Tuesday, April 24, 2007

....and I smelt fresh air

YuhUuuuu...~!!!! I'm in KL now (definately la..)

As mentioned earlier, was back to hometown last weekend, which was pretty dissatisfying as well cos I accidentally (read: ac-ci-den-ta-lly) spent most of the time sleeping.. *sienzz*

I woke up 4:30am on Saturday and started my journey about 5:00am. The sky was still damn dark. It had been so long since I last travel alone wee hour in the morning compared to the time when I was still working in hotel. That time I used to leave home before 6:00am if I'm working morning shift.

See? I suddenly got so eerie when I reached the highway. I've never got such feeling before, perhaps each time I tried not to think of it. But after chatting with Josie the night before, she kept asking what makes me so brave, reminded me to be careful, this and that. On my way, I was thinking what if that special someone passby me?? What if he/she stood right in the middle of the road and stop my car? Shall I stop? What if he/she sit beside me? What if....what if....what if....what if.....and all the way till sun rises.

Reached. Yayyyyyyyy...... :D

And my companion of all time, since Secondary 3. They'll always remain my favourite.. From left to right: Dada and Ling Ling.

They sat there patiently the whole journey. hehe... It's about 8:30am and the first thing that struck my mind: Lian Thong's toast with half-boiled egg, yin-yang toast and white coffee!!! And my stomach formed a musical band.

And while waiting for the traffic light, I...

....did what I supposed to do. There were those motocyclist kept staring at me. HEY I'M OBSESSED WITH MYSELF SO WHAT?!?!?! And another shot.

Looked so emo right? Me love the lighting. But hate my sunnies...gonna get a new one soon!

As soon as I reached home, I picked up my mum and straight to Lian Thong!! From the picture above, you can see it's an old shop. Definately it's very old, since 1948. You can read more of their famous White Coffee here.

Slept till afternoon after my satisfying breakfast. Did nothing much in the afternoon as it was raining the whole day. My dad brought my little Atoz to the workshop to get those tyres replaced.

And I slept like a pig again the next day till afternoon and it's time to be back to KL. It's more like a sleeping trip after all!

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