Saturday, July 5, 2008

Angie left.. T__T

So there's another farewell 2 weeks back. Another collegue from my department left T__T Haih~

The lady with hysterical laughter and loud attitude. A lady who swears and curses a lot. And most importantly, she's such a capable anything-can lady.

Angie, I'll definately miss you.

l-r: emmy, kelly, carynne, audrey, angie, carment, myself

Marcom department. In this department, the ladies conquer it all! HAHA!!

l-r: beecheng, sam, chan, low, jerry

We had farewell for Angie in Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant in Avenue K. Wah, seriously I don't know how the business can survive there lorr omg!! The whole shopping centre is seriously so damn quiet (all the time ok!) and the BIG spacy restaurant was expecting our arrival only coz by the time we reached, it was empty -_- We're the only customer T__T

l-r: beecheng, angie, sophia, sam, chan

Those from the sales department.

The two lengthy gentlemen.. Johnson and Jerry. Two J's.. -___- The tallest men in the office..

We prepared a few gifts for Angie, all thanks to my lady boss's creative ideas.. ;) Let the pictures do the talking k?

Emo moment.. T___T

Ok, I'm sure most of you know the company I'm with.

This is the lady behind all the advertisements you saw from newspapers and magazines, billboards, etc.. This is the mighty lady who coordinated all the marketing material for the world renowned brand - Acer.

And so, she shall be rewarded with this kinda gifts as a token of appreciation ;)

Everyone bursted into laughter when we saw this!! LOL!!! Especially the wordings - which I forgot to snap a closer shot. Such a waste ;(

Her dream came true!! LOL!! Sorry-la I gotta cencor the words a bit cos it's kinda sensitive :P

So, gone the one always cheered up the entire room with her laughter. Gone the one who truly into what she's doing and could handle each and every task given to her so damn well, which I really really adore and salute her for that.

No one could ever replace you.. ;( We all miss you..

I hate bidding goodbye T__T

p/s: It's so quiet without you..


leksw said...

satu lagi? hmm..but i like the gift you all gave her..very creative... your idea la must be...=)

shasha said...

the ads are so funny!
and yes it's quite an emo post

c r y s t said...

leksw: yea.. sudah banyak, entah kenapa T__T nolah, my gorgeous si thau por's idea ;)

shasha: the arena of stars ad is really funny especially the contents LOL!! there're a few more, which I forgot to snap pic, coz everyone was busy with shedding tears business.. T___T

jeepeng said...


c r y s t said...

jeepeng: courtesy of uptown..and artscript also-lah :P