. No better offer and yet I still gotta add money for memory card, casing, this and that... knnccb.

Raising fund...raising fund...who wanna donate to me? T___T

My selltrade site is doing quite OK. Managed to sell off 4 tops and 2 bags. Better than what I've expected and people even bidded for the bag!

And oh! I bought a dress from another seller too at a great bargain!!

 you can't see my face cos I'm without make-up!! =P Remember I got terrible breakout lately? Gonna hide my scar for another 6 months!! Wuuuu...~ Back to the dress, nice?

I received a super annoying call yesterday..

me: hello, how can i help you?
customer: you got sell laptop ar?
me: i'm sorry sir, we don't sell direct. for product purchase you have to contact our authorized reseller directly.
customer: WHAT?! you mean you don't sell ar? then what you all doing in the office?
me: (annoyed) ...... sir, you're calling the acer hq.
customer: don't sell, then no work do-lah?
me: i'm sorry sir, you're calling the acer hq. we don't sell direct to end user. -_-"
customer: then why you advertise?
me: (mad) we advertise but we don't sell sir. it's just like samsung handphone. samsung advertise, but you got to buy from reseller. you don't call to samsung hq for purchase.
customer: ---hang up---
me: ~!#$%^&#$%^&*

Excuse me for swearing. Have you ever make such a call or receive such a call?? Use ur blain... use ur blain... *sigh*

Oh, dya know that Mr. Bean's Holiday II is showing this early May?

Yeah, he'll never be lonely again ^_^

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Say "HIE" !!!

Sliding ghosts please leave a note!!

My Site meter is rising up all the time and me wanna know who had been haunting this site since no one ever leave a note...

Drop me a "hie" in my chatbox and let me know u were here la... plz? *puppy-eyed*

No updates today cos me busy closing sales for my selltrade page :D

..--**~Money money come to me~**--..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

and she's trying to clear 'em all...

Remember I blogged about my gunung berapi few days ago? I got chickened out and I decided to get myself this...

from left:
Total Whitening Essence, Blemish Control, All Spot Whitening Corrector.

And I shall start fasting from today onwards too. Insya-allah..


Recently many things got upside down, downside up, leftside right, rightside left, whatever.

Luck isn't by my side this year I suppose. Many things seemed to be beyond my control, or maybe it's just me who did not manage them well.

"The dark of night does not come after the golden glow of the day's sun but before it."

Cheer up! *sigh*

Monday, April 9, 2007

those kids and my pie

Just a note: Mr. Bean's Holiday was hillarious!! Me loving it kao-kao.. :D

Enough of shopping, movie, lepak-ing aimlessly. Yesterday, me and pie went over my koko's place.

And I spent a kiddified weekend.

Definately must camwhore first ok? Taken in the car while we're stuck in the jam I think. Notice the sleepy him and the ever annoying me.. puffer fish! lolz..

Blur looking Xuen Yi was there too. I love his chubbyness to the extend!!

The first ever baby girl in my family, Ee Qian. My first niece. I'm gonna dress her up like a barbie doll, bring her to shopping, turn her into a professional camwhore..etc...etc.. (oh! chase out the witch in me!!) She just turned one month and one week btw.

Her brother, Jay Earn is seriously a camwhore. My koko said he's self-obssessed to the fullest, exactly like me. He's vain. And I love him =)

See. I'm shocked too.

Here, me daydream of the day when I have two kids! *blush* Daydream is NOT an offence k? Me want to form a football team. *jkjk*..

Believe it. This uncle is just 8 month-old. He reminded me of the friendly ice-cream uncle in my primary school!

Notice me looking so motherly here with 4 year-old boy and 1 week old baby girl.. lolz~!!

Happy family... *wooooohoooo...~!!!! :D*

Friday, April 6, 2007


Am addicted to America's Next Top Model. I never fail to rush home every Monday, take bath, eat and be ready in front of my TV by 8:00pm.

On Thursday, I'll be very much awaiting for the repeat at 10:00pm. And Saturday if I'm at home, will surely be watching the same repeated episode again at 1:00pm.

Although repeated, I'm still excited each time Tyra Banks announced the results (as if la I dunno the result...) Once a week, I'll be logging on to the website and check for updatez.

Personally, I think Cycle 7's winner, Caridee English is the winner with most potential so far.

picture: Caridee English with Tyra Banks

She possesses natural beauty, with good attitude, stylish and poses naturally. She's confident and down to earth..(oh my, seemed like promoting her a lot huh?)

Cycle 6 winner, Danielle Evans isn't very pretty though, but she's got all perfect shot and I was impressed by her determination.

picture: Danielle Evans

Nicole Linkletter, Cycle 5's winner is the cutest of all, but I think she's got not-so-pleasant attitude. Anyhow, she looks so darn cute when she smiles =) I still prefer Jayla Rubinelli, but she got eliminated early. *sad*

picture: Nicole Linkletter

Naima Mora, winner from Cycle 4 is another soft spoken and sweet girl from Detroit. She's the only person who could wear a Mohawk and make people jealous of it.

picture: Naima Mora

I started watching ANTM since Cycle 3. I seriously don't think the winner Eva Pigford is pretty nor talented but she's making it BIG now. But no, I still don't fancy her...

picture: Eva Pigford

Who'll be the winner of Cycle 8? We'll see...

On the other note, my pie's coming over KL tonight *happy*

Will update again next week.
Bai Baiiii....~!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

the world won't stop spinning

"Dear God, please bless me with super clear complexion..."

I think I've offended the God of Pimples recently.. or maybe the God of Pimples think it's time for me to grow some pimples plantation.

I'm wealthy once more...with pimples this time.. :D

These range doesn't do me any good. I recently purchased the new White Plus HP range for brightening purpose. Two little bottle that cost me 400 bucks dammit. But me enjoy their 5 pieces of free gifts that worth it all. Worth? Sure?

Me dunno what's the problem. My skin or the product? Pimples come popping like mushrooms after rain..

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

photos made me a happy girl !

I almost declare myself BANKRUPT. Photos caused 'em all...

There're still lots of photos underneath each photo..

I developed another 280 pieces of 4R photos again yesterday, 40cents per piece and total RM112.00. I'm wealthy, with loaded photos in my room! WhOahaha..!!

Damn efficient the service, I got back the photos this morning 1030am as promised. Just yesterday that photoshop guy, Lim came over office to collect the CD.

Developed 200 pieces last month, 280 pieces this month and I still have more than 400 more on the way coming...shit! Me really a photo millionaire!!

Just the album alone...u do the calculation..

I think I can just be the happiest girl in the world by just camwhoring, editing my look sui sui, develope and stare at those photos to sleep. And just feel as wealthy as Paris Hilton.. maybe more.

*wheeeee :D*

I'm damn busy lately calculating my budget for this year. My wishlist:

1) Sony Cybershot T100 - RM1,699
2) 3G handphone - budget about RM1,500 (I love the Samsung E900, but it's w/out 3G *sad*)
3) Watch - budget less than RM600 (maybe Titus)
4) Sun glasses - budget less than RM300
5) Vacation to Cambodia by year end - budget less than RM2,000
6) Either perm or cut my hair by a professional hairstylist - budget RM500
7) Braces!!! Braces!!! - was told it's about RM4,000!!! T__T

RM10k is just enough for me I think... gotta sell off my butt soon.