Friday, April 20, 2007

Ultimate Depressionism...

It had been almost a month I've never do any serious shopping. When I mentioned serious, I mean S.E.R.I.O.U.S.


Been browsing thru Goss:ps, Forever 21, Selltrade KL and CCT Fashion. It's a total torture... I look, I admire, but I can't get them. It's more to a desire.. or maybe, temptation. No, it's a sickness. Gosh!!!! I'm SICK!?! 0_O


I promise myself to drop by Bangsar this coming 26th. ^_^ (only IF they're open *aye*)

Been a busy day today. Aftermath of PC Fair. But I still do spare some time to browse thru my Friendster, Multiply and of course, usual blogs that I stalk daily. People always wonder what the hell I'm doing in office since I'm damn free to write blogs and etc...etc... I even have the time to upload photos in Selltrade KL! You see, this is what we call "Time Management".

I don't receive blind pay ok. I arrive office about half an hour to one hour earlier and settle down, have my breakfast and not to be missed - a shot of caffeine, check my Friendster (1st thing to do), followed by Selltrade for new post, read The Star Online, and start off with my work. I try to finish up all the important stuff first, then start my "Time Management" - work while blogs stalking! Heh... call me sifu!!

I miss Mr. Tan so damn blady much can. Won't be seeing him this weekend, me will be driving back hometown tomorrow early morning. WoOt!!! Been so long since I last drove back alone.. Who want Taiping's famous "Fragrance Biscuit" (hiu pia)??.. or Lian Thong's famous White Coffee?? SMS me k??

Till then, have a purrrrrrrrrrrfect weekend everyone! =)

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