Wednesday, April 4, 2007

photos made me a happy girl !

I almost declare myself BANKRUPT. Photos caused 'em all...

There're still lots of photos underneath each photo..

I developed another 280 pieces of 4R photos again yesterday, 40cents per piece and total RM112.00. I'm wealthy, with loaded photos in my room! WhOahaha..!!

Damn efficient the service, I got back the photos this morning 1030am as promised. Just yesterday that photoshop guy, Lim came over office to collect the CD.

Developed 200 pieces last month, 280 pieces this month and I still have more than 400 more on the way coming...shit! Me really a photo millionaire!!

Just the album alone...u do the calculation..

I think I can just be the happiest girl in the world by just camwhoring, editing my look sui sui, develope and stare at those photos to sleep. And just feel as wealthy as Paris Hilton.. maybe more.

*wheeeee :D*

I'm damn busy lately calculating my budget for this year. My wishlist:

1) Sony Cybershot T100 - RM1,699
2) 3G handphone - budget about RM1,500 (I love the Samsung E900, but it's w/out 3G *sad*)
3) Watch - budget less than RM600 (maybe Titus)
4) Sun glasses - budget less than RM300
5) Vacation to Cambodia by year end - budget less than RM2,000
6) Either perm or cut my hair by a professional hairstylist - budget RM500
7) Braces!!! Braces!!! - was told it's about RM4,000!!! T__T

RM10k is just enough for me I think... gotta sell off my butt soon.

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