Monday, April 9, 2007

those kids and my pie

Just a note: Mr. Bean's Holiday was hillarious!! Me loving it kao-kao.. :D

Enough of shopping, movie, lepak-ing aimlessly. Yesterday, me and pie went over my koko's place.

And I spent a kiddified weekend.

Definately must camwhore first ok? Taken in the car while we're stuck in the jam I think. Notice the sleepy him and the ever annoying me.. puffer fish! lolz..

Blur looking Xuen Yi was there too. I love his chubbyness to the extend!!

The first ever baby girl in my family, Ee Qian. My first niece. I'm gonna dress her up like a barbie doll, bring her to shopping, turn her into a professional camwhore..etc...etc.. (oh! chase out the witch in me!!) She just turned one month and one week btw.

Her brother, Jay Earn is seriously a camwhore. My koko said he's self-obssessed to the fullest, exactly like me. He's vain. And I love him =)

See. I'm shocked too.

Here, me daydream of the day when I have two kids! *blush* Daydream is NOT an offence k? Me want to form a football team. *jkjk*..

Believe it. This uncle is just 8 month-old. He reminded me of the friendly ice-cream uncle in my primary school!

Notice me looking so motherly here with 4 year-old boy and 1 week old baby girl.. lolz~!!

Happy family... *wooooohoooo...~!!!! :D*