Thursday, April 5, 2007

the world won't stop spinning

"Dear God, please bless me with super clear complexion..."

I think I've offended the God of Pimples recently.. or maybe the God of Pimples think it's time for me to grow some pimples plantation.

I'm wealthy once more...with pimples this time.. :D

These range doesn't do me any good. I recently purchased the new White Plus HP range for brightening purpose. Two little bottle that cost me 400 bucks dammit. But me enjoy their 5 pieces of free gifts that worth it all. Worth? Sure?

Me dunno what's the problem. My skin or the product? Pimples come popping like mushrooms after rain..


R.J said...

Hola Cryst... how are you? Long tym neva jumpa.

hmm... try using Kanebo... it seems to work and reduce breakout.

c r y s t said...

rohini!! haha...was wondering who with such a mysterious eyes..

i have sentivive skin dat can't go well with most brands..trying natural aloe vera now =) thx btw..