Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday..

I was updating those online boutiques' links and omg, I did not realize my blog turns 1 year old this month!!!

Thinking back, I sorta created quite a number of blogs but was too lazy to maintain them. I started blogging through Multiply back then.

I was a so-called full time Multiplian before this and when I started working in this company, I had too much free time. And so, I created a blog.

My first blog was named Camaddict; as in camera addict, not karma dick k? -__- It wasn't a name I like but all those I wanted had already been taken. I guess it lasted for less than half a year before I returned to Multiply. Blame it to my laziness.

My second blog in Blogdrive wasn't made public, and it only lasted a month or so. Just to figure out that indeed I don't have much time to maintain a blog.

And yeah, I was just following the trend back then when most of my friends started blogging. I told myself that I needed determination!

So I created this 3rd blog - Just Being, Cryst. Simply being just me, myself and I. Things I love doing, camwhoring and yeah, boutique reviewing ;) updates of my simple life, meetups with friends I treasure, keeping track of the growth of my nephews and niece and perhaps my own in the future ;) everyone dear around me, and also the love and light of my life ;)

I've been blogging for a year now which is wayyyyyyy beyond my expectation!

Happy Birthday, My Blog! ;)

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