Friday, March 21, 2008

I felt like a city girl, finally.

I was back home by 3pm today, thanks to my relative who came visiting every month. PH yesterday, today I worked for 5 hours plus, and 2 days off for the weekends! ;)

I felt like I was being alienated from the city already! Been so long since I last went out chilling, gossiping and shopping the whole day.. Friends? OMG OMG been so long since I last met up with any friends! Blame it to my work..

With Shin and Ann in Paddington House of Pancakes yesterday! I've been dying to go there again for ages T3T

My simple brunch - pancakes with bananas and a scoop of vanila ice-cream. And oh! I love the chocolate butter!!! Yum~

Love their hot mocha! ;)

Shin ordered a very big portion of dollar pancakes with fruits which I think will last me for a week wtf. And Ann had pancakes with sausages and ham. I think it's a real weird combination-lah! I still prefer those traditional type - pancakes with maple syrup and fruits or ice-cream.

The two generous lads accompany me to the boutique I'm dying to go for ages!!! ;)

The top I was wearing has fabulous asymmetrical cut and it's shorter at the back with a sexy keyhole! Bought ;) And Shin was trying to get back to her childhood time LOL..

So cute right!!! Dya think I should go back and get this? Been thinking about it the whole night yesterday and I was kinda regret not buying it. Viewing back this photo, I think it suits me-lah! What dya think? Comments most welcome.

My brother told me it suits my baby niece more ;(

The pink top on me is like so cheap, only 20plus! But it can't hide my tummy ;(

I'm seriously missing my childhood time I think. And Shin looked like Carlsberg girl! HAHA!

I love this so much though the material is kinda hard. It has keyhole at the back too, zomg why all my clothes got holes dot dot... Bought ;) And Shin bought the same one too..

Happy girls ;)

The lady boss noticed us camwhoring and offered us to camwhore at the sofa area.. She even asked us to feel free to camwhore as much as we want, it's free wtf..

And so we helped ourselves ;)

There're heaps of magazines there as well, so dengan tak tau malunya we sat there camwhoring, yakking and flipping thru the magazines for quite some time.

We really made ourselves at home! :D

We went a few more boutiques but no photos taken coz the rest are not as fun as the first one..

Short break in IZZI.

Showing off my Shu Uemura compact powder casing which I blingkify myself ;), if such word exist..

Luck wasn't on our side as the rain came pouring for the next hour. We were stucked in HSBC for so long and later cancelled our next destination and went back straight.

Shopping satisfaction - 70%.


leksw said...

wa wa wa...really shopping queens hurh..did you two scare ann away?? halfway thru she's like hilang?? where is this paddington??

Esther said... shop shop.... you guys mux have enjoyed urself there.....

yorkmei said...

wei wei that top nice la...shud hav bought it! ;)
btw where s the boutique ha..

shasha said...

which boutique is this! so nice la.
i think you shud buy all the clothes you've tried on :DDD

c r y s t said...

leksw: haha nolah! she's aso another camwhore queen. PHOP is in the curve! we shall go next time k? ;)

esther: yaya, that boutique is definately recommended! nice and reasonable!

yorkmei: yala, shud have bought it but dun think i'll be dropping by that place anytime soon la.. :( btw the boutique is in damansara mutiara!

shasha: i got their link thru yr site le my dear - upstairs! yala, damn nice but i'm damn broke also ;(

revel in me said...

What boutique is that! :)

c r y s t said...

revel in me: Upstairs! Their stuff so cheap i wanna kill myself for not buying that day.. ;(