Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SMART my ass!


Guess how long I used to reach my office this morning?! Freaking 3 hours!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Stupid SMART-my ass tunnel is closed until further notice. Which means high percentage of me driving 3 hours to work every morning for this whole week!!!

And you call this SMART?!! I wonder where all these cars come from. It's like I left my home about 710am, wasted about an hour stucked in front of Summit USJ, and then stucked all the way right after KESAS highway right up to Jln. Ampang!

My work starts at 9am and I reached office at 950am today! Just kill me.. T_T

Reporter at work. I'm reporting about the reporter wtf.

It seemed like I'm driving back to my hometown for work ok! Thank goodness going back time was all smooth or else I might just tapau and go Kuantan. (eh eh! I take back my words first :P)

And yesterday while working halfway, about 3sth there was this announcement:

"Ladies and gentlement. We've detected fire on the 17th floor and currently fire is out of control. Do not be panic. Please leave the office building immediately. Thank you."


Everyone stared at each other. This must be kidding. Neither of us move, just stared blankly at each other. We were all in doubt. And seconds later, without any word, all of us grabbed our belongings and left. And worse was we're on the 24th floor!!!!!!! Using the staircase, we turned and turned and turned and turned and turned and turned all the way down to the ground floor.

WTF. Saw securities taking photos. Whatelse but FIRE DRILL. Where got such thing in corporate office one!!! I thought we only have fire drill in school what!!! -______-


I think I'm addicted to PHOP! I went there again with the pie last Saturday.

I tried those combination of pancakes and ham and failed kaw-kaw. Proven I'm right from the beginning - pancakes only go with fruits, and ice-cream! The waiter recommended the bf one of their so-called high demand dish, and for me it really fail big time too. ;(

But being with beep makes everything turned 100% ;)

I think the bf damn can make it nowadays.. HAHA!!

My bangs are covering my eyes now.. will cut again tomorrow, by myself. Save money what, so?!! :P

It's 938pm now and I've not taken my dinner. Am gonna make sandwich with peanut butter.. I'm so hungry!! Bai baii..


leksw said...

that SMART tunnel isn't that smart ehh afterall~!!! summore cost berbillion billion~!!! wtf

looking at it, high percentage you will 'tapau' go kuantan ehh.. hehe.. good luck and i shall wait for your red bomb~!!! *hurray*

yorkmei said...

wah wah not bad, driving time still able to snap photos...keke..seems like u making good use of the 'time' ;p

jeepeng said...

nice hair cut!

Esther said...

Girl, i like the necklace u wore when u were at PHOP....is the necklace with ur name? where buy? me want......

c r y s t said...

leksw: dats why samyvellu kena tendang..LOL eh eh tapau yr head, SMART sudah buka hari ini..hehe :P

yorkmei: HAHA nola, my car can't move also.. still can read magazine and eat breakfast in car o_O

jeepeng: tankiewwww~!! ;)

esther: noler, i'm looking for those i can customize my name also. i heard spore got a lot of shops can custom made one.. let me check out first and let u know.

anyway the one i was wearing is from DIVA, with the word 'LOVE', not 'CRYST' :P