Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I have been naughty. I did not keep my promise to blog everyday (not free ok?)

I went to PC Fair last weekend and I fall in love again... Sony CyberShot T100. Way to expensive. Retail at RM1,699 is what I've expected for, and thought I could get even better deal at PC Fair. Shit-tilicious. No better offer and yet I still gotta add money for memory card, casing, this and that... knnccb.

Raising fund...raising fund...who wanna donate to me? T___T

My selltrade site is doing quite OK. Managed to sell off 4 tops and 2 bags. Better than what I've expected and people even bidded for the bag!

And oh! I bought a dress from another seller too at a great bargain!!

 you can't see my face cos I'm without make-up!! =P Remember I got terrible breakout lately? Gonna hide my scar for another 6 months!! Wuuuu...~ Back to the dress, nice?

I received a super annoying call yesterday..

me: hello, how can i help you?
customer: you got sell laptop ar?
me: i'm sorry sir, we don't sell direct. for product purchase you have to contact our authorized reseller directly.
customer: WHAT?! you mean you don't sell ar? then what you all doing in the office?
me: (annoyed) ...... sir, you're calling the acer hq.
customer: don't sell, then no work do-lah?
me: i'm sorry sir, you're calling the acer hq. we don't sell direct to end user. -_-"
customer: then why you advertise?
me: (mad) we advertise but we don't sell sir. it's just like samsung handphone. samsung advertise, but you got to buy from reseller. you don't call to samsung hq for purchase.
customer: ---hang up---
me: ~!#$%^&#$%^&*

Excuse me for swearing. Have you ever make such a call or receive such a call?? Use ur blain... use ur blain... *sigh*

Oh, dya know that Mr. Bean's Holiday II is showing this early May?

Yeah, he'll never be lonely again ^_^

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