Thursday, July 10, 2008

I spotted wrinkles!

Before I start off, I wanna thank everyone who wished me 'Happy Birthday'. Those who called, SMS-ed, emailed, messages in MSN, cbox, Friendster, Multiply, Facebook, etc.. You guys made my day! :D To those from overseas who called/ SMS-ed me, I really appreciate your effort T3T

Me LOVE you all many many!!!!!!!


Oh well, this year I had a very simple birthday. Went for a short trip to Genting with the bf since he's kinda busy with his work lately. Yeah, not been seeing him so frequent lately.. probably like twice a month?? T_T

In Coffee Bean while waiting to check-in.

Nothing much to do in Genting but just chilling as we both don't gamble and game. And there wasn't much people when we went as it's on weekdays. Oh, anyone know where's Fraser Hill! I heard it's quite near to Genting and the scenary is amazing.. but have not figure out the exact location.. ;( Even that orang Pahang pun tak tau where's Fraser Hill.. -__-"

When there's no one around..


Dinner time in Coffee Terrace in Genting Hotel. This F&B outlet offers varieties of local and international cuisine in both a la carte and buffet. We both love sashimi, 'nuff said. And I think I ate more than him that night why am I turning into a glutton!!!

Back to the room to wait for the clock to strike 12 wtf. We stayed in Resort Hotel this time and the room was quite new and spacious. Much better than I've expected cos usually rooms in Genting are all old and spooky.. Got a twin bedroom instead since we gotta wait for another few hours for the king sized bed to be available. Oh well, it doesn't matter actually as we usually occupy only quarter of the bed.. heh.

Love potion #31 birthday cake from Baskin Robbins! ;) But why only ONE candle!!

When the bf wasted so much time to get the right setting for the camera, the ice-cream started to melt and leads to this kinda shot of me licking it before blowing off my candle -__-

I looked like in pain over here, why arr!

No worries, we did not finish up the cake the same night ok!! It was our breakfast the next morning though.. HAHA! :D

Do excuse my sampat-ness..

Check out my cool bf yo! LOL Washroom got the BESTEST lighting ever!!!! :)

We left Genting quite early the next day as the bf gotta rush back for work.. T__T Where can!! *sigh*

Upon reaching home, I had my family to celebrate with me.. My mum was in KL, my brother, sis-in-law, Jayearn and Qian.

This is Jayearn playing birthday song for me..

And my bro is such a bore la.. he asked me directly what kinda birthday cake I wanted and even brought me along to buy birthday cake. And somemore in the end I gotta carry the cake myself when walking back to the car T___T Hey I love surprises one ok!!!! T____T

I asked him to request for 24 small candles (since he's so direct to me, I also be direct-lah ok!!) and he said he had it at home. Upon reaching home, he brought out a pack of leftover candles from lantern festival last year T____T Why is he like that!!!

But I still used up all the candles-lah. Somemore I was the one who arranged the candles by myself T____T

Cos in the end, it became my baby niece party T___T They sang "Happy birthday Qian Qian" instead of singing it to me T______T. Is it because I've grown up I don't deserve much love anymore T_______T

So that summarizes my sim-sim-ple-ple birthday this year.

I'm NOT old, just grown. I can still act cute and be cute ok! *self-assuring*


Hayley said...

hmmm....simple but it seems so sweet....;)
eh bila you mau kahwin?! hehe...:p

leksw said...

ehh.. selamat belated birthday again!! upgrade already also hurh? no more homemade cake from mr tan but baskin!! haha.. good good =D

c r y s t said...

hayley: why ask me so many times!! belum lagi..after u k? ;)

leksw: tima kasih! and pressie-leh? :P but i wan homemade cake!! T____T