Friday, April 6, 2007


Am addicted to America's Next Top Model. I never fail to rush home every Monday, take bath, eat and be ready in front of my TV by 8:00pm.

On Thursday, I'll be very much awaiting for the repeat at 10:00pm. And Saturday if I'm at home, will surely be watching the same repeated episode again at 1:00pm.

Although repeated, I'm still excited each time Tyra Banks announced the results (as if la I dunno the result...) Once a week, I'll be logging on to the website and check for updatez.

Personally, I think Cycle 7's winner, Caridee English is the winner with most potential so far.

picture: Caridee English with Tyra Banks

She possesses natural beauty, with good attitude, stylish and poses naturally. She's confident and down to earth..(oh my, seemed like promoting her a lot huh?)

Cycle 6 winner, Danielle Evans isn't very pretty though, but she's got all perfect shot and I was impressed by her determination.

picture: Danielle Evans

Nicole Linkletter, Cycle 5's winner is the cutest of all, but I think she's got not-so-pleasant attitude. Anyhow, she looks so darn cute when she smiles =) I still prefer Jayla Rubinelli, but she got eliminated early. *sad*

picture: Nicole Linkletter

Naima Mora, winner from Cycle 4 is another soft spoken and sweet girl from Detroit. She's the only person who could wear a Mohawk and make people jealous of it.

picture: Naima Mora

I started watching ANTM since Cycle 3. I seriously don't think the winner Eva Pigford is pretty nor talented but she's making it BIG now. But no, I still don't fancy her...

picture: Eva Pigford

Who'll be the winner of Cycle 8? We'll see...

On the other note, my pie's coming over KL tonight *happy*

Will update again next week.
Bai Baiiii....~!!!!

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